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  1. jenny ferr

    Selling: Arkadia Apartment Celeste Harbour #13

    This apartment is located at the 5th floor in building #13(29927 10261) next to the Museum and Prof. Milton Lee's Memorial statue in Celeste Harbour, easily walking distance from Moonshine bar(1min 15seconds sober, so 10min after midnight) Can be sold with or without the little furniture's...
  2. jenny ferr

    Selling: Vehicles

    Gungnir (L) (6.20tt, Helicopter) Spear MK. I (L) (full tt 50pec) Hoverpod Mk1 (L) (12.91tt, 3x Brukite textured) Valkyrie Mk1 (L) (4.17tt, Nissit textured) Jormungand Mk1 (C,L) (11.39tt, Nissit Textured, Boat) Hoverboard Crapster sEdition (C,L) (0.99tt, Movement Decay: Yes) Offers Welcome
  3. jenny ferr

    Selling: Make up

    Face paints: 5.00ped Pale Brown 10.00ped Dark Brown 35.00ped Red 5.00ped Olive 10.00ped White 5.00ped Black Foundation: 10.00ped Brown 20.00ped Golden Brown 10.00ped Wheat 5.00ped Pale Pink Cosmetic Pens: 20.00ped Black 4.00ped White 8.00ped Slate Gray Rouge: 15.00ped Pink-Orange 25.00ped...
  4. jenny ferr

    Selling: Gremlin (F) (Great tier stats) and Ankitus (F)

    Bought a set of Adj Musca so no real need for this anymore Corvus (F,L) Price: 110% Ankitus (F), 0.1-0.5 tiered Sold Gremlin: Sold Edit: set of 6A plating TT+8/each Sold
  5. jenny ferr

    My version of how the UI should look

    If I get to choose, this looks way better but with similar/same functionality. Only really cared for the look, not the content, more then what I written here (might add some if it pops up tho) 5 Custom Channels same styling as we are used to that works click on Biography and a little popup...
  6. jenny ferr

    RE: Please address the TT issue

    RE: Please address the TT issue Since the original thread was locked, I put the reply I was gonna post here. So you didn't get this message? Since we got these popups people asked for(putting it...
  7. jenny ferr

    IFN Intelligence: The Oratan seem to be gearing up for another attack!

    IFN Intelligence: The Oratan seem to be gearing up for another attack!, streaming the action now on Edit: stopped streaming now
  8. jenny ferr

    Selling: Tiarak Textures

    498 textures TT: 74.70 ped Edit: Sold out for the moment in our shop display at Celeste Harbour North #12 PM me here or ingame , picked up at Arkadia or additional costs if delivery is needed.
  9. jenny ferr

    JS/Agent.NICX trojan

    my AV just warned for this file JS/Agent.NICX trojan on and put it in quarantine, anyone else got it? updated Java the other day as it's a new PC I'm testing out atm, but been to entropedia before and after I did that and got no warning. Edit: using latest...
  10. jenny ferr

    VSE Mk 1 (sweating tool)

    just found out I'm way to unskilled to use this fine sweating tool... So for all who been asking for better sweating tools in the past, please max the default one first.
  11. jenny ferr

    Buying: Combat and/or Civilian Custom Pants (C) BluePrint

    Looking for these BPs if you have any you want to sell me. IFN Combat Uniform Custom Pants (C) Blueprint and ACA/AS Civilian Uniform Custom Pants (C) Blueprint Please PM me here or contact me ingame
  12. jenny ferr

    Selling: Hair Stylist Chair & Hair Stylist Toolkit(Scissors)

    Got one chair + scissors for sale(I wont split it up), complete kit to get you started right away Also got some Hair spray and a couple of Hair Gel you can get below mu in the deal. BO: Sold
  13. jenny ferr

    Selling: Corrosive Attack Chip III Mentor Edition

    As I no longer need the dps this chip provides I decided it would be best if some real MindForce user would want to use it. Info: Tier: 1.0 (right now) Dps: 13,87 Dpp: 2,878 Remaining Tiers: 92 52 67 101 70 46 69 113 44 Price: SOLD Entropedia
  14. jenny ferr

    FYI: Arkadia on
  15. jenny ferr

    Buying: Omegaton A202

    Looking for one more of these amps, post or pm here or in game if you got one for sale please
  16. jenny ferr

    Selling: MAKO Lightning 2 (L) (full tt)

    This full tt (640ped) Sword is for sale if some fellow melee user needs it make me an offer: Entropedia Price: 101,5% Needs to be picked up at Arkadia, reserve the rights bla bla bla
  17. jenny ferr

    Unique MindArk PHG

    post this in the history section for two reason a version of this gun was first seen years ago as v.Marco dont know when this was placed in my inventory as I haven't touch the plasma pistol I had for years as I said no clue when this happened but somehow my oldschool ul plasma pistol, was...
  18. jenny ferr

    Buying: Shopkeeper Pads

    Bought a nice pair :)
  19. jenny ferr

    Vtol Mining exploit?

    Update "inspired" by another post I decided to simply ask support just like that person did about another vtol exploit, and this is what they said: Original OP Below Nothing against you Sloe, just took your quote to illustrate the point. the common argument against VTOL hunting is that it...
  20. jenny ferr

    Selling: Jori textured Armor

    Grunt (F)(C) all parts 100% Jori on all fields, total of 21fields Matching ACA/AS Civilian Uniform Custom Cap (F,L) 3fields 100% Jori texture. Complete set for tt+64ped, and total would be 92.2ped or 69.2ped for the armor only.
  21. jenny ferr

    Selling: 21 fields Tiarak Texture

    Amounts: 6783 textures Fields: 21 (x323) TT: 1017,45ped Price: 225% PS. needs to be picked up at Arkadia, and as I was made aware of you dont need to buy all of it at once ofc, just stating the fields to make it simple for the customer
  22. jenny ferr

    shop list malfunction

    When I try to enter a shops page from the shoplist here, all I get is a fail msg because the adress to the shops page is wrong or not updated. Shop list links to: The correct page is...
  23. jenny ferr

    PEAuction link involvs google "safe browsing"

    when clicking on the link to PEAuction at some item stat page this appear for me: And no I dont have any crap google+ or whatever accounts I hate google so why is this coming up? and nowhere...
  24. jenny ferr

    Selling: Herman SIR-30 (unL BLP sniper)

    Stats on Entropedia Tier: 2,0 T3: 97 T4: 58 T5: 63 T6: 97 T7: 151 T8: 100 T9: 80 T10: 149 New Bargain Price: Sold PS. Weapon is at Calypso for now
  25. jenny ferr

    Selling: Animal hides/leathers, bulk deal some RARE ones in there

    as you see from the list here some hard to get hides/leathers will be included in this nice batch of Calypso animal hides. Price idea around 120%, PM offers or meeting place (bulk deal only)