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    Selling: Urban Nomad Lavender coat Female.

    Selling this beauty. I've had it for over 3 years so it could use a wash! Pm me here or ingame, Alexi WildChild Sonna.
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    Selling: Adj Fap tier V

    Time for me to sell this beauty, Adjusted Omegaton Fast Aid Fap :) TIRS left: 108, 64, 100, 77, 137, 165. Only pure peds/CLD's in offers and no lowballs please Regards WildChild
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    Selling: Liakon F Full set (Mostly tier 3, some parts 2 and one part 1.)

    PM me here or ingame, Alexi WildChild Sonna, Thanks.
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    Selling: Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem tier 3.2

    Selling the sweet fap :) PM me here or ingame to make an offer :) Alexi WildChild Sonna :)
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    WARNING! "New" try to get free peds from you.

    Good day. This happened yesterday and I just realized that I should warn other people. I was hunting some low level kerbs north of Boreas and someone invited me to a team. I finished off my mob and joined to see what they wanted. He said some bullshit in team chat about asking if I have some...
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    Selling: A-3 Justifier MK.V tier 6

    This gun is now sold, tyvm.
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    Selling: Isis Project Zero-Three Tier 5.7

    Selling this beauty of a gun beause I need bigger dps for the things i am hunting so its mostly just collecting dust in my inventory. PM me and we'll discuss the price. Regards
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    Buying: A-3 Justifier MK.V

    Looking for this gun. If you have one, or know anyone selling one - Please send me a PM ingame or here.
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    Buying: Fi/Ra/Co Beast SGA

    Looking for this amp, Havent seen anyone with it ingame for a loooong time, and with my previous luck here on the forum, why not see if anyone has it!
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    Selling: ML35 Tier 4

    Title says it ML35 tier 4.0 (Atm) up for sale, PM here or ingame for a price discussion. If Need be, I have a Dante that I can sell too.
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    Buying: Opalo Non sga

    Yup yup, I want one for the sake of nostalgia!
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    Mobstealing and then being a douche about it.

    Hello. This post will probably be one of all the other 1000 threads that are the same, this is indeed a whining thread. Today, MA sent out some LT for us to kill, in order to test out server stress etc. Exciting right? I got there, lagging heavily (on my work pc, safemode and 5 fps ftw.) but I...
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    Selling: Phantom Female Tier 2

    PM me an offer, or write here. :)
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    Help: 2 fps when Looking in a certain direction!

    Hello! So, I used to own a GTX 570 and I played entropia on High settings, Now, since its about THAT time of year when I upgrade my computer, I bought myself an GTX 780. When I log in and look at a certain direction (different every time I log on) I get 2fps, Look away and its fine (on ultra...
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    Selling: Gremlin F

    Taking offers =) Full set, some parts are tiered
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    Selling: Unique Jarhead, Female with Tiarak Texture

    As title says, PM me an offer. Great armor, Worth every ped.. Hate to let it go
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    Question: Did MA change the way armor works?

    I read in the cat 4 complaint thread that MA removed "unexpected damage" or whatever it was called, the reason this caught my attention was because I got hit for 90+ by a Rextelum strong yesterday with Jarhead+5b, whereas they usually only do MAX 60, which rarely even happens. Perhaps its time...
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    WildChild's Wild Fap Service

    Now I have probably done it all. Space Taxi, Tried some Coloring, some texturing, Streaming (Still do!) etc. Now its time for me to start FAPPING!! I mainly operate on Calypso, but can be transported (Your expense, there and back again) to any planet or asteroid. I use an Unlimited Adapted...
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    HoF: Meh.. Kinda.. ;)

    I was barely paying attention.. Watching community and all. I needed this! Now I can continue giving MA their PED back!
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    WildChild is also a streamer!? :O

    Yep! And Im LIVE RIGHT NOW!
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    Buying: Urban Nomad Black Boots F

    As title says PM me here or ingame for price etc.
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    Achievement: Hat Trick PK HOF

    pew pew ;D Went to Icarus Rig, Twin and then to big rig.. :D
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    I will get a tattoo of the mob I uber on

    Yep, As title says, Doing a gamble here! Since I love tattoos, Entropia and gambling, I figured this might be a fun thing to do. Rules: * I HAVE to upload a picture after its done * It doesnt matter if Im in a team or solo * TT Value needs to be 1k+, NO SILENT! * I need to be a part of...
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    Selling: Urban Nomad Lavender Coat Female Would be interested in Selling my Lavender coat F for the right price. Offer in pm or ingame Regards WildChild
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    Question: I wonder something about Disciple progression

    Hi. 1. Are there any set goals? Like 1600 in x skill 2. What happens if the disciple chips in? 3. Does the skill progress increase from the quest bonus count? 4. Does the achievements have to be completed in order for the disciple to graduate?