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  1. SexyPants


    MY IN GAME AVIE HAS BEEN HACKED INTO :mad: :bomb: :broke: :hammer::(:scared::cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing::cussing:
  2. SexyPants


    I am looking for urbanity yuuga erlic whom bought an appartment that an old soc mate sold had a lot of my things in is but all I want back is my bunny if he or she will let me buy it back. So please help me find him I will be very greatful. The bunny was a gift from a really good friend.
  3. SexyPants

    Help!!! Someone anyone please!!!

    I am looking for any avie named Gordon tonski Bennett if any one knows him please let him/her that I am looking for them PLEASE!!! he bought something of mine that an old soc mate sold in his appartment. I would like to buy it back if he will let me. Was a gift from a close friend of mine. So...
  4. SexyPants

    PISSED off at the lag

    Shooting and looting then as you have a creater died you get booted wasting ammo and Ped. WHEN will they ever get it fixed RIGHT???????? :mad: