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  1. Degnyx

    Selling: Some nice (L) BP's

    Taking offers on these nice (L) BP's: DetPil V-Rex 1000 (L) 41 Attempts Eraktor Ekk 200 (L) 44 Attempts Eraktor Es 20 (L) 14 Attempts I'm willing to sell them all at once or separate. This is not an auction, will sell only if I like the bid :)
  2. Degnyx

    The Honour Guard wants you!

    Calling all people who are looking for a (new) society! The Honour Guard is recruiting new members again! :yay: Some info about our society: Our society was founded February 2003 and we are a group of experienced players who have fun playing EU and also work on personal development. We often do...
  3. Degnyx

    Name the new sweat "gun"

    I wasn't sure where to post this so mods please move if necessary:ahh: Seeing that we might get a new tool for gathering sweat, and since the EF community is usually very creative I thought why not give FPC a hand and think of some nice names for this new sweat "gun":D Post your ideas! I'll...
  4. Degnyx

    The Honour Guard enters top50 most skilled

    Today a dream and something that has been a goal for us in THG has come true. After +/- 2 years of hard work we finally reached the top50 most skilled societies list! A goal that was on our list since we founded The Honour Guard on the 9th of June 2004. None of us chipped in order to get into...
  5. Degnyx

    How much mining tax do you find acceptable?

    I am just curious about what you fellow miners think is an acceptable tax and what is too high. Do you avoid certain area's that have high taxes? I personally think up to 4.9% is ok, anything above that makes me go hmmm and i tend to avoid the LA's that have taxes in the range of 7-10%. I...
  6. Degnyx

    Buying Hangar

    Buying a hangar, preferably incomplete... PM me with offers or post here :)
  7. Degnyx

    Enormous Caldorite

    I went :eek::eek::eek: :drool: when i saw the word Enormous on my OreFinder :D 3578 Ped worth of Caldo, thanks MA! Click to enlarge
  8. Degnyx

    New gigantic building found?

    Out hunting in the middle of the desert i suddenly saw something on the horizon, when i walked closer i discovered a gigantic building, see pics below. Its incredibly high, i couldn't get a good screenshot wich shows the real heighth very good but when you stand underneath it you can barely...
  9. Degnyx

    3 globals,1 hof+items +RDA in 1 day :)

    Out on my regular daily hunt yesterday i found out that my hunt wasn't regular at all :P 3 globals, a 730 ped Trox with items and to end it all i unlocked RDA! I won't forget this day anytime soon :D Thanks to Rash and Vemon for the nice teamhunts! Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click...
  10. Degnyx

    Yaaay i got RDA!!

    Finally unlocked RDA yesterday :) No chips used ever, just hours and hours and hours and hours of hunting :laugh: Click to enlarge
  11. Degnyx

    Ask and you shall receive :P

    Nothing extremely big but check the teamchat in the first pic :laugh: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  12. Degnyx

    2 hofs in 10 minutes :D

    After a ton of no looters and ready to call it a day this happened: Click to enlarge Ten minutes later: Click to enlarge Boy were we happy :)
  13. Degnyx

    BUYING: DOA Loudmouth

    BUYING: DOA Loudmouth CLOSED Buying DOA Loudmouth as the title says :) PM me with offers if you have one, or post in here.
  14. Degnyx

    unplaceable table :(

    Has anyone experienced this? I recently bought a "red marble block table" on auction but i can't seem to drop it on the floor in my appartment. The text in the chatwindow says: "please wait" but nothing happens and the table returns to my inventory. I checked to see if i had maybe reached the...
  15. Degnyx

    73 Ped foxie Troxie :)

    Found myself a nice foxie troxie :D Click to enlarge
  16. Degnyx

    Significant oil :)

    Was down to my last cash and last two probes when i hit this :) : Click to enlarge
  17. Degnyx

    85 ped Biffoid Scavenger

    Found myself a nice Biff yesterday :D Click to enlarge
  18. Degnyx

    Hey everyone

    Just wanted to make my first post here a "hi everyone" post :)