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    How do you create a mining bot?

    I was not sure where to post this in the mining section or tool section, but as this section already has a couple of bot threads already. As it's obvious in the You are...
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    Noob miner cocks up at AH

    So i put explovies projcectiles recyle 4 bp on AH for 28 ped. It sold stright away. Only to get a message from Aadu dRifter Asi. That i made big mistake and will sell it back to me for 28 ped. I brought it back for 50 ped and thanked him for honesty. :yay:
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    Question: Is there a way to remove compets from ped flow centre?

    Is there a way to remove compets from ped flow centre? Now compets is dead and burried is there away for me to remove from ped flow centre. I have no compets deeds, but its still show up in ped flow centre. I know its very minor thing, but just wondered if was away to remove it.
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    Question: Who owns Next Ilsand.

    Hi for sometime now there has been talk of who owns Next Island. I know the original owner was David Post, but over the years players belive MA took back control of it, even though this has never been confirmed. In last couple of years the talk has been that BIG Industries has taken over. Can...
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    Question: What happened to land plot idea?

    When you brought out CLD and people was able to get land plots. Some time later you released some land plots. Also new skills and tools to cut trees. Then nothing for years. Other planets have struggled to get land plots. What happened?
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    What game do you play?

    So what game do you play Entropia Universe where, you can play for years, spend thousands of ped and still not know how the game works? Or do you play the forum game, played EU for for 5 mins, spent a few ped in game, but you have sorted out the mechanics or the game and know how to fix it. So...
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    Is lootable PVP better now with radar on or off?

    Hi i believe the radar was stitched back on last year in PVP lootable (not on RT, not sure about other planets). I was wondering if players found this better. I don't mean for high level like Joda and Hulk who has little to worry about, but noobs like me (only L43 in prospecting).
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    Info: Halloween gifts.

    So ROCKtropia Halloween gifts are a zombie statue (i got life size one and miniature one, but i also own property). What are the other PP gifts this year?
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    Info: ROCKtropia new finders

    Recently discovered new finders more to come i hope.
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    ROCKtropia release notes

    ROCKTROPIA Crime Wave! Headline News Oct 4th 2016 ROCKTROPIA Crime Wave! Headline News Oct 4th 2016 NEVERDIE Crime Wave Hits ROCKtropia! A New development of Luxury Land plots in the hills overlooking the City of Dreams has sparked a planet wide crime wave on ROCKtropia as renegade...
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    Question: Why do people mine indoors?

    So i been playing since 2011-02-17 and last couple of years i found my calling as a miner (so still a noob) and i think i do ok out of it. I hardly ever mine indoors and and rarely use amps. I don't chase hofs, i only mine for MU. Now i have been reading a lot on here how people believe in 90%...
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    Question: Is anyone else having issues with auction?

    I am on R0CKtropia i had issue trying to put some ore on auction about 5 am GMT it kept saying insignificant funds for this bid even though i had plenty of ped. I logged of a few hours later it was fine, but now its happening again.
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    2 many classes on Entropedia

    After reading a certain post about Entropedia i thought i check out some stuff, i add a lot stuff for ROCKtropia (not for while since grinding missions on Caly), but noticed the humans have different classes now Rocktropia Humanoid, Human (ROCKtropia), Humanoid, Rocktropia Humanoid, Human and...
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    How long has the revival at Eos been missing?

    Have not hunted there for while, but thought i go hunt some fouls there and died while on phone ended at Athena spaceport. Why did they take it away?
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    20 years's ago

    20 years ago a great English sporting hero died no other English footballer has been loved, respected and has inspired so many than the Great bobby Moore. May you RIP.
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    what planet has hover boards?

    What planet has hover boards? No info on Entropedia
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    Should Calyspo bp stop dropping on other planets?

    Once a planet has a specific amount of a certain type of blueprints should then that only planet drop their own blueprints? For exsample now ROCKtropia and Arkadia has a wide range of armour blueprints should Calypso armour blueprints stop dropping there.
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    Warning about ROCKtropia Instances There have been some cases sent to support in regards to various issues with Lockpick Kit and Hell Key Instances. These are being reviewed by support on a case by case basis which might take some time. Thank you for your continued...
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    Info: Looking for info on Armour plateing.

    Hi i am just gathering some info on all armour plateing the old numbered plates (1a - 8a), the new sand king, RT dragon plates, the Ark pulser plates and any others that i might have missed. With more choices of armour plating out there i am just intrested in what players belive is the best...
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    How do MA work out the danger Level?

    Does any anyone know how MA work out the danger Level on Mobs? I know certain Mobs can have a higher danger level, but low hp like the Carabok (L10,hp 10), Merp (L8, hp 50) and ROCKtopian (10,hp 30). Is it Damage? Damage per min? Hit per Min?
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    Looks like Neverdie has a spare mothership! Starting today players hunting the THING will be able to tally their highest loot per month from a single THING kill to create a combined high Score to compete to win the MacReady Mothership
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    Thank you for gifts.

    Not sure if this right place to post this. Thank you to mindark for presents. I got stoage bvox and poler bear head. Merry Xmas.