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  1. unufain8

    Selling: WTS Guardian Plating of the Sand King

    Hello, WTS this Guardian Plating of the Sand King armor plate Link: 5B plates are puny's compared to this Take care and have a great day.
  2. unufain8

    Selling: Selling Vivo T10 UL

    Hello, Selling this fresh crafted The item is full TT 300.02 ped MU reports that were sold 7 at T0 this decade at the price of +500 ped I will sell it for TT+300 ped
  3. unufain8

    Question: Warlocks

    Hello, I just wonder when were warlocks gen 9 introduced. I have never seen a Gen 9 until today when i saw some globals on them.
  4. unufain8

    Question: Exploits

    When will exploiting be punished? Your credibility is near zero regarding punishment of exploits, when we will have some serious action regarding this?
  5. unufain8

    Selling: Selling Lai Tung Pai Pet

    Hello, WTS my lvl 1 Lai Tung Pai Pet. I have no clue what's the price on him. If you wanna own one feel free too drop a reply or PM.
  6. unufain8

    Buying: Buying the following

    Hello, Wtb 1x Shagadi Disintegration Sword t3+ 1x Melee trauma amplifier 2. Post here your offers or pm me. Have a great weekend.
  7. unufain8

    Buying: Roamania Combat Mask

    As title says i wanna buy a Romanian Combat Mask.
  8. unufain8

    I found Nostradamus of Entropia

    Just found this in some players gallery :)
  9. unufain8

    I jumped to conclusions and attempted to defame someone unnecessarily

    This is a reason some avatars should get warned for trying to fool around people in auction. Its not the first time he does it and its obvios whats his intention.
  10. unufain8

    Uber: 124 esi FFA Spider

    Seems they do exist :laugh:
  11. unufain8

    Selling: wts FFA stars

    Selling some FFA stars, around 3-4k points. If anyone wants them, leave a pm.
  12. unufain8

    Buying: Viceroy ingredients

    Helle, As title says im buying bulk ingredients for viceroy armor full set. If any of you have em and wanna sell them pm me pls.
  13. unufain8

    Suggestion: Remove loot buff

    Hello, With the recent loot lag i camed across with the ideea that we could be able to remove the auto loot buff by CTRL+Left Click. Ive seen this wotking just fine in other games. Personally i think is so annoying to wait in the area to loot the killed creature while i could cancel the buff...
  14. unufain8

    Selling: Full set Armor plating 5b mk

    As title says im selling full set of [Armor Plating Mk. 5B] tt+35 ped each only peds pm ingame -Saphire of Dark- 216.2 ped tt + 245 ped MU = 461.2 ped
  15. unufain8

    Happy Internationa Womens Day

    Happy Women's Day to all the incredible women! Shine on.... Not just today but everyday! It's Women's day! Feel special and unique on the top of the world! Women are always a source of inspiration for the family and the society. Happy Women's Day to you! I treasure you close to my heart. Here's...
  16. unufain8

    Uber: Nice little suprise froma feffoid

    Yesterday i was hunting near Fort Zeus, i was having a good time with loot, got like 5 globals in less than 5 minutes and i got an 185 ped global on a Feffoid Champion Elite with an 108.75 ped tt Esi in it. Was a nice little surprise. :wtg: I want to mention that loot was so bad for me last...
  17. unufain8

    Price check for Omegaton M2870 Improved

    As title says i would like some info about the price of the weapon Omegaton M2870 Improved.
  18. unufain8

    Achievement: Wounding+150k Skills+21k Maffoind mission done

    Got some personal achievements this weekend. :smoke: Although had the 12k and the 21k mission done in 2 days, the loot was so bad and its so hard to keep the game going on. I dont know whats going on lately...
  19. unufain8

    11 years of No1 ATH

    Gratz to the luckiest dude in history of manufacturing. He just set up a new record in terms of craft leaving JH on second place. Congratz and enjoy the loot! Congratz Demmpa! PS: Give us an printscreen! Merry Christmas FEntropians!
  20. unufain8

    Buying: Generic Leather Texture Blueprint

    wtb 1 x Generic Leather Texture Blueprint, QR its not important so i want a low qr one. reply here or pm me ingame -Saphire of Dark-. Dont try to sell me your 1 qr bp with the daily mu. ty
  21. unufain8

    Error while launching the client

    Heya folks, Need some help because im getting a launching error since the new update was installed. Help is needed. :scratch2: Ty
  22. unufain8

    Achievement: Iron Ambu IV done

    Finished the Iron ambu IV mission. I did not got anything interesting just some globals. Got that Bravado from it and it increased my hp a bit :)
  23. unufain8

    Achievement: 1st timer 4th placement

    Summer Mayhem Annihilation Cat 2 4th - -Saphire of Dark- - 16951 - 2000 Mayhem Tokens Im glad i got this achievement. It was the 1st event i participated in, was a great experience and learned a lot. I wanna thank to LittleAngel for all those pills he sold me and to Sailor and Sharky for the...
  24. unufain8

    Achievement: Saph got cooler

    Heya guys, Just got a bit cooler. Been a while since i wanted this :)
  25. unufain8

    Achievement: Saph got 100k skills

    I finally did it and reached 100k skills, right after i finished 5k Atrox mission.:yay::wtg::lolup: