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    ..To much negativity in the air...

    Hello everyone, Since i can't come home due to COVID like probably many others,or eventually you are stuck at home it is causing stress eather way.I am usually reading threads,posts just to keep tracking whats going in the game,community overall. What i have noticed is that there is to much...
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    Help: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk1

    Hello everyone, I would appreciate any help with the informations about next questions. I am collecting infos about this gun. My concerns are : Recommended lvl 35,what it means ? What i am gonna lose if i use it at lvl 35 ( because i know on some guns if u dont have it maxed u have slower...
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    Web shop boxes or straight deposit?

    Hello everyone, Since i do not play offen,i read forums and curiouse about various stuffs. I am thinking to deposit to buy some stuff,but i am not like in a rush(items of interest like mayhem armor and adj resto chip). My question is: Is it better to buy strong boxes for the ammount of $ i am...
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    Why entropiaforum.rssing not working?

    Hello everyone, I am wondering why is not working or something is buged. I am opening for 2 weeks already and its stuck on 5 august,after that no new posts. Anyone knows whats wrong? I didnt know where to post,so i posted here...
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    Question: What laser and scope to use on armatrix laser weapons?

    Hello everyone, I was searching on forums but i couldnt find anything about lasers and scopes attachments for Armatrix LR and LP. I dont play much every 3-4 months for like 2 weeks because of my job out of country,so i want to use it wisely when talking about weapons. For now i have maxed...
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    Selling: Makheta Armor Female set

    Selling full Makheta female armor. 2 parts are 0.9,other parts tiers 1+ and 2+. Will edit on 24th july when i come home for tiers for each part. Set is full tt. Pm with price here via posting or private message,since i am not home atm.From 24th do 31 july will be ingame. Thank you
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    Price check for adj.Jaguar F

    Hello everyone, I am interested in buying adj jaguar F. I am curiouse how much it cost with tires or without. Thanks in advance
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    Buying: Wtb Adj jaguar Female armor set or adj.resto. chip if i dont find the armor

    Adj.Jaguar Female and Adj Restoration Chip Hello everyone, I want to buy as the title says adj jaguar female and adj.resto chip. Pm me here with the prices,because i wont be online before 15 july. Also i will be able to pay on 15 july when i come on vacation. Thanks in advance. Waiting for...
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    Help: How many skills required for 35-40lvl(hg)?

    Hello everyone, I am just wondering,i wanna buy adj maddox or adj.military 41 but i am lvl13 in hg proffesion. I am wondering how much peds would cost me to buy skill implants to reach 35 lvl and how many skills i approximetly need? Thanks in advance, Best regards