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  1. PIRES

    Uber: DSEC Seeker L30[L]+12 D-Class=8550 PED Narcanisum

    Hey people. I think this deserves a post. [DSEC Seeker L30 (L)]+ 12 amps [D-Class mining amp (L)] 8550 PED Narcanisum
  2. PIRES

    Uber: Magurg Breeder 3 2107 Peds

    Hey People. Thing This deserve one post my best uber hunting is last 6 years. Ps.Thanks to all and GL.
  3. PIRES

    Uber: 4516 Tower + 1116 Hof

    Hey people. I think this deserves a post. [DSEC Seeker L30 (L)]+ 10amps [D-Class mining amp (L)] Tower 4516 ped Korum alloy Hof 1116 ped Korum alloy...
  4. PIRES

    Uber: Tower 13K Iron Stone.

    hey People. I think this deserves a post. Finder F-213(L)+Level 5=13543 peds Iron Stone. PS:Thanks and Gl to all.
  5. PIRES

    Selling: Shopkeeper Pad

    As the title says I am selling SHOPKEEPER PAD ( I am helping a friend sell ) Shopkeeper Pad 24.67Peds TT+ 2200Peds =2225 Peds if anyone has interest please send a private PM ,Thanks SOLD
  6. PIRES

    Uber: Nice Feffoid 5979 Peds

    The Feffoids have give-me one nice surprise :yay: thanks and good luck to all PS-Weapons Are to sell anyone interested send private PM.
  7. PIRES

    Selling: Body Sculpting Unit

    As the title says I`m selling BODY SCULPTING UNIT The last was sold for TT+1322 Peds :wtg:I am accepting offers:wtg:
  8. PIRES

    Selling: DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition Tier 4.5

    As the title says I'm selling my DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition Tier 5.0 4 Enhancer Damage decay 17.891 Ammo 7000 Cost 88.640 Dmg/pec 2.788 Max.Damage 355.60 EFF.Damage 247.14 Min Damage 177.80 Range 130 Attacks 19 Dmg/sec 78.26 SB 22.500 Peds BO 25.000 Peds will consider Only Peds Do not...
  9. PIRES

    Uber: 21640 Peds Kreltin With X5 Unlimited

    :yay:I was doing the quest in hopes to get a hof to pay me back.:yay: And suddently a dream came true, I got a huge hof with a unl X5 on it: :yay:Ps.Thanks and Good Luck To all:yay: Sorry for the April's foul here is the real Print Thanks and Good Luck To all
  10. PIRES

    Selling: BP OA-103 Unlimited 67%

    Auction end in 4 days selling BP OA-103 Unlimited 67% BO 4K Peds
  11. PIRES

    Achievement: 3 Year+200K Total Skills

    :yay:Looks like I was yesterday, has now gone three years of addiction pure.:yay: :yay:Total Skills 204527:yay: :yay:Thanks And Good Luck To all:yay:
  12. PIRES

    Uber: 1227 Peds Lysterium

    Another Nice Run tt finder 4 amps 103+finder 105 4 clains 1 amps 103+TT finder 4 globais 1 hof 1227 peds lysterium :yay::yay: :yay::yay: Thanks and Good Luck to all
  13. PIRES

    Uber: Hof 1108 Peds Leviathan Old

    :yay:My 4º Uber Lot Alone :yay: Thanks And Good Luck To All
  14. PIRES

    Uber: 1143 Peds Leviathan

    :yay: My 3º best Uber in hunting alone :yay: thanks and Good luck To all
  15. PIRES

    Uber: Tower 4636 Peds Belkar

    :yay:Tower 4636 Peds Belkar:yay: VRX2000+Oreamp 103 [/URL][/IMG] Thanks and Good luck to all
  16. PIRES

    Achievement: Finish 10K Bronze Atrox Challenge

    :yay:Finish 10K Bronze Atrox Challenge:yay: Explosive Projectile Weaponry+Stamina Athletics+Stamina Courage+Stamina First Aid+Satmina I Have Chose First Aid+Stamina have 4088 point of first Aid Level 27 Paramedic [/URL][/IMG] have 4767 point of first Aid and level 30 Paramedic...
  17. PIRES

    Uber: Atrox 1649 Peds+200 Peds 1º Event Won

    Have (5046-10K) Atrox Mission Bronze Today have My Best Lot Ever In Atroxs and My 1º Uber Hunting Atrox + My 1º Event Won Today Was a Good day of Hunt. :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: Thanks And Good Luck To All
  18. PIRES

    Uber: 14701 Lysterium

    Calypso was not giving anything in recent times. I have Bought 10 OA-103 Decided to go to CND. The First 4 OA-103+VRX2000 only give me 5 small clains. Desside chances and go shopping the finder TT. The second OA-103+finder TT Gave me a good Surprise, 14701 Ped Lysterium My First Tower in CND...
  19. PIRES

    Achievement: Combat Sense

    Level 50 Laser Pistoleer :yay: :yay: :yay: Thanks and Good luck To All
  20. PIRES

    HoF: Lytairian Dust

    Run 2 MA-105+Ziplex MT2000 Give-me 1 Nice Hof:yay: Gratz And Good Luck to all
  21. PIRES

    HoF: 6 MA-109+CND=698 Force Nexus

    Yesterday as My Birthday,And have Abused of My Ped Cart,I have Bougth 6 Enmatamp MA-109 and went to CND see what MA Wanted To give-me Present and Have some Profit What as already very Nice. :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: Globals 73 Peds Melchi Water 74 Peds Growth Molecules 141 Peds Solis...
  22. PIRES

    Achievement: Finish 1K Longtooth mission and open Treatment

    Finish 1K Longtooth mission and open Treatment :yay: :yay: :yay: Tanks and Good Luck to all
  23. PIRES

    HoF: 3 Nice Hof`sLongtooths

    last 600 longtooth of the 1K mission give-me 3 nice hofs :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:d Hof 783 Peds 23-07-2010 Hof 776 Peds 25-07-2010 hof 561 Peds 29-07-2010 thanks and Good Luck to All
  24. PIRES

    Uber: 1344 Peds Longtooth

    My best 2 lots em 398 longtooths :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: 559 Peds 1344 Peds Thanks and Good Luck To All
  25. PIRES

    Uber: Uber Silent

    My first uber as a hunter :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: Tanks and Good Luck to all