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    Sword or gun?

    I am new :) and I have a gun, but would it be so awful to use a sword? I know i would get hit more, but no ammo right? and I like swords, I think it would fit me better, any feed back on some pros and cons of the sword over a gun?
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    Noob Question

    Is there an easy way to switch from sweating to shooting a creature? I keep having to re-equip my weapon.
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    After reading some of these forums, I am curious. If I go minning can I still hunt, if I do, can I only excel at one? Or can I excel at all things I do? As in wepons too, if i use pistols, can i be a master type at that and rifiles?
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    2 days old

    I just created my guy "Dutch" yesterday and have been reading these forums all day today. I must say, I have played alot of online games all which have the same feel as one another, all with their fancey graffics and crazy story lines, but this Entropia world is something else. Everyone seems so...