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    What new in EULA?

    Hello everybody, Eula have new date 10-06-2020. Anyone know what is changed? XII
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    Selling: NeoPsion Mindforce Implant, Modified

    Hello, [NeoPsion Mindforce Implant, Modified] TT=~63PED for sale. SOLD
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    Selling: Output Amplifiers, ESI and BatSim Guns

    Hello, I have for sell Outputs Amplifiers, ESIs and BatSim guns R1, R2, R3, R4. Let me know if you need buy anything up. Best Regards, XII
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    Selling: FFA Stars

    Hello, FFA points for sale. BO: SOLD or your offer via PM Best Regards, XII
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    Selling: [Output Amplifier Component] and [Thorifoid Berserker's Helm (F,L)]

    Hello, Selling: [Output Amplifier Component] 220% [Thorifoid Berserker's Helm (F,L)] Full TT 350% PM me here or in game. Best Regards, XII
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    Selling: Adjusted Restoration Chip

    ... ....................
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    Selling: Marcimex Slime

    Hello, I have looted [Marcimex Slime] and I want sell it. SB: 1 PED BO: 350 PED Current offer: 100 PED by funkyman All offer here or via PM, please. Sells without expiry time, the best offer that will satisfy me - wins! Best Regards, XII
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    Selling: Hovercraft CC Mk1 (C,L) Blueprint (L)

    Hello, I have great blueprint for sell (BP I looted it 3-4 years ago and hold it to this day for you!:)) Hovercraft CC Mk1 (C,L) Blueprint (L) tt=0,61 (first series vehicles of Calypso) 61 clicks is much chances for loot other vehicle BPs (Quad, Sleipnir, etc.) and to get great HOF! Materials...
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    Buying: Songkra Corrosive Dagger and Trauma Amplifier VI

    Hi, Buying Songkra Corrosive Dagger and Trauma Amplifier VI PM me with offer if you have for sell. Regards, XII
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    Selling: WtTrade Aakas Fire Dagger on Songkra Corrosive Dagger

    WtTrade Aakas Fire Dagger for Songkra Corrosive Dagger Hello, Want to Trade Aakas Fire Dagger for Songkra Corrosive Dagger or Selling Aakas Fire Dagger T0.9 and/or Buying Songkra Corrosive Dagger I'm looking for Trauma Aplifier VI too. All offers via PM, please. Regards, XII
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    Selling: Thorifoid Berserker's Helm (L) M & F, ESI, Adj Rings

    Hello, For sale: Thorifoid Berserker's Helm (L, M) TT-~50% - 390% Thorifoid Berserker's Helm (L, F) TT-~50% - 190% Flimsy Thorifoid Berserker's Helm (L, M, F) TT-different - 110% ESI TT10-17 - 1170%, Adj Rings: Aeglic +105, Athenic +220 If you interesetd and have other offer PM me. Regards, XII
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    Buying: Aakas Fire Dagger and Trauma amp V and VI

    Hi, Buying Aakas Fire Dagger and Trauma amp V and VI. All offers via PM please. Regards, XII
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    Selling: EWE EP-41 Military x2

    EWE EP-41 Military, Small Mushroom, Rings adj, ESI Hello, I have for sell two units of laser pistols EWE EP-41 Military from personally loot around 7 years ago (both with minimum TT, T1,9 and T0,9). Taking offer via PM. BO: 2600 PED for both ..for other itmes ask via PM. (full offer will...
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    Selling: Neurostim B & C

    Hi, If anyone need some Neurostim B or C I have for sale. PM me please with offer. Regards. XII
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    Selling: Small Chadriak Mushroom

    58 PED each
  16. XII

    Buying: Restoration chip

    Hello, WTB Restoration chip Adjusted (or Improved maybe). Offers via PM plz. Regards, XII
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    Selling: ALL my skills

    Hi, I want sell all my skill. for example 89lvl blp sniper (kill strike unlock) All skills I want sell in bulk. Buyer bring the ESI. PM me for more informations and with offer.
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    Question: How works loot system?! 20%-50% back, wtf?!

    Hi, If system has dynamics and randomly why for example me have ALL TIME (in last ~6 years) 20-50% returns from hunting and my DMG is 55% possibilities dmg in 99% cases shots where 1% is more dmg as 60%, never 100% possibilities weapons and I have much many evade (lose shot) from mobs, around up...
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    Selling: Storage sell out (animal parts, boards, weapons, mf chips)

    Hello, Different items for sale: ANIMAL PARTS, BOARDS & other: Allophyl Fin - 102 units TT=999,6 PED Allophyl Tentacle - 160 units tt=896 PED Atrax Bone - 174 units TT=8,7 PED Atrax Claw - 46 units TT=4,6 PED Atrox Bone - 337 units TT=16,85 PED Atrox Claw - 52 units TT=5,2 PED Atrox Fang...
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    Selling: Nemesis (M) armor set/parts

    Hi, Nemesis (M) armor set/parts without foot for sale. SOLD
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    Selling: Vain Arms guard (M,L)

    Hi, Vain Arms guard (M,L) for sale, full TT = 225,00 PED BO: 650,00 PED or Offer here or PM, please. Regards, XII
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    Selling: Jaguar Arms (F) unlimited

    Jaguar arms (f) unlimited SOLD
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    Selling: Great items for sale

    Hello, All what is on the picture is for sale. My proposal for prices: 1. APARTAMENT - Chikara Koufuku Condos 5B +480PED 2. Faucervix Trophy Head for +15PED 3. Daikiba Trophy Head for +15PED 4. Oro Trophy Head for +11PED 5. Red Marble block Table +35PED 6. Small Wooden Bookcase +100PED 7...
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    Selling: ESI - Empty SKill Implants, Space Thruster uL, old hangar parts

    Hi, Some ESIs for sale... TT from 10,xx to ~70 PED. Please offers here or PM. Space Thruster uL: SB/BO 10k ...for old hangar parts ask via PM Regards, XII
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    30-45% return

    hi, last four years I have regulary lose (I played around 9 years total) 98% of my hunting returned me around 30-45% in tt; 1,8% of my hunting returned me around 100-110% in tt, 0,2% of my hunting returned me 120-200% in tt. at that time I have tried various weapons, mobs and location - in each...