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  1. DanielleYourMom

    inactive since October .. what'd I miss ? :)

    Hello my friends, fellow colonists, and total strangers !! :wave: long time no post .. no EU .. no Calypso anything :rolleyes: I'm back from my undefined break of all things pixelated. It actually lasted a couple months longer than I thought .. regardless; I'm baaaacckkk !! I hope to renew...
  2. DanielleYourMom

    Help: to stop

    I've seen all the drama with the locked accounts. I've read the speculation as to who is/isn't guilty, what the 'crimes' are, who may or may not have done it .. etc. I've been a part of EF for a long time (pcf .. whatever) & I hate to see it in such a toxic place. :( I'm bothered that we...
  3. DanielleYourMom

    Selling: as-117 - a101 - a 104 - master coat (F) - UL dominax cobra + other junk ...

    The title pretty much sums it all up. At the advice of many friends .. I'm selling off a buncha random crap from my storage, that's been gathering dust for a long while. If you're interested in anything - send me a pm with your offer. I'm pretty much willing to sell for a price that's...
  4. DanielleYourMom

    tower envy is no joke! lmao

    I put this picture up on DyM's facebook, but I wanted to share it here, too; because they shrink down the pictures so much that you can't fully appreciate the mob pile; plus I know some of you aren't on facebook. Time : Last night - 12/06/2010 - 1:00 am, MST Place : SE of Sakura city...
  5. DanielleYourMom

    Info: 11.5.0 pics for our friends who can't log on, yet :)

    dang the work and real life things that keep us outta game! :duh: well - here's some of the stuff you have to look forward to, when you log on ;) Gungnir helicopter I must say - it's a pretty cool lookin' way to get around town :cool: 'location information banners' you will see one...
  6. DanielleYourMom

    Info: pics : new Gungnir helichopter! :)

    *thread compiling all the 'visual' changes :) for my EU friends who are still working / haven't logged on, yet - here's one of the new vehicles - I must say - it's a pretty cool lookin' way to get around town :cool: I think this is a pretty super awesome VU so far .. back into game - yay...
  7. DanielleYourMom

    I like random!

    The best way I could describe this video, would be to say I was cleaning out my closet and shoved these all into the same suitcase .. together. No matter if they matched and got along, or not! :laugh: It's been a while and it was a struggle trying to remember how to play with the programs -...
  8. DanielleYourMom

    Mom's EU LOL pics

    It was my day off work - I was bored and looking through old screenshots. I stumbled across a handful, that were screaming and begging to be made fun of. I posted them on Facebook last night, but someone said I should put them here, since not everyone 'facebooks' *edit* I tried to upload...
  9. DanielleYourMom

    thanks for giving my stars back.

    < yay :yay: I know it's silly ... but, I missed them, so much ! ... we'll talk about efd another day ;)
  10. DanielleYourMom

    Happy 4 year anniversary, Pyrates of Calypso !

    when Loki first joined this world in early 2006, never did I think it would take us where it has. I could never have imagined that a virtual world would lead to as much fun and friendships, as it did. It was my first "MMO" experience and for the first couple months on Calypso, I watched over his...
  11. DanielleYourMom

    lol - this made me laugh out loud .. A LOT - makin' fun of 80's music videos ftw !

    I know some people might not find it funny .. but this had me laughing my ass off. I found it through a friend on facebook (yes, I'm a FB'er) :ahh: and I just had to share ! lol It's called a 'literal video' - you'll figure out why, when you see it. The original song was "total eclipse of...
  12. DanielleYourMom

    just leave this thread alone !

    :laugh: you don't have to leave it alone - I just didn't know what to title it! <<<<<<<<<<< I just wanted to see my new avatar/title/location, because Loki and I thought it was ridicularious. (yes - that's a made-up word..don't judge. :ninja:) that is all. thank you, come again.
  13. DanielleYourMom

    missions that reward with attributes

    INFO : Missions/Quests with attribute rewards - locations, tasks, etc. Thanks to the many, countless people who contribute information to this list and help me keep it updated. Y'all are bad-ass and we know who you are! If you find inaccurate or incomplete information, please send me a...
  14. DanielleYourMom

    Question: Is efd worth more than sweat ... ? :D

    I never know what sweat / fruit / dung / efd sell for. I'm really good at collecting the most random and borderline useless stuff ... but I never know what it's worth. :duh: :ahh: how much is EFD worth, nowdays ? :scratch: ps - I has 100k+! :eyecrazy:
  15. DanielleYourMom

    one of those girly master coats .. :P

    I don't know how much these are anymore - because w/auction average, it includes all the super fancy textures/colors too - so I'm looking for some input. I'm not looking for remarks about how clothes aren't useful and not worth anything but tt .. blah blah - I've heard it. Move along ;) I am...
  16. DanielleYourMom

    Question: where are music files in EU.exe, now ?

    After Cry2 - the folder setup seemed to change inside the Entropia Universe.exe file and I can't find the music pieces. I'm trying to throw some bits of an EU party together for a quick clip and want to use the music ... but I can't find it. :duh: It used to be a buncha sound files together...
  17. DanielleYourMom

    events for disaster relief and/or charity - ie : haiti

    As I logged into EU, I was sent a pm from a fellow Pyrate, Bella. She said she had an idea, that she wanted to share with the community; and she figured since I'm ''known'' on EF - I could share it with the masses, for her. (aka I talk and post too much :ahh:) At first - I was of course...
  18. DanielleYourMom

    Happy Birthday, Steve Loki Camaro !

    omg - it's my Loki's birthday !! :yay: :cheer: Please join me in wishing him a great birthday ! :dance: I know you're going to have a great day, I'll make sure of it - but I wanted to send you a little birthday message, here too ! :D Happy Birthday to my bestest friend in all the world, my...
  19. DanielleYourMom

    Question: your return % for Merry Mayhem

    It's a pretty simple question - I'm curious as to the return rate of those that were competing in Merry Mayhem. I also included an option in the poll for those who did not compete, as well as those who just want some EFD's. :silly: ty ty ty :tiphat:
  20. DanielleYourMom

    To my friends, fellow Pyrates, and every greendot.

    I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa .. or whatever Holiday it is, that you choose to celebrate - if any. :) I love ya'll ! Every one of you contributes to making this virtual world worth all the hassle, the bugs, lost deposits, and the wasted time...
  21. DanielleYourMom

    Question: are you participating in Merry Mayhem & on what level.

    The moment we've all been waiting for, is here. Ok .. the moment that some of us have been waiting for. :silly: Now that we know the rules to Merry Mayhem and the prizes ... are you going to participate ? :D I don't play more than 30 hours a week anyway and it's after Christmas, so I may be...
  22. DanielleYourMom

    About PvP events - prize : ammo used.

    I'm not one who generally attends events or holds them - so I don't know exactly how it works. I understand you can create an event where the prize is 'ammo used.' If I create an 'ammo used' pvp event - whoever wins, gets the tt value prize of all the ammo that was used, right ? I know it...
  23. DanielleYourMom

    You could be a Pyrate, too.

    Hellooo to all the greendots here, at EF. :D For the first time, ever - Pyrates of Calypso is openly recruiting! :eek: :yay: I'm a crazy forum troll .. but I've never actually made one of these recruiting threads - so please bear with me. :ahh: Let me be the first to say that we're really...
  24. DanielleYourMom

    Help: Calling all Pyrates ! Calling all Pyrates !

    LoL - it sounds like I'm gonna talk about something important - doesn't it ?? :D I'm not really .. I just want ya'll to go and join the Pyrates private forum. (clarification .. by ya'll, I meant all current Pyrates of Calypso. :ahh: lol sorry greendots) Go to User CP - left hand column, group...
  25. DanielleYourMom

    Question: Do you have pictures of CP ? :)

    NOTHING TO SEE .. move it along. I just want to see pictures of CP ! :yay: I've been dying to know what it would look like after CryEngine launched. Now that CP has finally re-landed - I still have several hours of downloading to do (again). Sooooo .... I won't be able to see it any...