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  1. Haxtor moogle

    Avast finding false positive on

    Updated. still shows up. Tried 3 different computers all up to date... still shows up...
  2. Haxtor moogle

    Avast finding false positive on

    This is a older issue that had occurred back in April - July with a different set of virus's completely. I got this issue with Chrome, Fire Fox and the latest version of IE.
  3. Haxtor moogle

    Avast finding false positive on

    After a slight misunderstanding ended up getting my account locked.... ... Achievement unlocked can be a malicious url to spam... ( I was nervous as hell and ended up having a panic attack at 2am) But now unlocked after chatting with support. So they are now looking into...
  4. Haxtor moogle

    Avast finding false positive on

    Here is a screen shot of what avast says is where the script was trying to run from This is the location on the page where the script is that is trying to run
  5. Haxtor moogle

    Avast finding false positive on has been compromised with a Trojan don't use it! Your computer will be infected with a virus. This is a java script type attack. Spread the word!
  6. Haxtor moogle

    IV vibrant sweat on next island

    shall we send support cases if we find one of these claims? I got one and received 48K sweat from it. Put it in my storage not touching it till we get more info
  7. Haxtor moogle

    I think this is a bug.. 10,000 stamina space pirate!

    so yeah was exploring and found this mob named ??? 10,000 stamina!! took 300 ped ammo tt to kill
  8. Haxtor moogle

    Discovery: I Discovered a ton of new stuff O.O!

    was so much crazy fun hunting!!
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  12. Haxtor moogle

    FYI: Updates should not continue like this

    btw. I still cant log in with out ctding
  13. Haxtor moogle

    FYI: Updates should not continue like this

    From another thread That I didn't want to hijack Can you please communicate to MA and FPC that the masses are not happy with the way updates are done? As an official ambassador I have always been trying to get new players interested in EU. (still my favorite photo :) ) I always wear my EU...
  14. Haxtor moogle

    Bugs in VU 11.4.4

    well i could log in earlier today after the updates... now after the last update when i try to log in it says my files are corrupt :(
  15. Haxtor moogle

    Win a LandArea - probably the biggest private event ever

    Be sure to tune in tomorrow. I will be streaming commentary live here Co hosting with JamHot! testing the stream now
  16. Haxtor moogle

    VU 11.4.1 bugs

    I think I found a bug. never happened before this last update. hard to replicate though. If I alt tab out of EU from full screen mode while someone sends me a call on skype I get a BSOD! Trying to figure out if this is skype's fault or EU's. I think it might have something to do with voice chat?
  17. Haxtor moogle

    strangeness and missing posts?

    Are some sensitive posts now getting deleted by fpc? marco's comment on the banned bot issue from 2006 then I noticed this strange post by a "Guest"...
  18. Haxtor moogle

    Avatar Names.. Seriously?!

    I honestly don't understand how such bugs can occur. Isn't this programmers flowchart common practice?
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  20. Haxtor moogle

    He Man Competition 2011

    count me in!
  21. Haxtor moogle

    Marco said ....^^

    i had a good one but my computer crashed :( now to find it again and subscribe to this thread
  22. Haxtor moogle

    The 7th Annual Miss Calypso Fashion event

    what about a MR Universe fashion event? I find this event to be sexist agents male avatars :(
  23. Haxtor moogle

    Can you loot spawned vehicles?

    i had the contents of my vehicle looted when I died when the vehicle was shot with a rocket in pvp 4
  24. Haxtor moogle

    Loot calculating (original MA formula)

    you forgot to carry the one on that one part of the math dohicky with the tingamabob with the whatist
  25. Haxtor moogle

    Joysticks and steering wheels

    so is my 3d head tracking system and nia agents the eula?