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    Selling: Liakon F set

    [Liakon Thigh Guards (F)] set! tier 1-2! SB + 2.5k BO +3.5k
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    Buying: omegaton M83 predator low tier!

    title say it all...(tier 0-4)
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    Buying: Omegaton M83 Predator low tier!

    title say it all :) max tier 3!
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    Selling: zorra's HK tier 2.9!

    time for upgrade so i sell my Zorra's HK tier 2.9! tt+7500! pm if u are interested!
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    Buying: Zorra's HK or simmilar

    BUY Zorra's HK or simmilar low tier! dont use in events so tier dont matter to me! tier 3 max is ok...
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    Selling: 600k FFA points!

    SELL ~600k FFA points! u can contact me here or in game Maya Drisara Meussa! ty!
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    Selling: 300k ffa points

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    Selling: 470k ffa points !

    around 530k points for sale! 0.032 ped/1 starting bid! buy out 0.05ped/1! u can contact me here or in game Maya Drisara Meussa! ty!
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    Selling: 330k+ FFA points

    I sell 365233 FFA points (at this moment) by the time i sell i may have around 370k (depends how much more i hunt )! starting bid is 3.5pec/1, buy out is 5pec/1! u can leave offers here or pm in game Maya Drisara Meussa! thank you! CLOSED!
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    Selling: [Mint Feedback Panel]-RX OpTac x2 Thigh Guards (M) or (F)

    like title say..want to sell [Mint Feedback Panel] that can be turned in -RX OpTac x2 Thigh Guards (M) or (F)! i take bids here!
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    Bad crafting run

    can any1 explain to me how can i get 5 succes from 44 clicks on [Dominax Original Mamushi (L) Blueprint (L)] on full QUANTITY? i am almost levl 19 shortblades engi! when i am at construction terminal it shows over 95% succes rate! and i get 5 succes from 44? lost 600 ped in like 10 min! is clear...
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    Buying: songkra corrosive dagger

    i want to buy a songkra corrosive dagger! low tt and no tier would be perfect!
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    Selling: Royal Chirin Pet and Ruby chirin dragon pet!

    levl 7 Royal Chirin Pet!! start bid 5k! buyout 6k! only1 that exist in game atm! SOLD levl 3.5 ruby chirin dragon pet start bid 500 ped! buyout 700 ped! SOLD for instant buyout pm Maya Drisara Meussa!
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    Selling: Eudorian lava devil

    hi! I sell LEVL 7 eudorian lava devil pet!is mythic rarity, 2th that exist in game! opening bid is 4.25k, buyout bid is 7k! auction will run 1 week from the moment starting bid is placed! (a few hours +/- to match my active period...
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    Selling: Corrosive Attack Nanochip IX

    hi i sell Corrosive Attack Nanochip IX! tier 4.9! bid 3.3k! bo 4.3k! u can leave message here or pm in game Maya Drisara Meussa! thank you!
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    Selling: SELLING Ruby chirin dragon levl 7

    Hi! I sell a ruby chirin dragon levl 7! (actualy is levl 6.7 atm but by the time will be sold will be levl 7) he have already a passive effect activated! Here are 2 links for pictures (i am not so good at this :) ) <removed links to 3rd party image hosting site> This auction will be on for a...