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  1. KlowN

    Selling: Electrokinesis Skill

    As title says, selling Electrokinesis. I have the amount that you need, unless your lying ;). I'll use/buy ESIs unless you have them fair priced that your trying to get rid of, PM me with amount needed & desired price and we'll negotiate from there :).
  2. KlowN

    Selling: Pleat Coat (M,C)

    Thread can be closed. Thank you.
  3. KlowN

    Selling: Gyro-14 ; A106 ; Arso III TEN ; & More!

    Thread can be closed. Solely Arso left. PM me for +5.5k
  4. KlowN

    Selling: UL Arso III TEN

    Thread closed.
  5. KlowN

    Selling: Tier 3.3 Project Zero-Three

    Sold, thread can be closed.
  6. KlowN

    Selling: Tier 3.1 Adapated Vivo T15

    Sold, close thread please.
  7. KlowN

    Help: Downloading Issue

    Cannot download this update at all, beginning with this: It will go up some then just completely reset. Like up to 472KB/14.10MB then just resets. Even the little bit goes extremely slow, tried to download the setup client from the official website and that is extremely slow also...
  8. KlowN

    Selling: GYRO FAP-14 Smuggler (UL)

    Thread closed.
  9. KlowN

    Selling: UL Kallous-7 + A106 ~Combo Deal!~

    Sold, thread can be closed.
  10. KlowN

    Selling: Bulk high-end Electro (L) chips

    Thread can be closed please.
  11. KlowN

    Selling: EWE LC-100 Frontier + A106 ~Combo Deal!~

    Sold. Thread can be closed please.
  12. KlowN

    Selling: Tier 1.6 UL Frontier

    New offer available - Please refer to this thread:!&p=3201194#post3201194
  13. KlowN

    Buying: UL Lvl 2 Mining Amp

    As title says Buying UL Level 2 / Level 2 SGA Mining Amp PM Me with price on forums or in game. -KlowN
  14. KlowN

    Selling: Top Mindforce Chips

    All sold. Thread can be closed.
  15. KlowN

    Selling: Regeneration Chip VIII (UL)

    Condensed selling threads. Please refer to:
  16. KlowN

    Help: Issue for another on EF

    Hey all, Figured i'd put this up since people actually use PCF (:P) incase anyone can help them :). Thanks in advance ---------------------------------- /mod note/ I'll add this to the OP to save people having to...
  17. KlowN

    Selling: Unique Electro Attack Nanochip XI

    Condensed selling threads. Please refer to:
  18. KlowN

    Selling: Full Vigilante SGA (M)

    Sold, thread can be closed.
  19. KlowN

    Renting: Full Vigi SGA (M)

    Rental closed. Set up for sale in selling section of PCF.
  20. KlowN

    Buying: Hogglo Tooth

    Close thread please.
  21. KlowN

    Selling: Nice UL Guns, FAP, Armor

    Close thread please.
  22. KlowN

    Selling: Hogglo Pelvis

    Sold, close thread please.
  23. KlowN

    Question: Free email register on PCF?

    I have a disciple that is trying to register with PCF atm. He is getting a message that says to prevent forum spam they do not allow registering with free email providers (gmail, Hotmail, etc). I have a Hotmail (windows live) acc of course registered. Is this a new thing or? and what can he use...
  24. KlowN

    Selling: Calypso Land Deeds

    1430 each. via PM.
  25. KlowN

    Selling: Tier 4.0 Herman CAP-20 Smuggler (UL)

    Item sold. Thread can be closed please.