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  1. lilac

    Worst EU review ever Ok, so this is technically a NI review... but it basically more reviews the EU concept than the actual NI planet... I know we're not typically the "darling" of reviewers... some of whom hit upon some very...
  2. lilac

    Pixie armour needed on Next Island

    I see resellers trying to get +27 per set here, and I know there are folks with a ton of it just waiting for a noob to give it to... if anyone comes down this way, try to bring a few sets... all most noobs have now is settler:)
  3. lilac

    Achievement: I gots a Jacket!! Thanks Hanne and Star!!!

    As coordinator for WoF USA support last year, I was one of many dedicated gamers who put a good amount of hard work into helping Team USA take home the championship last year. It was lots of fun! I can't say how surprised, honored, and grateful I am that the folks on main team decided to...
  4. lilac

    Help: Hanne! Stop the society nerf in the new forum:)

    One of the biggest differences I noticed in the new forum is that people's society names are no longer displayed next to their posts (under their forum avatar, location, etc....) I think it would be nice if it was put back soon... probably a pretty easy fix as the info is still in our profiles...
  5. lilac


    moved the draft, salty, here's the link... it's hidden in a dead thread on soc forum instead
  6. lilac

    Selling: tier 1 jaguar harness (F)

    I bought it not too long ago for what I considered a steal at +536, the only one ever sold.... I've since gotten a great deal on an upgrade, and would prefer to sell at cost to have my ped more liquid... + 525 firm buys it out....
  7. lilac

    If MA could make one easy change....

    This creature is in a condition where it cannot be damaged or sweated. Can we please change however stuff works so that you don't accidently burn ammo on a "trapped" creature? sometimes, it can take a few shots before you're sure you can damage it again... and certain mobs like leviathan seem...
  8. lilac

    Selling: lots of limited Vehicle component BPs

    I have 10 vehicle component bp's sitting in storage... and I'd rather have armour. I'd like to sell them in bulk if possible The blueprints I have are Basic Vehicle gearbox- 3 blueprints- (1.32)= 178.89 mv Basic Vehicle Battery-2 blueprints - (1.40)= 164.69 mv Basic Vehicle suspension-1...
  9. lilac

    Do Laser Pistols need an update?

    With Eomon and Longtooth around, there seems to be a real rush on all the higher end ISIS series laser pistols. In the past week, it seems that the MU on HL11's and HL14's have risen 20% due to both less dropping and more people hunting. While it's obviously easy enough to either switch to...
  10. lilac

    Cute DNA splicing game for flowers

    I'm linking to the Jay is Games game description so I won't have the put forth effort to take screenies and upload them, etc... If you want to relax and watch flowers grow and mutate, or actually change the DNA code yourself to make different breeds you could try this flash game. Link is here.
  11. lilac

    Selling: Basic Vehicle Supercharger Components

    I have a total of 92 Basic Vehicle Supercharger components, with a TT value is 46.92 , weekly MU is 1985.29% First reasonable offer is a deal. Sold 2 for 20 PED, have 90 total now.
  12. lilac

    Question: On Mission Rewards and RCE

    First off, let me say that I think skills are a really cool reward, and I am motivated to complete the missions to get the boosts. However, one thing I do find a bit confusing is the argument that MA is somehow limited in the TT value of the skills it can give out as a reward. Granted, giving...
  13. lilac

    Help: Calling all U.S. based societies!

    WoF USA is looking for societies who might be intersested in helping to organize a support team for the upcoming qualifying match on February 13th For those of you interested in participating in WoF, but apprehensive about cost or nervous about hunting with strangers, helping organize a support...
  14. lilac

    Selling: lots of paints and textures for TT...

    ok... cleaning out storage, and have over 600 ped of low MU paints/textures wanna free up some ped to hunt, and I'd hate to get rid of them if someone feels like actually using them/trading them if anyone wants, msg me in the next 1/2 hour with a place IG to meet lilac
  15. lilac

    Buying: combibo texture BP

    looting alot of skins... would like to craft... i'll pay 10 pec a click... PM me if interested
  16. lilac

    Wishlist: "Armour case" item

    I am one of many in this game who like to collect armour sets. going for the lower MU one's, I've accrued 7 sets and am working on 3 more. I've noticed, though, that particularly being on a slower computer, it's a real chore to keep storage organized, and can be quite time consuming to change...
  17. lilac

    Thanks Deathifier!: Feedback on new combibo spawn

    Just got done hunting big bibo in OLA 35... Observations: They are easy to kill with an eco pistol, and don't hit hard through unplated shogun. They loot like little combibo, only moreso (13 goblin shins, 18 ped of bibo skin) in 100 ped of ammo... they have virtually no aggro, so miners...
  18. lilac

    Selling: Selling: 559 PED ESI

    Buyout reduced For Chrismas :xmas::xconfused::xredface::xrolleyes::xtongue::xeek::xbiggrin: Selling 559 PED Empty Skill Implant to the highest bidder. Please respond in this thread and not by PM, as it was a group hunt and I want the fellow looters to be able to follow the bidding :) Bids...
  19. lilac

    Calumasoid female incorrectly listed?

    I noticed calumasoid female listed as existing near the spawn of males... However, when I went to check out the spawn, all I saw was men with vaginas... Several have also reportedthat the mob hasn't been added yet... Is it just a very weak spawn, or does the info need updating?
  20. lilac

    Help: What site should I use to order my new PC?

    ok... so i'm a bit of a tech noob... Previously, when I've bought computers, it's always been through Dell, but i'm aware that there are probably better deals out there... I have about 800$ ish to spend, and i'm hoping for a machine that can very comfortably handle high settings... has anyone...
  21. lilac

    Dear Programmers:

    Why are their entire spawns dead underwater? (scip south of oshiri).... Why are there spawns on top of unclimbable mountains? (pluma/snark north of enchidna) Why does it take 10 minutes to find the one spot where you can climb a mountain? (half of calypso) I know at least some of this has...
  22. lilac

    what's up with vigi (F) harness?

    so i'm pleased to say that i was able to buy a vigi (F) harness for +140... about 400 ped less than i sold the one i looted a year ago for... which rocks, cause i love collecting armour, and now i have something i was avoiding buying because it was overpriced... other than (L) armour being...
  23. lilac

    Did planet partners FORCE FPC to upgrade?

    Ok, so we all know that 10.0 (though beautiful for those who can run it well) has bugs.. many of which could have/should have been fixed before relase... the minimum requirements, for instance, were upgraded at the last minute... essencial systems, like sweating, teleportation, and apartments...
  24. lilac

    Question: Is VU 10.0 playable on your current system?

    Ok, well it seems that FPC has done a kick-ass job of getting the new V.U up and running quickly... It also seems that Planet Calypso is in a better position long-term to have a good graphics engine, and appears to have done a good job of maximizing it's capabilities... My curiosity here is...
  25. lilac

    Info: Good link for setting up a router for torrents

    ok, so i'm a technological idiot, but i found these picture guides pretty easy to follow, and it's helped me download the new V.U. torrent in a day rather than a week... I'm pretty sure other people tried to explain it... so credit to them, but I work better with pictures, so i thought i'd...