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  1. Bogger

    Selling: Small ESIs, Total TT 335ped

    Selling 24 small ESIs 10-19.~~ped TT. 650% for quick bulk sale 335ped total TT = 2177.5ped @ 650%
  2. Bogger

    Lowest value of big ESI?

    The small ESI stop at 19.99ped but What is the lowest value of a big ESI that can be looted? I looted a 75.02ped one tonight, the smallest big one I can remember.
  3. Bogger

    EBN: Robots attack LIVE from Jason Center

    This has been on gateway all morning, not sure why bertha hasn't grabbed it yet "This is Shelly Nakajima, live from Jason Center! As you can see, the teleporter here is overrun by robots, and they’re killing anyone trying to escape. Nobody gets in or out of...
  4. Bogger

    Info: eMINE OFS (L)

    Ri RiRa Ra discovered bp and the tool. I got some clicks on it also and thought someone might want to see pics as none in auction yet :)
  5. Bogger

    Info: eMINE MD (L)

    I discovered the bp with only 1 click, Cobra successfully crafted it :) I think it will be pretty common soon, only lvl5 (L) bp but to protect crafters I have left out ingredients for now. Will do a decay test soon. Decay is 2.2 pec per use
  6. Bogger

    Major Jenny Carramone

    Seen her at Zychion and Ithaca so far giving inspirational speeches :)
  7. Bogger

    Is there a UK convention/exhibtion worthy of MA's presence?

    There's no chance of them coming to Ireland, unless Frank wants to meet up for a pint sometime he comes home ;) So, I wouldn't mind crossing the pond if there is one. Well, is there? :)
  8. Bogger

    Discovery: Hl18 (l)

    Full TT is 543ped Looted from Kretlin I get decay at 3.825, if someone who knows how to do decay test wants to meet me to verify this pm me and I will meet you in game.
  9. Bogger

    Ziplex 'Fashion Line' Colorator (L)

    Crafted first one this morning. 1 in auction for 24hrs starting at TT (47ped) for anyone to bid on. Have tested decay, 0.497pec per use (Old TT one 2pec per use) . Will test more later when I have time. Got Sarah to check CoS on it, no improvement on the old TT one. Have tested 1 field, 2...
  10. Bogger

    1k click Quantity craft, No (L) bps?

    I am just after finishing 1k clicks OM101 set on quanity. During the craft I made 15+ full tt om101, normally I would have expected at the very least 5 (L) bp of various lvls and number of clicks. I didnt loot any, not even 1 click Vivo T5. Was it just me? Is this a side effect of yesterday's...
  11. Bogger

    Vivo T20 Unlimited BP

    Anyone want to try and put a figure on this?
  12. Bogger

    Avoidance Unlocked as Dodger

    First, thanks to Doer for this great thread, didnt realise i was so close 'til i read this I think i have all the relevant skills in pic, if more needed let me know
  13. Bogger

    5 x Warrior

    Finally got time for an uninterrupted hunt Have to thank Moonear for the 249ped one, funny guy dragged a spider on to me, i died, revived, tped to different part of spawn and first warrior i looted :D PS: Looks like warrior have stopped dropping ESI now (i was looting at least 1 every...
  14. Bogger

    MF211 Unlimited BP 28.3QR

    I have recieved a few pm today about a buyout, at this late stage i would only consider a buyout of 8k. Any really late bids will extend auction 5 minute, same as in game ;) Stopped crafting a while ago and with lack of (L) tool bp dropping, i have decided to sell this. Already been offered...
  15. Bogger

    EFD Auction: mk2+a102+a103+a104

    Have been buying haircuts for efd again (stop selling them Pinky:wise: ), so start bidding :D Justifier Mk2 + 3 laser amps, a102, a103 and a104 Auction will end Sunday 17th Dec @ 6pm GMT (game time)
  16. Bogger

    EFD Auction: All common Tool BPs

    EFD Auction for a set of the common looted tool bps. (All minimum qr) Auction will end Sunday @ 6pm GMT Lvl1 Lifescanner1 Ek1000 Om101 Md101 Mt101 Ot101 Lvl2 Lifescanner2 of102 mf102 ek2000 om102 md102 mt102 ot102 Lvl3 lifescanner3 of103 mf103 ek2500 om103 md103 mt103 ot103 ek2300 (Not sure...
  17. Bogger

    S: Some Crafting Skills + Tool Bps

    S: Crafting Skills + Tool Bps with qr Auction finished, pm bids will be checked for times. Unfortunately work meant i wasnt about today to update as they arrived.
  18. Bogger

    8 Of213 (L)

    Not an auction. Bulk only sale, not selling single items. All are full TT. Will consider % well below current ingame auction % for bulk sale. PM me :D
  19. Bogger

    EBN: Showdown at Echidna

    06 Oct 2006 The annual Eomon migration is reaching its climax in and around the crater north of Camp Echidna. After their week-long migration from Twin Peeks, Calypso's finest have gathered to hunt these six legged titans. The rich Eomon dung has attracted a wide range of mature beasts...
  20. Bogger

    Buying Full Viking Male

    As the title says, pm me ;)
  21. Bogger

    nice weapon :)

    Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge forgot to take screens of his stats, maybe someone else got them but they were: 100, 100, 100, 9, 100 Weak and think he was Capable something :)
  22. Bogger

    A personnal achievement :P

    Havent posted globals/hofs in a while but there is a reason why i post them in achievements today ;) Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  23. Bogger

    Adapted OF213 BP (L)

    I wish i had buzz's skills :tongue2: Click to enlarge unfortunately the tool is (L) as well Click to enlarge
  24. Bogger

    Buying ML35

    Buying ML35 pm me with offers :)
  25. Bogger

    4135ped Warrior. No items

    Click to enlarge I love the new VU. :D