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  1. pontfirebird73

    Selling: Freshly looted Eudoracell pet

    250ped takes it.
  2. pontfirebird73

    Selling: Complete set Ghost (M) armor

    Harness tier 4.5 Face Mask tier 4.2 Gloves tier 2.5 Thigh Guards tier 2.8 Shin Guards tier 3.5 Arm Guards tier 3.3 Foot Guards tier 3.2 Tier rates shown in photos and includes the enhancers listed in photos as well. Pm offers here or in game Qster Qster QQQ
  3. pontfirebird73

    Achievement: 10k Vehicle Repair skill

    Took me two and a half years to reach and am only the second to do so.:wtg:
  4. pontfirebird73

    Selling: A few things for sale

    lvl 18 [Yau Kung Mun Pet] with reduce crit dmg unlocked. 1800 peds (they sell for around 2k) Shagadi Disintegration Sword Tier 4.6. TT+850 Piron PBP-10 Tier 0.0. TT+200
  5. pontfirebird73

    Selling: Adjusted Restoration Chip

  6. pontfirebird73

    Uber: 3584 ped dropship

    After a week of hunting these they finally paid off. My biggest loot in space :) I would like to to thank the crew of Normandie and Titans of Space Starfleet.
  7. pontfirebird73

    Selling: Shagadi Disintegration Sword Tier 1.1

    Selling this nice eco UL Arkadian sword. asking TT+900 (below market value)
  8. pontfirebird73

    Largest hunting round of space mobs

    Video explains it all. Please excuse my cluttered desktop as i didn't have a chance to set up a different key map with everything hidden. At what point does MA decide to introduce bigger and stronger space mobs, when 158 doesn't even pose a challenge?
  9. pontfirebird73

    Achievement: 60 VSE and unlocked Scientist

    Wouldn't be possible without the awesome crew of Titans of Space Starfleet : Normandie
  10. pontfirebird73

    Aeglic improved ring

    Any idea what this is worth?
  11. pontfirebird73

    Uber: Space mob- Locusta (Titans of Space Starfleet-- Normandie)

    After spending 600 ped in ammo the past two days, I finally got paid.
  12. pontfirebird73

    PCF problem

    I keep seeing posts and threads disappearing. Maybe someone should look into it.
  13. pontfirebird73

    Kaiser-Graf HVMR-1

    Just looted this. Was wondering what its worth.
  14. pontfirebird73

    Where are the RK-20s?

    No BP on auction, very little actual tools on auction, shops are empty, and I haven't looted a BP after grinding several thousand tools.
  15. pontfirebird73

    Entropia not responding

    Anyone else getting this while playing? 4 times i've had to manually kill entropia.exe process.
  16. pontfirebird73

    uploading skills for weapon assistant

    updating via entropedia doesn't update anything and uploading the csv file gives me an error. Server Error in '/' Application. Input string was not in a correct format. Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace...