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  1. Failivrin

    Buying: [Tier 8 Component] [Henren Cube] [Pile of Rubies]

    As topic says, PM here or ingame.
  2. Failivrin

    Selling: ArMartrix BC-120, FEN Edition

    ArMartrix BC-120, FEN Edition Tier >8.75 I might consider selling this beast if the right offer comes along. So putting it out here to see if there's any interest, open for both peds and items.
  3. Failivrin

    Selling: Strongboxes: Easter, Summer, Halloween

    As topic says, got plenty of each... min purchase 100 boxes
  4. Failivrin

    Buying: [Tier 7 component] [Light Liquid] [Pile of Rubies]

    All acquired As topic, PM me here or ingame with quantity and your %. Edit: [Light Liquid] acquired Edit: [Pile of Rubies] acquired Edit: [Tier 7 component] acquired
  5. Failivrin

    Buying: Henren Cube

    As topic says, PM me here or ingame.
  6. Failivrin

    Selling: mkII Scope and various items

    Liquidating a little PEDs for future projects, so taking offers on below items. I am not in a rush and nor do I need or want to sell all listed items, sale will halt when enough is liquidated. Omegaton Ranger Scope Mk II Might be intrested to trade for mkI Scope+PEDs Summer Ring 2018 Sold...
  7. Failivrin

    Selling: X-mas Ring 2017(2018)

    Taking offers on X-mas Ring 2017(2018).
  8. Failivrin

    Buying: Opals/Pile of Opals

    Buying Opals/Pile of Opals, PM me if you got any for sale.
  9. Failivrin

    Buying: Melee Trauma Amplifier X or Melee Trauma Amplifier VIII Modified

    As topic, PM me here or in game.
  10. Failivrin

    Buying: Full Thunderbird F UL

    Only interested in full set, tiered is preferred.
  11. Failivrin

    Buying: Vampiric Cloak of Lifesteal (F)

    As topic, PM me here or in game.
  12. Failivrin

    Selling: Animal Pancreas Oil @ 102%

    Available amount 20'000 units (10k PEDs)
  13. Failivrin

    Buying: Imp fap

    As title says, PM me here - Regards, Failivrin
  14. Failivrin

    Jaguar M footies

    Finally, after 4 years playing my first item with a markup higher then +1k PED (not counting ESI) :yay:
  15. Failivrin

    Selling: Full set (with feet) of Vigilante F

    Full set of Vigilante F Start bid TT+1400 Buy Out TT+1800 Ends one week from now. Also have full set of 6a plates to come along in the deal if the buyer is intrested.
  16. Failivrin

    Buying: HG skills

    Buying a total of 1250PED TT HandGun implants. Will consider any amount over 100PED TT, price depends on size. PM me your offers.
  17. Failivrin

    S: Pair of Atrox Statues

    Selling a Pair of Atrox Statues (Right + Left) for 3K PED
  18. Failivrin

    Appartment Price check

    Hi! I have two appartments that I might sell but I know very little about the market, maybe someone please can help me out with ballpark numbers ;) Bilton Towers 3, 4E Omegaton Delta Complex, 11E
  19. Failivrin

    Selling Robot Crafting Components

    Time to make some room in storage. Robot Weapon Grip - 14,118 units - 818.84PED TT @ 101,5% Robot Weapon Sight - 17,826 units - 3743.46PED TT @ 101,5% Robot Component Residue - 71,849 units - 718.49PED TT @ 102% Robot Heat Sinks - 5,941 units - 475.28PED TT @ 101,5% Robot Filter - 18,094...
  20. Failivrin

    S: PA Mall Shop Floor 2 #07S

    Size : Small Location: Floor 2, #7 (Next to Auction) Price : 20 000PED (Will consider serious trades)
  21. Failivrin

    B: Eraktor Ekk 200 (L)

    As topic says, need a few :D
  22. Failivrin

    Pair of Atrox Statues

    Taking offers on a pair of Atrox Statues, as a set. Left Atrox Statue + Right Atrox Statue.
  23. Failivrin

    Ghost harness (L) BP

    anyone got a clue what it is worth or is it TT food :D
  24. Failivrin

    Amazing prices for Hair Spray Suppliers!

    It is time to slaughter Umbranoids and become the best payed Hair Spray Supplier in Entropia! ***********************BUY STOP**************************** *********************************************************** There will be a temporary buy stop after the 30/4, for unknown time period. I...
  25. Failivrin

    Opening Storage Containers in Apartments?

    Hi! I just bought a Lykke wooden chest for my apartment, is it possible to open it while it stands on the floor? Seems like I have to pick it up and open it from my inventory every time I need to fetch something in it. :scratch2: