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    Selling: Exterminator tier 4

    Considering selling my Skildek Exterminator tier 4.66. BO 35k
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    Selling: Negator tier 7

    Selling Negator tier 7.
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    Selling: Free skills with your esi

    Laser weaponry technology Blp weaponry technology Rifle +For every 50 ped esi i fill i give 50 ped back
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    Selling: Hedoc Mayhem, Improved

    Hedoc Mayhem, Improved BO 13k
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    Buying: Light Liquid

    Buying Light Liquid. Pm here or in game Angie Freja Stark
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    Achievement: Wormslayer

    [/URL][/IMG] It took some years, but today i completed Wormslayer set :beerchug: Thanks to Hijacker for spawning hussk and thanks to Focus and team for selleing the last piece :wtg:
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    testing testing testing
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    Buying: Genesis Niflheim

    Looking for Genesis Niflheim UL
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    Selling: [Hedoc Mayhem, Improved]

    WTS Hedoc Mayhem, Improved BO+13.5k
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    Selling: Dune rider (f)

    Selling Dune rider set (F) Helmet tier 3,1 Gloves tier 1,7 Harness tier 4,5 Thigh tier 3,5 Foot tier 2,5 Arm tier 3,5 Shin tier 2,7
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    Selling: [Ares Ring Augmented][Shadow armor (F)][Omegaton M83 Predator]

    [Ares Ring Augmented][Shadow armor (F)][Omegaton M83 Predator][Modified EMT kit Ek-2600] [Omegaton M83 Predator] tier 6.9 SOLD [Shadow armor (F)] all part is tier 1.9 except harness 2.9 SOLD [Ares Ring Augmented] SOLD [Modified EMT kit Ek-2600] tier 1.9 SOLD
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    Selling: Shadow (F)

    Selling shadow armor (F). All parts are tier 1.9 except harness 2.9. make an offer.
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    Selling: Emik Enigma L4 Tier7.9

    Remaining tiers 107 85
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    Modified EMT kit Ek-2600 PriceCheck on this fap. Feel free to discuss
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    [Modified EMT kit Ek-2600]

    Here it is. I made it yesterday.
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    "Internal error" when i try to make mod 2600

    I get this messege when i try to uppgrade my Ek-2600 to modified. Is there anyone else who got this message when they made missions? and got it solved? I have restarted the game, and i have removed the mission but nothing works. I have sent a support case but i have not received any answer
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    Selling: [Adjusted Omegaton Fast Aid Pack]

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    Selling: [Herman ASI TEN Edition][Fi/Ra/Co Evil]

    [Herman ASI TEN Edition] tier 7.7 BO+31.5k [Fi/Ra/Co Evil] Accept ped or cld as payment.
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    Selling: Melee Trauma Amp IV and VI

    Selling this two amps. Melee Trauma Amp IV - SOLD Melee Trauma Amp VI BO 5.5k Prefer ped. Im looking for a Arsonistic chip III ten edition, it could be a part in the trade.
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    Skildek Exterminator

    Looted a Skildek Exterminator. Best loot so far for me :wtg::beerchug::rocket:
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    Skildek Exterminator

    What do you think this is worth?
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    Selling: Cthulu Tower Shop 3 l

    Cthulu Tower Shop 3 l, at tp floor on Monria. SOLD! Thread can be closed.