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  1. ArtemNaumova

    Selling: Tier 6.99 Omegaton M83 Predator !

    A rough price range would be nice....
  2. ArtemNaumova

    Toulan and Monria - A New Beginning

    Fantastic news! Congrats To Ant and Kendra for pulling this together!
  3. ArtemNaumova

    FYI: Modern MindForce Guide for 2020

    Thanks for this guide, Captain Jack. It's useful even for old-timers who have not yet explored Mindforce much.
  4. ArtemNaumova

    Info: Vu17 bugs report

    I am not getting into EU at all since the update. Get to ~95% on the update, but then get the following error notes: Failed to install runtime C:\Program Files (x86)\Entropia Univers\redist\vcredist_x64.exe, Code: 1 Failed to update EU: An error occurred while applying the update. Please try...
  5. ArtemNaumova

    Shaolin under new leadership

    a huge thank you to Orion for resurrecting Shaolin from near-death after Oberon died. Huge congrats to Photon for shouldering the load- "The king is dead; long live the king!"
  6. ArtemNaumova

    ATROX Stalker and prowlers ON LA40?

    Short answer: YES!
  7. ArtemNaumova

    Shaolin wants YOU!

    Welcome to the new members...Orion is doing a great job rebuilding Shaolin. I just wish Elite Dangerous in VR wasn't as addictive as it has turned out to be.
  8. ArtemNaumova

    Question: How many people actually use their apartments as apartments these days?

    My apartment deed ( and apartment) disappeared forever when Crystal Palace was sold. I've been a wanderer ever since.
  9. ArtemNaumova

    Avatar's changing hands.... who are you actually dealing with?

    Still around and original since 2005....
  10. ArtemNaumova

    Paypal Desposits are "disabled"

    PayPal is back and operational!
  11. ArtemNaumova

    Paypal Desposits are "disabled"

    I tried to deposit today via Paypal; that option on Entropia Gateway is marked as "disabled". Not sure what "disabled" means... is this permanent or temporary?
  12. ArtemNaumova

    Vive - Rift or Other

    I have the HTC Vive and use it for playing games, including a popular MMO space game, that have been designed specifically for virtual reality. The motion sickness isn't an issue at all for me; which I attribute to two things: 1. most people get used to motion inside VR after a while, and 2...
  13. ArtemNaumova

    Selling: Rings, weapons, mixed items

    bumpity bump bump for some very nice items...
  14. ArtemNaumova

    Buck is back

    Welcome back Buckaroo!
  15. ArtemNaumova

    Selling: Shadow (M) UL set, no footguards

    bump! Bump!
  16. ArtemNaumova

    Selling: Shadow (M) UL set, no footguards

    this is a bump... just another bump....
  17. ArtemNaumova

    Selling: Shadow (M) UL set, no footguards

    bumpity boop boop
  18. ArtemNaumova

    Selling: Shadow (M) UL set, no footguards

    bumpity bump bump
  19. ArtemNaumova

    Selling: Shadow (M) UL set, no footguards

    time to bump bump bump
  20. ArtemNaumova

    Selling: Shadow (M) UL set, no footguards

    and yet another bump...
  21. ArtemNaumova

    Selling: Shadow (M) UL set, no footguards

    This is a bump!!!
  22. ArtemNaumova

    Selling: Shadow (M) UL set, no footguards

    Selling my UL shadow armor set, no foot guards. I never found a reasonable price for an (UL) set, so have been buying (L) shadow foot guards, which always seem to be on auction. If you've played the game, you know that Shadow is one of the best all-around armors for hunting and limited PK; I...
  23. ArtemNaumova

    Selling: 6 Piece Eon Set

  24. ArtemNaumova

    How about a Real life as a space colonist? Mars One project needs astronauts for Mars in 2022

    (From Wired Online) Help Wanted: Astronauts Needed for Mars Colony By Nadia Drake 01.08.13 Mars One, a nonprofit organization based in the Netherlands, intends to establish a human settlement on Mars in 2023. They need astronauts. Anyone on planet Earth can apply if they meet the basic...
  25. ArtemNaumova


    This game clearly has a lot of players who love the game, and some of those players would likely be financially pretty well off. Has no one considered offering MA a friendly buyout option? There does seem to be a pretty solid pool of programming as well as marketing talent among the loyal...