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  1. mace9

    Selling: Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 5, Tier 6.5 + Trauma X amp

    I am open for offers and trades but will set an instant buyout option: Castorian Combat Mace Mk. 5 BO: TT+ 6k SOLD Melee Trauma Amplifier 10 BO: TT+ 14k Cheers Mace
  2. mace9

    Suggestion: Loot composition affected by weapon damage type

    This is to all who would love some more complex and interesting aspects in the game. (if this was suggest before: sorry, I missed it) Since Loot 2.0 there is a factor in Loot calculation that influences the Loot composition. Dpp and Looter Skill e.g. I always thought it would be awesome to...
  3. mace9

    Selling: Modified EMT kit EK-2600 Tier 1.9

    Hey, SOLD I am selling my Modified EMT kit EK-2600 Tier 1.9 Tiers starting with Tier 1: (58), (83), 78, 117, 102, 121, 81, 68, 83, 112 Trade may include items: mod2350, melee amp VIII,X,VIII mod,liakon(m) or similar Or pure PEDs :) BO TT+7,6k
  4. mace9

    Selling: Modified EMT kit EK-2600 Tier 4.0

    SOLD Hey, I might sell my Modified EMT kit EK-2600. "Might" because it hardly depends on what you guys can offer. I still love it, its just that due to some changes in playstyle (less time for EU) I dont use it that much anymore. So I might sell it or trade it for some other cool stuff if the...
  5. mace9

    Buying: Imperium Officer XT

    Hey, I'm interested in this gun. PM me Tier + price. Mace
  6. mace9


    Hi everyone, I was wondering, why the Opal/Pile of Opals price rose so much over the last year. Anybody can explain to me? What did I miss? ;) thx
  7. mace9

    Some maybe usefull bug messages

    1.: happened on (i think) final blow of arena fight: 2.: after relogging (which was buggy allready) now getting often those bugs. Sometimes i can just press ok, sometimes game crashes. Let me know if you want screenshots of future bugs like this as well...
  8. mace9

    Selling: Cryogenic Attack Nanochip VII Tier 3.6

    Hey, used this chip alot for skilling and some pvp and want to upgrade now. So taking offers (PEDs, deeds, items) on this Tier 3.6 Chip. BO at TT+900 Mace
  9. mace9

    Selling: Adjusted Vigilante Set (m)

    Hey, selling my Adjusted Vigilante Set Male. Tiers 0.3-0.7 Awesome armor, but actually more protection than I need atm. Open for serious offers, prefering pure PEDs but open for everything. edit: got a few offers at TT+1.1k. Looking for bit more! :) SOLD Mace
  10. mace9

    More Enhancers!

    Hey, I was just hunting and had an idea I would like to hear your opinion to. Story: I made a new keyboard setup for small stuff hunting. And when I accidently healed me during walking instead of switch to tagger this idea came up: Why not make FAPs that can heal during walking. Then: Or...
  11. mace9

    Buying: Corrosive V TEN

    Hi, looking for Corrosive V TEN chip. PM me with tier info (interested in any tier) and price you are looking for. Mace
  12. mace9

    Selling: Archon Sword Tier 2.9

    Selling my Archon Sword at Tier 2.9. BO: TT+1150 SOLD
  13. mace9

    Selling: Pracner-Clothing-Set (M)

    I want to sell my Prancer-Set: -Basic Pants (m) -Basic Shirt (m) -Reilly Boots (m) -Master Coat (m) every Texture ist 100% OB is TT(full)+1400, BO is TT+1800. Auction ends on 31.08.08 at 18:00 MA-time