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    Shadow UL (M)

    I recall I recently saw a sale of (M) shadow set, anybody knows around recent marketvalues for such and would help me out?? //Linzey
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    We are currently doing big maintenance of the computerpark and servers at my place wich means entropiawiki will be down for a while. I dont know the exact timeframe and if somebody else wants to host it then should talk to moderator 711
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    Buying: Halloweenbox laseramp

    halloween amplifier delta (L) is the name of it......paying very well ;) Thanks //Aurora Linzey Zamperath
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    Selling: Armatrix blueprints, bulkbuy or smaller amounts welcome. Level 10-45

    Im sellign the following blueprints :eyecrazy: 86 ArMatrix BC-45 (L) Blueprint (L) 1 0.82 PED CDF Armored Personell Carrier (C) (669) 87 ArMatrix BC-45 (L) Blueprint (L) 1 0.79 PED CDF Armored Personell Carrier (C) (669) 88 ArMatrix BC-45 (L) Blueprint (L) 1 0.99 PED CARRIED 89 ArMatrix...
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    Buying: Armatrix BP-105

    Heya! Looking to try those new guns and could buy a bunch of those BP-105, so if youre a crafter looking for a sure sale of your crafted goods Im your man (Linzey is a girl though) thanks
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    Selling: Ranger attachments, perfected tr6, rage 35, easter 2017, halloween 2015

    I want to sell: Perfected tr6 tier 9.3 BO 90k Rage 35 (unique BLP amp with 20% critsize added) Sold Ranger scope mk2 (2% crit) BO 65k Ranger sight mk2 (20% critsize) Sold Ranger sight mk1 (10% critsize) BO +12k Easterring 2017 (2% crit and some other fun stuff) BO 40k (offer 30k...
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    Selling: God Mode

    Here it goes! Up for sale is the set of items that in combination can make you that person everybody envys ingame. I have had great fortune/succes utilising this for the last few years. The more I shoot the better I do. I can ofc supply access to my logs and answer whatever question a serious...
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    Buying: Mod Evil amplifier

    So I accidentially thought I did a good deed and sold my amplifier.......I need a new one so if anybody wanna sell theirs I can buy it fast and easy :)' //Linzey
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    Selling: Mayhem Viridian tier 5.x

    Hello, I have a pretty rare and amazing gun for sale. Its tiered beyond the pricy opals tiers (3+4) and is an amazingly fun gun. Its a great tool and used smartly in the right combination of buffs it can be a challenger for the good old mod merc. Im a bit clueless regarding the price for this...
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    Selling: Taking offers for a Mothership

    WTS a mothership for the sake of a friend that stopped playing loooong ago. Its no big SI upgrades and Im here to take the temprature of the value for it, I do have a hunch but as I said Im listening to offers. If youre thinking about lowballing then conscider that this ship has stayed...
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    Selling: Some highend/rare pets

    Got some rare pets for sale, I find it rude to not put out prices in a salesthread but for those Im not so sure about pricing, sorry for that. Atrox Saphire Pet (level 15) Eudorian Lava Devil (level 18) Wasp-Devil (level 8) Tame Oratan Axe (level 7) Looks Amazing and is huge and fun...
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    Selling: Nemesis adj, vigi adj, a106 and some other ULs

    Hello, want to sell some stuff: - Full F set of adjusted Nemesis, most parts around t4 TT +2k SOLD - Full F set Vigilante Adjusted, tier 3-4 TT +1.7k SOLD - Omegaton a106 TT +1200 SOLD -...
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    Selling: ELM weapons, ESI, CDF and RDI amps and some assorted items

    Hello, conscider this a garage sale and the mroe you buy the more interested I am in bargaining :) - Empty skillimplants x135 total ~ 2000 TT @900% if 100 ped or more or slight less MU if you take it all SOLD - Binary and photonic mayhem guns of all sorts 5% under Daily MUSOLD - CDF BLP...
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    Buying: FFA points

    If small amounts I pay 5 pec per point, if large stacks (50k+) then I can do 6 pecs per point. Im ingame hunting most of the time and can trade between instances. Price might change depending on where the market moves. //Linzey
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    Buying: Want to rent mod resto chip

    Hello, since I do have a modfap and a mod hedoc a mod resto seems a bit over the top to buy. BUT Id gladly pay a fair fee for renting it a month over the christmas season, ofc Id happily give collateral. //Linz
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    Buying: Neurostim A, Dianthus/Accuracyenhancers

    All of the above mentioned Im buying, preferably in big quantities. //Linzey
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    Selling: Summer Ring 2016

    Pending maybe sell, if not then its a sign for me to keep it :) Thanks for all the offers
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    Selling: Imk3 tier8

    Sold A bargain for an amazing tool :(
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    Selling: Selling igni 1100E tier 7.9

    As the title says :) Asking 16.5k for it, a kickass gun with nice DPP and DPS for its level. At tier 7.9 most of the hard work is allready done. (Some trades might be of interest but preferably peds) Contact me here or ingame if interested //Aurora Linzey Zamperath
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    Selling: ESI:s, LC-240 and compet deeds

    As the title says, Selling those and have a pretty big amount available and will sell under AH but have no time for single items sale since I prefer to be out hunting :D So if you want decent amounts of either youre welcome to Contact me here or ingame and I will make sure to beat AH on either...
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    Buying: Summer Ring 2016

    If you happen to find one of those in your box....Im a happy buyer :)
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    Selling: Enigma L4 UL

    For sale is a fresh looted emik enigma L4, no SB or BO set just yet but for the right offer I will let it go. It has nice tierrates and a motivated seller :D //Aurora Linzey Zamperath
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    Selling: Compet deeds

    Got a decently big stack of compet deeds, Selling em slight under weekly MU if bought in bigger stacks. PM here or ingame if interested //ALZ
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    Selling: CLDs

    Hello folks! I have a pile of clds Id like to sell. 72 to be exact, selling slight under AH prices. Send me a PM here or ingame and we can talk about it :) //ALZ
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    Selling: Halloween Ring

    As the title says, Im taking offers to see if its Worth it for me to sell this Beauty and replace with Another ring. All offers under 22k is disregarded but trades might be welcome of some sorts. //Linzey