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    Anybody there?:)
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    Selling: Phantom bp

    hello, NEW:thigs harness face sold! -face, 11.4qr SOLD -harness, 11.1qr SOLD -thigs 13.5 qr SOLD selling UNL phantom bps: Left: -gloves, 13.5qr -shins, 13.9qr Waiting for offers, PS U can cheack bps by: Auction/ blueprints/armors/orders/available/a klick on the phantom bp/item info (low...
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    Mining vehicles

    Hi, I think MA should release into game mining vehicles. What do u think about that? Mining vehicles should have possibility of dropping bombs and collecting ores from vehicle. :) But maybe MA do something more interesting and release Vehicles wich will be also like finder. Every mining...
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    Selling: 5b armor plating bp - 100 qr

    ENDED Hey, materials for the 5b bp klick: 3 lyst ingots and 1 aurli bone. % success I had through few years is 38%. Price for the 5b bp: 120k OPEN bid 150k BUOUT but if you have other reasonable offer pls PM me Anyway have some time, if price will be not as good as I expect I might not...
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    Selling: phantom male - full set

    hey, SOLD +4200 BO atm +3600 highest bid tt=306 peds Phantom face from this set is quite unique because of the Tier Increase Rate. All from 1 to 10 are over 100. Waiting for offers, den
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    Selling: 5b armor plates

    hey, need 5bs for hunt? contact me, I'll try to make a good offer. Don't contact me if you are a auction reseller pls ;p den
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    Selling: ghost face mask UNL bp 48 qr and fap 2350 bp 27qr

    Hey, as in the title, some cheap bps: ghost face mask UNL bp 48.7qr OPEN BID 2000 ped Buyout 3500 ped EMT kit Ek-2350 bp 27.9qr OPEN BID 1500 ped BUYOUT 2000 ped den :)
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    Buying: prospecting and geology skills

    Buying prospecting skills. Sell the skills not paying the auction fee. Tell me what tt U got, Ill offer U the price ;)
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    Selling: 900-1100 ped tt Platinium, price under MU

    Sold :d :d :d :d
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    Selling: Large PA mall shop, great location,nice price

    Hi, selling my Port Atlantis Mall Shop, floor 3 #10 L: - Large shop, 100 items indoors + 15 in display area - the shop has 3 display areas - good location in front of auction. SOLD
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    Selling: Emerald shop

    Hey ;) selling emerald shop flor 1#13 120 items max , 30 ped fee per month SOLD
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    Buying: aurli bones

    Hi, I can buy also other alien parts if there is a nice ammount of bones ;)
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    Selling: GREAT BPs (including g and some skills for sale

    Hello, I have for sale: 1. selling 3 ghoul bpsOB-30K BO-40k GHOUL ARMS BP 15.5 QR - 12k ped GHOUL SHINS BP 1.6 QR - 9k ped GHOUL THIGS BP 1.6 QR - 9k ped GHOUL MASK BP 1 QR not available anymore here (its on auction ingame) materials needed: 1 tridenite ingot, 2 or 3 gazz, 1 kreltin soft...
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    Selling: 46.9 qr ghost arms bp!

    Hello, for sale a 46.9 qr ghost arms bp.! OPEN BID 10k ped BUYOUT 15k ped Waiting here and for private massages for bids ;) -lvl 7 bp, -materials needed: 2 gazz, 2 erdo, 2 igni, 10 alice
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    buying some components

    hi, need those: 1. Standard Inteligence Module 2. Galaxy SIII Ion Conductors Price depends on ammount you provide. Standard Intelligence Module 130-142% Galaxy SIII Ion Conductors 130-142% PM if you are interested in that components craft
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    Selling a Hangar (fort argus location)

    hi, selling good located hangar #21 location: (14937, 23277) (Fort Argus, close to TP) hangar is complete (you can fly) Price: 148k its a buyout.
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    Selling Vivo NEO 9 lvl bp unlimited

    Hi! :yay: Have for sale vivo NEO bp unlimited! Its 9 LVL!!! Very rare bp. Design: 1x Morpheus ingot 2x Petonium ingots 2x Robot Image Amplifier 13x Simple III Plastic Ruds so very cheap materials and chance to loot 11 lvl np fap is cool heals 120-160 20 uses per minute 87 lvl to use Give...
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    Customized Mf-213 (l)!!!

    HI! :yay: I got for sale Customized MF-213(L), the first in game. :yay: A great MF, dunkel seeker! ;p Stats: TT = 2669.73 PED recommended level: 9.0 850.8 depth range: 55 Durability: above average uses per minute: 8 Decay: 2.7 pec (I made 10 tries) GIVE ME OFFERS! If the offer won't be...
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    How much for hangar?

    Hi! Meaby I will sell my hangar but first I would like to check price of it. How much hangars are worth ATM? My hangar is in Argus (complited - ready to fly) :)
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    Buying Gouls BPS

    hey Im looking for some of those bps. If you got any and need peds, I can help You! PM me if you got any pls.
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    Buying armor technology skills

    yo, paying good for this skill. PM me if u gt some (even low ammount) Den :)
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    Selling OF 211 BP not limited with nice QR

    hey, A lot ppl were asking me about this cool bp. Wasnt selling it, but now I might sell. All depends on what price... but first: :D - its a 5 lvl tool bp :) - unlimited :yay: - 67.3 QR ;) I can make a buyout: 39k ped (who first PM me wins buyout offer). Taking offers for that bp. If Ill...
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    selling Phantom Armor sets! (M/F)

    hey! selling those nice armors. Got all 6 bps :yay: , so I can craft full sets at good price. PM me if you are interested... Dendril
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    selling Phantom Armor

    hey, phantom (without harness) for sale. (price lower than auction prices) Wana buy that cool armor? ;p just contact me here or ingame, thx, dendril
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    Dendril's shops are opening!

    hey! Dendril's shops are opening! OA-104s for TT price for fastest people! 17:00 MA time SUNDAY (14.01.2007) Port Atlantis Mall floor 3 #10,11 enjoy shopping, Dendril :)