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  1. Butterknife

    Buying: Small Ithaca Plot

    Looking to buy a small southern Ithaca plot preferably in Ithaca Heights, Please PM with plot location and asking price. Will consider Small+ if price is right.
  2. Butterknife

    Question: Q2 - Webshop Armor/Weapon Upgrades

    Since armor and weapons from the webshop aren't tradable, will you be adding any sort of quests to upgrade them so they don't just take up space in our inventories? They have a lovely design and it's a shame to see them shelved after a player outgrows them.
  3. Butterknife

    Question: Q1 - Fishing

    Entropia has such beautiful bodies of water, will MA be adding fishing to the game at some point? It would be a nice alternative to current activities and be a great way to spend your downtime with friends between hunts. Thanks!
  4. Butterknife

    Selling: Mid/High Range Hunting Gear 'n' Stuff

    Looking to free up some ped. These are the items I'm offering. Angel Armor M UL - Tier 2-3 - SOLD Castorian Combat Mace Mk. V Tier - 2.9 - SOLD First Gen Electric Attack Chip VII Tier 6.1 - SOLD Marber Bravo-Type Plasma Annihilator Tier 0.4 - SOLD Hermetic Ring Augmented - TT+380 Ped Yau Kung...
  5. Butterknife

    Buying: Arkadia Underground Deeds (200)

    WTB 100 Arkadia Underground Deeds Offering 7.5k Firm
  6. Butterknife

    Buying: Perfected NeoPsion Mindforce Implant

    Looking to get my hands on a Perfected NeoPsion Mindforce Implant please PM.
  7. Butterknife

    Selling: Quad-Wing Equus (Sweet Cherry Red)

    Quad-Wing Equus for sale, Includes all the accouterments. SOLD! Congrats to the new owner! Thread can be closed.
  8. Butterknife

    Selling: Various Hunting Items and More

    All items have been sold! Thread may be closed.
  9. Butterknife

    Selling: Merry Mayhem (M) Tier 2-3

    Merry Mayhem (M) Tier 2-3 SOLD!!!!! Ped, AUD@57, Please PM, Thanks, cheers, papa bless
  10. Butterknife

    Buying: Full Set of Angel (M) UL

    Looking to get into a low tier set of UL Angel (M) armor. Armor found, thread can be closed.
  11. Butterknife

    Selling: Unique Boar (M) SGA Edition UL Armor

    SOLD The time has come for me to molt into new armor, so this unique set of Boar SGA male armor is up for grabs. Since this set is unique you are guaranteed to hof with every new tier upgrade. Entropedia Link - Boar, SGA Edition (M) Starting Price - TT+5000 Ped (nothing under 5k will be...
  12. Butterknife

    Buying: Small+ Plot

    Interested in purchasing a Small+ 20x40 plot, preferably in Ithaca. Please contact me with details. Thanks!
  13. Butterknife

    Selling: Castorian Combat Mace MK. I Tier 5.7

    Selling my trusty old Castorian Combat Mace MK. I Currently this guy is tier 5.7, check out image for tier rates. SOLD! please close thread :)
  14. Butterknife

    Selling: Epic Pet Yau Kung Mun for sale

    Epic Pet Yau Kung Mun (lvl 8) for sale, 800 peds quick sale. PM me.
  15. Butterknife

    Buying: Boar (M) UL Parts - or Full Set of Boar SGA

    I've decided to get into a slightly tougher set instead of Boar, please disregard this post unless you happen to have a set of Boar SGA ;D Thanks!
  16. Butterknife

    Selling: Bazaar Apartment on Medusa's Head

    Bazaar apartment still up for sale on Medusa's head, just had to move to it's own thread The estate is public so if you're interested in taking a look for yourself you can find it here [53411, 69289, 179] Apartment 9 South (Floor 10) Apartment comes unfurnished but if you would like to...
  17. Butterknife

    Buying: Berlin Jacket (M)

    Found one! Thread can be closed.
  18. Butterknife

    Selling: Liakon Armor (M)

    Selling a full set of Liakon UL armor. ~~~TIERS~~~ Shins - 1.5 Thighs - 1.7 Helmet - 1.2 Harness - 2.0 Arms - 1.2 Gloves - 1.1 Feet - 0.4 ~~~~~~~~~ All parts at full TT SOLD! Thread can be closed.
  19. Butterknife

    Selling: Bazaar Apartment & Melee Trauma Amp VII

    moved to new thread, please close.
  20. Butterknife

    Buying: Community Recognition Award Armor (M)

    Looking to purchase this full set of UL armor. Please PM or message in game. Community Recognition Award Armor Thanks!
  21. Butterknife

    Selling: SELLING - Melee Trauma Amplifier VII

    SELLING - Melee Trauma Amplifier VII 4.8K, cost includes TT, will take CLD as part of trade.
  22. Butterknife

    Buying: Electric Attack Nanochip VII or VIII UL

    Thread can be closed, thank you. Thank you.
  23. Butterknife

    PC Electric Attack Nanochip VII & VIII

    Hello there! My electro skill has far surpassed my puny chip so I'm looking for a big upgrade. I was quoted 1500 Ped for Electric Attack Nanochip VII which I thought was way over MU. What should I reasonably be paying for these two items? Electric Attack Nanochip VII Electric Attack Nanochip...