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  1. Degnyx

    Selling: Some nice (L) BP's

    Bump! Infused them all with some extra luck! Get them now and HOF big :D
  2. Degnyx

    The Honour Guard wants you!

    Thanks everyone! Recruitment is still open so sign up today :D
  3. Degnyx

    Selling: Some nice (L) BP's

    Bump :D:eek:
  4. Degnyx

    Selling: Some nice (L) BP's

    Up it goes :lolup::D
  5. Degnyx

    Selling: Some nice (L) BP's

    Hangover Sunday bump :hammer:
  6. Degnyx

    Selling: Some nice (L) BP's

    Friday bump:wtg:
  7. Degnyx

    Selling: Some nice (L) BP's

    Taking offers on these nice (L) BP's: DetPil V-Rex 1000 (L) 41 Attempts Eraktor Ekk 200 (L) 44 Attempts Eraktor Es 20 (L) 14 Attempts I'm willing to sell them all at once or separate. This is not an auction, will sell only if I like the bid :)
  8. Degnyx

    The Honour Guard wants you!

    Calling all people who are looking for a (new) society! The Honour Guard is recruiting new members again! :yay: Some info about our society: Our society was founded February 2003 and we are a group of experienced players who have fun playing EU and also work on personal development. We often do...
  9. Degnyx

    Selling: or Trading Full Jaguar (M) UL

    Upgrading your armor? :D Good luck with the sales m8 :) Consider this a free bump :D
  10. Degnyx

    EU Down?

    Down here as well...
  11. Degnyx

    Question: Server crashed or just me?

    Same here, Connection lost. Info in CLientloader says all servers online but a window keeps popping up saying "Could not connect to server" :silly2:
  12. Degnyx

    Selling: Rolf Lamp (Red Light!)

    +155 here! :rolleyes:
  13. Degnyx

    Selling: Rolf Lamp (Red Light!)

    Is it tt+150? If so, what's the TT value? :P
  14. Degnyx

    Read your PM's lol! :P

    Read your PM's lol! :P
  15. Degnyx

    Lets Play The EU-Wordchain-Game!

    no loot --> Tsk Tsk
  16. Degnyx

    Selling: Dr Almon Duchev Logs / Piece of Paper

    TT+10 ;) Too short :silly2:
  17. Degnyx

    87 Gazz

    Gratz m8, I saw it happen ingame but I somehow lost your name from my friendslist so I couldn't send you a message, sorry!
  18. Degnyx

    Uber: 19690ped lysterium

    Hey! I'm in your screenshot :laugh: Big gratz! :yay: I am still hoping for a find like that :D
  19. Degnyx

    VU 11.0 Teaser (

    WHAHAHA too funny! This one made my day :laugh: +rep
  20. Degnyx

    Freaky Friday Wicked Weekend Start

    :yay:He's back!!:yay: Are you going to tell us on the show how your trip to Denmark was? And will the live cam/video stream be on? :wtg: Greetings from a fellow Dutchie:D
  21. Degnyx

    Should Anti-Semitism be Tolerated in Entropia?

    Come on! Really no need for this poll, I have been playing EU since February 2004 and I only once saw ingame racist chat that was inappropriate, the rest were just jokes about blondes/brunettes/blacks/whites/chinese/fat/skinny/smart/stupid/*insert nationality here etc. But that's just what they...
  22. Degnyx

    Chat window closing

    I agree the old behaviour of the chat window was better, I too find myself in a "wwwwwwwwwwwwsswww11112211111" situation many times lol.
  23. Degnyx

    Lets Play The EU-Wordchain-Game!

    Eon -> No Resources Found
  24. Degnyx

    Holloween Presents

    I've been away for a while so I don't know if this was a previous present or not but how about a huge pumpkin with an evil grin that you can put over your head and matching carrot gloves? :D