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  1. Loki

    Been some time..

    Hi All, Ive been out of game for a wee bit and just wondering what the state of the market is like in game these days?
  2. Loki

    Selling: A106 Laser Amp

    i have two A106 laser amps for i will most likely be putting on auction the other im taking bids here..start bid is 4K bids will be ending in about 10 days ish (ill give a finish time etc closer to then but cant atm dew to traveling) Anyway.. Start Bid = +4k BO = None but if you make...
  3. Loki

    Weekly Puzzle - EFD Prizes

    So as some know i ran a test puzzle earlyer to see how things im planning on holding puzzles every week to stop my little mind getting to bored. To start off my puzzles i thought i would have two easy puzzles to give everyone a chance. Prize will be 250 EFD awarded to two random...
  4. Loki

    WIN EFDs! - Maths comp

    Well i got this idea from a website my gf plays other games on and thought it could be fun to see how people get on with it here.. Im offering a 500 EFDs reward to the first correct answear each week just for answearing this Question correctly. im hopping to do this every week so any EFD...
  5. Loki

    FYI: Morbid Angels - Opening its doors again

    So Once again its my honer to open the doors of Morbid Angels to new applicants. Many or most of you may know us, we have built up a good rep over the last couple of years and have some great players. REQUIRMENTS: tbh we dont really have any at the moment..any one cought scamming or cheeting...
  6. Loki

    Selling: Very Rare Atrox Skull

    so..i know alot of people have never even seen one of these so rare there isnt even a pic on Wiki! sadly it has come time to part with mine. start bid 500 peds no end date set yet.
  7. Loki

    Selling: Swine dlx And FF9300 DAR

    hi kids :) Swine dlx Start bid = +18k buyout = +19k FF 9300 Dar Start Bid = +7k Buyout = +9k current Bid = 7k by A-Bomb Happy bidding:yay:
  8. Loki

    Selling: swine dlx, jag, etc etc

    So ill just make a brand new post here instead.. these are prices are in the area i am looking at not start bids...not BOs..if you want to try and BO then make an Offer..again id profer it in the thread rather than PM. This thread will stay going for as long as needs for me to get a price im...
  9. Loki

    a right mix

    hi kids, ive been on a brack for about 7-8 months so have no idea what this stuff is worth atm so to save me time thought i would ask here. Armour set 1 jag tights jag harness jag shins jag gloves jag helmet boar feet tiger arms Total = ??? full grem (all 7 parts) total = ??? full vigi (all...
  10. Loki

    God Bless you...humour..

    Was just reading up some info for a course id started and they mentioned this site as an exp. I hope im not the only one that falls off there chair loughing when they work out it is actualy for real... [COLOR=blue]
  11. Loki

    Buying Jag arms (M)

    nvm found some cheep tiger instead. thread can be locked :)
  12. Loki

    Angel, tiger, jag (M) and full

    jag..arms, BUYING! only buying jag arms now :) pm or post :) loki
  13. Loki

    Selling Crafting And mining skills

    Yer im bored of crafting now, made my money now time for a change lol. Ive not chipped any of the skills yet as im still making a few things to orders till i have buyers but ive listed the on ava skill lvls i have left (some have already sold others where lost in the hack) for those wondering...
  14. Loki

    YAY JENNNN!!!!!!! umm..happy Bday sis!

    well...would have dont a post earlyer but did`nt get to bed till later last night...*cough* SOOOO!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS FROM ME AND MIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you sis..try and have a good one, ok?
  15. Loki

    Loki goes to Canada

    Well..Canada huh? umm...cold...long flight...umm...oh and why did i go? well.. a silly, crazy, mean, nasty (stop before he gets hit) canadian (eskimo) called Mia.. to sure what to say now tbh so how about a couple of pics? Click to enlarge *odd lil restrant with odd people and lots...
  16. Loki

    New Area? Nus Lull

    ok ive not been in this side of the map for alooong time...but found this today think its new lol :scratch2: Nus Lull. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  17. Loki


    hiya guys ive been hacked, anyone know how to contact MA when passwords been changed ect?
  18. Loki

    selling - camo jungle

    as it says im selling my Camo Arms Jungle Stalker. a great rifle for PK, not bad eco when you have a danta on and ofc fun for just blowing the crap out of anything in your way :) this is not an auction price is set simply at +9k BO but free on topic bumps are more than welcome :) as soon as...
  19. Loki

    Selling Full (m) Viking

    hi guys, as title says selling full male viking. the auction will last 3 days (no exact finishing time just depends when i get here but will mostly be early morning GMT) Post or PM :)
  20. Loki

    Morbid Angels are recruiting!

    Morbid Angels are recruiting! (L) space so move fast! ok guys we have started the recruiting run again. best place to find out more info is at...Morbid Angels home page min skill is around 50k total but we are happy to make the odd exseption. equipment is what ever you feel like. beggers...
  21. Loki

    full bear (M)

    well kinda thinking of getting another set of bear always loved the looks :) so anyone have an idea what a full sets going for these days?
  22. Loki

    Selling Full sala (M)

    as the tital says...FULL MALE SALA for sale :) start +3.5k BO +4.5k thx guys, regards, loki
  23. Loki

    (M) sala, viking, Tbird and grem

    so full male, sala, viking, Tbird and grem sets..anyone know the tt+ atm? thx in advance guys :) regards, loki
  24. Loki


    well i was shouted at to post here it is. i missed the loot window or msg btw but it had 27 diamons, (L) OA102 with 16 trys, and res in it. best bit about this one is...i did`nt even notice how big it was till everyone flooded me with pms lol. Click to enlarge
  25. Loki

    why do prices stay high?

    Hiya all :) well i was a lil suprised after my trip to CND started so nicly.. there i was minding my own buisness in auction adding a few bits and buying a few, as ya do. when this lovely fella started chatting. hopfully you will see how "some" crafters work ( plz note i know for sertain not all...