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  1. SoReal

    Make all of space non lootable

    I dont think there is evidence for any of this especially what was posted in that really ill informed youtube video
  2. SoReal

    How to craft a blueprint

    huh , a technician BP is like 1 pec .
  3. SoReal

    Da Vinci & Partners Fund

    Please show your latest spreadsheet with your costs vs returns
  4. SoReal

    Space Update 2020.0.5

    Was pretty cool , quite close to what we have been suggesting for a long time :)
  5. SoReal

    RIP Eddie Van Halen :(

    One of my all time guitar heros. Rest in Peace
  6. SoReal

    Cost of a Warp Flight in EU

    Who is Dove ? Also more importantly those costs are not correct so all this thread is doing is misleading people ;)
  7. SoReal

    PCF Forum Migration Complete

    anyway to be able to add an image to a post by just dragging the image in to the post box? most modern forums have this feature
  8. SoReal

    Suggestion: Accounts on forum should have mandatory 'avatar name' field filled.

    Agreed, if your going to give game info lets see who you are so your post has some quality behind it. I agree EU is quite a reputation based system , when I see "knowledgable" posts from someone who hasnt linked their account to their in game avatar name , I tend to ignore them. I dont see...
  9. SoReal

    weight reduction containers & equus/firebirds

    As an equus owner , I have never used this , what shall we call it , "stacking effect" to negate the weight restriction. Never needed to and neither have any of my passengers. As far as I am concerned it is an unintended thing missed by MA and using this stacking effect is at the very least not...
  10. SoReal

    Twitch ?

    Works here . :P
  11. SoReal

    Auction fraud, entrapment, manipulation attempts

    One of my bugbears is people selling fresh BP's for PED on the auction that are available from the technician sometimes 2 steps from the auctioneer for 1 pec . Not a biggie I know and more down to lack of awareness on the buyers part. As usual with everything "buyer beware" and the people that...
  12. SoReal

    Public apology on how I lied while renting stores.

    Who is carrying the deed for that shop ?
  13. SoReal

    What is the first thing...

    We already have a party arranged in the late summer for Corona de compression. Im not working till June 1st . Well at least all the decorating is gonna get done lol
  14. SoReal

    Toilet Paper Crisis

  15. lbml


  16. SoReal

    Help: User Generated Content - Screens are broken

    Same for me I got a bunch of them in my shop . None are working just a grey screen.
  17. SoReal

    Game offline - In Maintenance

    same here :scratch2:
  18. SoReal

    Entropia Universe 17.0 Release Notes

    How about we start the fixes by putting back the contrast slider ?
  19. SoReal

    Brexit - simply explained

    In before the lock . You posted this in fun stuff , to me this isnt fun stuff and is having a major play on my life and others I know for the worse. Leavers voted leave because quite simply they believed the lies they were fed by that buffoon. Now all the truths are coming out anyone should be...
  20. SoReal

    Buying 1M sweat at 3 PED per thousand - How to avoid getting cheated?

    4 yr old thread m8 and ive not see Sceptic in game for years now
  21. SoReal

    Server Downtime for Release

    yup that worked for me too double + rep
  22. SoReal

    Entropia Universe 16.5.0 Release Notes

    nope and tried on 2 seperate PC's , both win 10 64bit
  23. SoReal

    Server Downtime for Release

    just tried on another PC , same error . gotta laugh at this bullshit