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    Achievement: Highest HP avatar ingame and the story

    Boom, what a text it made me supernostalgic!! Awsome read and may your dedication bring to you what you wish for in the future :)
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    Prototype Regeneration Field Chip

    this really smells bad
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    congratulations to messi

    Theres so much stinking jealousy in this thread that it amuses an ex chosen player :)
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    World's top#1 Most geared avatar

    Insane grinder, fat achievement!! Gz!
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    Suggestion: Stop the skill devaluation

    Isnt the ESIs the value of the skills atm, if those were TT wed have a true value of the skill and a shorter way to enter for beginners since the total cost for skills would be much lower. That way it would be more fair for all and easier to exit for those with alot of skills and easier to...
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    FYI: Now lets show some love for the pvp and fix all exploits

    A looong time ago when pyrite MU was high, we fought in pvp for fun but allso for what soc to have space to mine in there (the spendings was huge, both in gear to handle pvp but allso in ammo and toxic, mind essence from tping around to find the opponent and so on) Its not like in space where...
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    CPU Fan problem

    If for longevity and performance, noctua makes very good cpu fans. I work with computers so my tests has been pretty extensive by trial and error.
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    FYI: Now lets show some love for the pvp and fix all exploits

    Its how this forum allways works :D Anyway the day that the developers sorts out PVP to be a playground free of cheats where just skills and gear matters again (no equalling out so all are equal communist thoughts but pure raw numbers and skills then I will start playing again) //L
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    Entropia Universe: My Surprise -

    Where I come from its rude to talk about other peoples money or my own so I cant give any clear numbers but the gains I made in this game (substantial) kept me and my family through a rough time. So to make profits playing the game was and seemingly is still viable. If you lost some its a...
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    Suggestion: Some moderation for certain global channels

    There is option to make your own channels, and allso the ignore option. All of wich are liberal sandbox options suiting to this game. Who should decide what is ok to say?? Maybe I like what I see and you dont?
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    The greatest entropia video ever made - 2019

    Awesome!!! I miss old dances, sounds, hairstyles, the way avas moved even.......
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    Crafting Mania

    Cmon man, you scream loudest and you stated yourself that you dont depo......there has been huge flaws and abuses inthe past that they didnt adress and when done it was allways in secrecy. This was a firm fast and transparent decision, right or wrong but its nothing huge and prolly we got...
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    Crafting Mania

    So it turned out wrong, they admitted the fault and made a decission. Either decission would had caused a part of the community angry. Why not be happy for the lucky guys loot and move on, if no response or secrecy Id be upset but this was fast response and transparency (hopefully they deduct...
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    Crafting Mania

    Red pill or blue pill??? :D
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    Buying: Electric Attack Chip XIII FEN Edition

    Wouldnt it be strange to brag about profits here when all profits possible comes from your fellow entropians pockets, wouldnt make you many extra friends would it?
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    Is this game only for millionaires now ?

    Some people has 10 years experience and some has 1 years experience 10 times :D
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    Info: Mining in non-lootable pvp

    Ive been here since Beta, never left! ;) Who are you??
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    Info: Mining in non-lootable pvp

    Tbh its a pvp area and its not against the rules to shoot people there, morally incorrect and awefull behaviour but if its not allowed to shoot people in pvp then when is?? Id even think its offensive spending supports time with that. That said Id happily help shoot the harrasser :D
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    Time, dont remember how long but its a time and not in relation to how many you kill. Gl :)
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    Next batch of FEN items are being added when?

    Its a tough one to grasp, the world owes you nothing.
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    Uber: Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Improved @ CRYSTAL PALACE

    Big gz!!! Love the loot :D Ps: Ive looted same from kreltin many many years ago Makes me wanna login again
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    Suggestion: Wearable item which changes swirly colours?

    And skillable or craftable size of swirles, I allready think the insane big hits should be seen across universe :)
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    FYI: Beacon returns are a scam

    There used to be possibility of multiplied loot in beacons, weve had a few runs like that a year or two ago (prolly more like two)
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    Arkadia Moon launched!

    Dunno when youre born but there was no version of windows 1975.... http:// We studies computers in school and we used MS-DOS commands to build simple games on cumputers with strict green text on a black background and Im born alot later then him ;)
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    Shadow UL (M)

    I heard 22k was last one sold, might be wrong but felt realistic ;)