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  1. unufain8

    Discovery: Christmas Ring 2020

    Gratz for the find, were all just jealous :D
  2. unufain8

    Discovery: Christmas Ring 2020

    around 5 i bet :). If you check the other Hallo 2020 find from a guy with less than 1k total loot. Just seems the randomness really work.
  3. unufain8

    Buying: High End items.

    Omegaton M71A2, Modified I think this is only MA owned. free bump
  4. unufain8

    Selling: Paneleon Spec Armor set M

    How did you get the set?
  5. unufain8

    Entropia Universe 17.5 Release Notes

    Open codex, then select rewards manually in Meta tab.
  6. unufain8

    Selling: Granny's Grand Opening

  7. unufain8

    Entropia Universe 17.5 Release Notes

    Ups, we are sorry for your big MU loss on it. That its a big hit actually.
  8. unufain8

    Selling: F.O.M.A. Biodome #5

    But your LA's wont be mined like a dome on foma, and stop harrasing him.
  9. unufain8

    Loot Algorithm ACTUALLY solved (RIP)

    The true ramdomness is right after you deposit. Everytime i deposit i start to get loot, everytime. Same works with boxes.
  10. unufain8

    No society, new player available for anything

    :)) just :))
  11. unufain8


    Maybe youre the one that is buying Bleaching addons blueprints for +1k ped just to increase MU. Everytime something like this ahppens the one in case is innocent and not guilty. Everytime.
  12. unufain8

    Selling: Zorra HK, Arsonistic Chip 3 Ten Edition, EP3 BP

    Kinda risky to do that from +1 ped but gl
  13. unufain8

    What does SGA stand for?

    Suck Good All, was the times when all hunted and few looted.
  14. unufain8

    Decay from Scanning added to loot pool?

    Agreed with you here.
  15. unufain8

    Decay from Scanning added to loot pool?

    its because you did 0 dmg to it. You get nothing if you dont dmg a mob.
  16. unufain8

    Da Vinci & Partners Fund

    Sounds like a scam here. Why would you even bother when there are a few big funds that really work? You have no reputation, and most if not all havent even heard of you. I would invest in your fund if i keep the fund's ped.
  17. unufain8

    Info: Evader and Looter set to 0 on relog

    I felt in an infinite ocean for the 1st time yesterday, worked with a relog.
  18. unufain8

    Selling: Unique Modified Fast Aid Pack, SGA Edition

    Chelle discovered it, maybe the guy you talk about had another one. Althrough i never saw someone saying he looted one.
  19. unufain8

    Arkadia Forum super buggy?

    Its a problem with Flash, i think its only for Chrome users.
  20. unufain8

    Price Check Halloween Ring 2020

    Why u all so jealous on that guy if he got a big hit?
  21. unufain8

    Question: The future of tier components and (L) gear

    Ofc not, but tiering is going insane now, and the gap between those weapons and crafted ones is way too high.
  22. unufain8

    Question: The future of tier components and (L) gear

    I dont know about you but tier comp still drop. Maybe the rate is not that good on mobs you hunt, try other mobs that drop same tier comp.
  23. unufain8

    Selling: WTS Guardian Plating of the Sand King

    Item sold for +2.5k Thread can be closed
  24. unufain8

    Buying: Explosive projectiles blueprint 2

    you should find one with 100QR around 40-50 peds
  25. unufain8

    Selling: WTS Guardian Plating of the Sand King

    I had some PM interest for it so im going to held a auction for it.