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  1. || Sachi ||

    Selling: Malachai Dante F Shades

    Selling these uber old school shades. Looks awesome with sentinel helmet :) TT is full at 165ped tt. Total Price in the region of 1000ped.
  2. || Sachi ||

    Improved Fap Medic Service

    The Imp Fap Service is now ran 100% by Nika, my soc general, due to my connection being too bad to run it myself. So, just add, Princess Nika Paun from the player register. 50ped an hr (60ped for teams) She will make her own thread soon to advertise the service, and I will close this one :)
  3. || Sachi ||

    Selling: Fire Forge DAR 9300 tier 2.3

    SB and BO +1875ped - Sale pending tier rates 104 129 137 133 49 100 83 108 52 78
  4. || Sachi ||

    Buying: Improved Fap / IMK2

    Going to delay my purchase for a few weeks, mull it over, not buying for this moment.
  5. || Sachi ||

    Info: Archon's Sword = Eco is 2.989 After being asked ingame to verify the dmg/pec of this sword I have done. Proving this Next Island sword to be amongst the most eco weapons ingame.
  6. || Sachi ||

    Selling: 12 Land Deeds

  7. || Sachi ||

    Selling: or Trading ML-35 Mentor Edition Tier 4.4

  8. || Sachi ||

    Info: ML-35 Mentor Edition Decay

    Just tested the decay on this gun. From my fruit tests it decays 4.3pec a shot, and not 4.6pec as stated on entropedia. Meaning the eco is 2.738, more in line with the camo series. If any owners can verify it would be cool.
  9. || Sachi ||

    Selling: Adjusted Omegaton M61A5

  10. || Sachi ||

    The effect of scopes/sights on hit rate, March 2012 - Ongoing

    This will be an ongoing test I hope to keep updated; I realise at present the amount of data is low. The test hopes to examine this VU note released by MA The assumption hit rate is maxed at 90%
  11. || Sachi ||

    Selling: Shadow harness and arms female

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harness +5745 Arms +3775 Price if both bought +9150 Both items have recently sold for the above price.
  12. || Sachi ||

    Selling: Female Shadow + ML35 Tier 3.2

    Shadow SOLD ML35 - SOLD BO set at 12k. May consider bid below that if all peds and quick deal.
  13. || Sachi ||

    Selling: ML35 Tier 3.2

    listing on auction, sale closed on pcf
  14. || Sachi ||

    Buying: 0x0f382c8c91e58c8b24df

    Paying well for this rare UNLIMITED plasma weapon :cool:
  15. || Sachi ||

    Buying: ML35 / ML35 SGA - Prefer Tiered

    No longer looking -------- thx
  16. || Sachi ||

    Selling: Unlimited HL15 - tier 4.6

    Selling this fine pistol. The asking price is +33,000ped (tt is around 9400ped, 9000ped is the minimum) SOLD to Krimey of Honest Entropians
  17. || Sachi ||

    Selling: ML45 - Tier 2.6

  18. || Sachi ||

    Selling: First Gen Electric Attack Chip VI SOLD FOR 2000ped
  19. || Sachi ||

    Selling: Selling Improved mk2 (imk2) tier 2.9, A204 amplifier

    sale closed..............................................................
  20. || Sachi ||

    Selling: Female Boar Set - Tier 2

    SOLD on auction
  21. || Sachi ||

    Selling: Female Angel Set

    Selling Female Angel Set (four parts are tier 1) the other parts are 0.8, 0.8 and 0.5 tier rating. Buyout - +25,000ped SOLD
  22. || Sachi ||

    Buying: Female Angel or Possible Martial SGA Set

    Bought angel set, no longer looking
  23. || Sachi ||

    Iron Mission: 10,000 Longu Completed

    I noticed most of the charts did not have this reward included in them. I chose combat reflex which went from 3977 to 4793. (50ped tt??) (hmm, dexterity and staminy)
  24. || Sachi ||

    Selling: Female Colonist PvP Jumper and Pants

  25. || Sachi ||

    Shadow, Angel, Tiger Female Sets

    Maybe in the market for one of these in the upcoming months, anybody know their current value :) thx in advance for any replies.