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  1. SoReal

    RIP Eddie Van Halen :(

    One of my all time guitar heros. Rest in Peace
  2. SoReal

    MA's AMA , Re space

    Is it just me or does the majority of questions to MA appear to be about space and space development ? If I get time tommorow I will go over the Q and A's and try and figure out some numbers. If it is just me , tell me so , prove it and I will not bother ;)
  3. SoReal

    SoReal Question 2. Return mothership fuctionality and add features

    When will you bring back features currently removed from motherships ( exploding panels when ship taking damage warp build up sound to name a couple ) and add the features promised in the original sales thread for them?
  4. SoReal

    SoReal Question 1. When will you bring in space mob iron missions?

    We sorely need Space mob iron missions + bigger mobs than the ones there right now ( higher maturity ) also some new mobs up there would be ideal too. Currently the density and maturity of the mobs is way below what is needed.
  5. SoReal

    Selling: Viceroy Armor Ingredients + Upgrade Armor Sets Available

    I am now stocking full ingredients to make Viceroy Armor: The Armor requires the following ingredients which you hand over to Bill in the Mining managers office at Celeste Quarry. The above items are available from stock as either part purchases or as a complete package and are competively...
  6. SoReal

    LBML stopped working

    Hey folks was mining away last night quite happily with LBML on Ark today its not working at all , program loads ok but will not detect my scanner ,will not detect planet and if I set the drop down box in the filters to Arkadia and then press P the map goes and the drop down clears itself...
  7. SoReal

    MA why mess with things ?

    I just cant get my head around this. MA why do you keep messing with things that are not needed or even asked for instead of doing what you have promised? For example: The changing of emotes , (afk pose) Changing the map waypoint stuff which doesnt work across planets anyway and has also...
  8. SoReal

    Limitation on Technician BP's

    Suggestion: Stop Technician BP's being posted on auction until they have a decent QR , for example 50, to stop people taking advantage of new players. See this time and time again
  9. SoReal

    Entropedia problem

    entropedia seems to be pointing at a domain parking service , someone messed with the DNS ?
  10. SoReal

    SoReal's Equus Warp Service

    Hi folks Introducing my Equus Warp Service. I offer warp flights using my Equus , standard base price is 20 ped per warp and 10 ped pickup if on a different planet. Then 10 ped per warp (multiple planet visits) there after within the same charter. This is the planet to planet charge as we can...
  11. SoReal

    RIP Rick Parfitt

  12. SoReal

    Buying: SoReal's Blueprint Buying Thread

    Hey Folks Im after the following to complete my BP books MAKO FAL-2 (L) Blueprint MAKO FAL-3 (L) Blueprint MANTA K-2 (L) Blueprint MANTA K-3 (L) Blueprint Arkadian Key 8 Blueprint Arkadian Golden Key Blueprint In addition RK5 and RK20 BP's PM me please here on the forums.
  13. SoReal

    Estate Terminal Bug

    Happening on Arkadia now not sure about other planets. when i double click my estate terminal on my shop on Ark nothing happens , other peoples work fine. I have tried with the deed in my inventory and in my storage no difference , also had this confirmed by another shop owner. Quite a serious...
  14. SoReal

    Dynamic Screen Displays ??

    Was there ever a way for the screens in EU to display dynamic content , or have they always been as they are right now? I can see why MA might not want to allow this but just wondered if this was ever an available feature
  15. SoReal

    Buying: Interesting Vehicle BP's

    Looking to buy interesting vehicle BP's PM me what you got pls :yup:
  16. SoReal

    Question: Where are all the Blueprints?

    When I take a look through entropedia im seeing certain BP's for example : Brünnhilde (C,L) Hoverpods Hyperplex truck and helicopter Jormungand Mk1 ,2,3 Naglfar Mk1 (C,L) Saehrimnir Valkyrie Apparently these are all craftable but I have probably only seen Hoverpod and Saehrimner BP's for...
  17. SoReal

    Help: Game locks up when I swap avatar quality from safe mode to low

    As in title , ever since MA messed with the textures in the last patch and then "fixed" it all I can do to get any sort of non crashing game is put everything into safe mode . My PC is kind of old but it was playing the game fine before MA messed about. What happens is everytime I load game...
  18. SoReal

    Calling evan green lund

    Does anyone know or have in their Society an avatar called EVAN GREEN LUND He won first prize in NoNo's January Lucky Dip and does not exist in player register.
  19. SoReal

    Looking to contact Paul MT TR

    If anyone knows this player please let me know. Paul MT TR TY
  20. SoReal

    Looking to contact Evan Green Lund

    If anyone knows this player please let me know. Evan Green Lund TY
  21. SoReal

    NoNo's January Lucky Dip

    NoNo's January Lucky Dip @ No-No's Den: Port Atlantis Mall Floor 1 Shop 3 NoNo's January Lucky Dip From January 1st 2016 running for 30 days anyone who buys an item or items from NoNo's Den totalling 10 ped or over each day will be automatically entered into NoNo's lucky dip. Each...
  22. SoReal

    No-No's Den Port Atlantis Mall Floor 1 Shop 3

    No-No's Den: Port Atlantis Mall Floor 1 Shop 3 Maintained Stock List Vehicle Repairs Vehicle Accessories RK-5 In Stock Space Thruster In Stock RK-20 In Stock Fire of Hel In Stock Welding Wire In Stock Helicopter MMB In Stock VTOL MMB In Stock Vehicles In Shopkeeper...
  23. SoReal

    SoReal's Out of Space Shop-Celeste Island 2 Arkadia

    Stock List Vehicle Repairs Sal'Diresh Vault Keys In Stock RK-5 In Stock All in stock and kept under auction BO Price RK-20 In Stock Welding Wire In Stock Arkadian Instance Keys In Stock All in stock apart from Key 8's and priced under auction BO Vehicle...
  24. SoReal

    Selling: Yau Kung Mun Epic Panda

    Selling this little guy . He is fed and ready for a new owner :) SB 800 PED BO 1500 PED Auction expires 1 week after SB is met.
  25. SoReal

    Buying: Shop on Caly

    Looking to purchase a Mall shop . Please PM me details of what you have to sell , price , location and item points. Thanks