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  1. coxjon

    Selling: Selling / Trading (M) merry meyhem and martial Sga

    Selling Merry Mayhem As title says I am selling or trading my mm all 5 parts and martial SGA I would prefer to sell the whole set but here are the individual parts pricing MM helm Sold MM harness Sold MM arms Sold Martial gloves Sold MM thy Sold MM shins Sold Martial feet Sold
  2. coxjon

    Selling: Trading EON

    Selling eon Selling my last part of EON Harness (M) UL at tier .9 also selling Jaguar Harness (M) UL (also at tier .9) +650 look for me at twin peaks or pm me here if intrested tiers are for the Eon 134/66/106/141/153/64/142/162/144/111 tiers for jaguar are 91/72/154/91/64/55/116/137/137/155
  3. coxjon

    Buying: Buying MM Harness (M)

    Title says it all looking at ballpark of 7k peds pm me if you have one that your looking to sell
  4. coxjon

    Trade deal gone bad

    EVERYONE BEWARE OF ava named {Name Removed per Forum Rules}hes got quite the nice little scam going trading screwing everyone out of the true values of what he agrees to pay espically on skill implants ya thats right i too fell victom to his load of bs of paying 70% for the bulk lot of all of...
  5. coxjon

    Selling: SELLING mining skills

    as title says i am selling out all of my mining skills going to take a lonbreak from eu till loots improve there is a catch you provide the esi and i fill it up for a fee regardless of the esi size ill put in as many points as we agree to currently skills are prospecting 6432 geology 4955...