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  1. melbossheart

    FYI: GUEST DJ on Normandie Radio

  2. melbossheart

    FYI: Normandie Radio Does David Dobson Upcoming VU

    DAVID DOBSON LIVE on Normandie Radio!!! 01:00 AM.. MA TIME ~ Sunday morning - 2nd December 2012 LIVE WITH DJ ISCLAY We are happy to host Dave for a short discussion on the upcoming VU amongst other things. Dave is a VERY busy man these days and we are looking forward to an easy going chat...
  3. melbossheart

    Normandie radio jingle event

    Normandie Radio has been given an apartment at Celeste Harbour to give away as part of the Arkadia Birthday Bash, and myself and the other Dj's of NR have been thinking of an event for you to win this apartment ...and this is what we have come up with :- The event will run for 30 days from...
  4. melbossheart

    Arkadias Pimp Your Hoverpod Sat 4th Aug

    Arkadias Pimp Your Hoverpod Sat 4th Aug Arkadias Pimp Your Hoverpod SAT 4th AUG 2012 21.00 ma time Ok most of you out there will have seen PIMP MY RIDE ......Arkadia studios in conjunction with Arkadian Advisor's BRINGS you PIMP YOUR HOVERPOD!!!!! There will be three categories :-...
  5. melbossheart

    Arkadia's birthday bash

    Hi everyone !!!!!!!! We have live dj's on air all weekend for your listening pleasure if you want to hear your fave tune hit the request a song button on the web site..... we will also be taking live callers on the radio if you want to call add me via skype (...
  6. melbossheart

    Arkadia's pimp your hoverpod

    Arkadias Pimp Your Hoverpod Ok most of you out there will have seen PIMP MY RIDE ......Arkadia studios in conjunction with Arkadian Advisor's BRINGS you PIMP YOUR HOVERPOD!!!!! There will be three categories :- HOVERPOD MK1 HOVERPOD MK2 HOVERPOD MK3 Ok the rules ... the only way to pimp...
  7. melbossheart

    NORMANDIE RADIO's interview with david dobson

    Hi everyone As the interview was 3 1/2 hours long we had to split in to two downloads hope you enjoy it as much as i did regards
  8. melbossheart

    Normandie Radio Banner Competiton

    Southern Fortress Engineering and T.O.S Normandie MS Present in Association with Normandie Radio The Normandie Radio banner competition! Hi Every one were holding a competition to design a banner for Normandie Radio for the entropia universe client loaders. The competition will run for a...
  9. melbossheart

    FYI: Normandie Radio Goes to Arkadia

    Hi everyone we invite you all to party with us at celeste quarry tonight sat 21st jan at 21.00 ma time ... I will be playing all your fave hits from past and present and will be also takeing requests. if you cant be at the party you can still tune in via the Normandie radio web site and...
  10. melbossheart

    Christmas Party Normandie Radio Style.. Quad Give Awawy

    Hi everyone as the title says ..quad giveaway at the normandie christmas party .. its fully loaded with guns and thruster .. the party is on Friday 16th december ...18.00 start partyin till we drop.. all of normandie radio Djs will be doing 30 mins and will give you a clue to who you have to...
  11. melbossheart

    FYI: Take a look ....

    ok for those that dont know it was my birthday in the week partying tonight on the normandie mothership... i will be spinning the tunes and takein requests.... i would also like to see if we can get the max amount of people on the mothership which is 50 ... Tune in to...
  12. melbossheart

    FYI: Race night party

    Party this saturday 21-00 Ma Time 20th Aug 2011 RRC Subway Race Circuit up on ROCKtropia..... Racing valks around the racetrack underground with me spinning the tunes on AHR gonna be great fun but remember to come and get your mobile phone first or you wont be able to play regards mel
  13. melbossheart

    party at Pa

    The party tonight will be in pa
  14. melbossheart

    FYI: Pirate space base >>>>>

    hya all My radio show is going out from pirate space base if you want to join us out there in the depths of space or should i say dare to cross the depths of PvP to come and join us .... 9pm MA time great company and great music :)
  15. melbossheart

    A.h.r party from the normandie mothership

    Tonight 2nd of july 21:00 MA Time my show on will be coming from John Black Knight's mothership in space. John has kindly invited A.H.R to do a party / radio show from there . See you soon Mel
  16. melbossheart

    FYI: Big Thank you To the BlackAngels Society

    Hya's all would like to thank tiny and max of the BA soc for sorting a party for us here at AHR on the RIG i would also like to thank all members of HQ ,Death ,Evo the three Soc's that form the Blackangels for giving up there time to try and keep party goers safe whilst we were there . And...
  17. melbossheart

    FYI: BIG PARTY SAT 30th april

    Hyas everyone A-H-R have been invited to DJ a party @ at wanderers hanger located at corinth west B Co-61171,86284. there will be 6 hours of great music with me kicking the party off at 21:00 ma time followed by Raven Jade at 00:00 ma time . everyone welcome but remember the hanger only...
  18. melbossheart

    Tonights show

    Ok tonights show were going old skool and going home to atlas haven and going to party on the bank roof .....21.00Ma time so why not come on over for a bit of good music and good company :) see you there mel
  19. melbossheart

    Pet deed give away "" gratis of side slay show

    OK ITS SIDE SLAY SHOW 'S BIRTHDAY DURING MY SHOW ON AHR SO HES GIVING AWAY 3 PET DEEDS DURING MY SHOW sat 21-00 ma time @ port atlantis marina tune in .-=A H R=-. "LIVE Now... Mel Bosshart aka the midget with the mowhawk!!! Tune in @ or via...
  20. melbossheart

    Ahr party in the cube

    footage from last nights party in the cube with mel bosshart and raven jade live with tune in for party locations see you at a party soon
  21. melbossheart

    Ahr @ the cube

    Heres the link to some footage from last nights party @ the cube with me and raven and all the awsome party guests listen in on for more party locations mel
  22. melbossheart

    Hover craft give away

    Hyas all Im giving away a hover craft on my radio show tonight as well as 3 enmatter amps as runner up prizes ok all you have to do is find 5 of my soc mates who will be dotted around easy locations so new people have a fair chance of winning too ok i will give the name and location of my...
  23. melbossheart

    Buying: ***WANTED*** Tank Turret

    Hyas all im looking for a tank turret thats for sale can either pm me or leave a post thanks in advance .. mel
  24. melbossheart

    Shamless Theft @ Port Atlantis ...your thoughts on a idea...

    hyas all A group of friends and i were sat at port atlantis on stools/chairs last night just talking and chewing the fat as you do. a stool/chair i had just bought from a new crafter to help them along in game may i add. which i also had custom painted.. as we stood up before we had time to...
  25. melbossheart

    FYI: DJ Mel Bosshart 21.00 - 0.00 club classics

    Hello everyone .. Tonight on my radio show im going to be playing some of the best disco / club classics from the 70s through to modern day so why not come over to jenifers island and join the party 21.00 MA time 3 hours of great tunes followed by ravenjade at 0.00 MA time .. tune in @...