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  1. Mary Mary

    Selling: M83 Tier 7 + some mid high end gear.

    All items sold. Please close this ��
  2. Mary Mary

    Buying: Full shadow armor (f)

    please close tread
  3. Mary Mary

    Selling: FFA points! 5338 Points

    Need to get this out if my inventory. 5338 points. Just give me a offer. Want to get rid of it. If its deccent i probaly take it :) Happy Holidays :)
  4. Mary Mary

    Selling: Selling Omegaton Predator M83 Tier 7,1

    As title say. Real life situation forces me to sell my dream gun :( I am going to miss this gun. Remaining tiers Tier 8: 116 Tier 9: 85 Tier 10: 138 BO:+20K But also taking offers.
  5. Mary Mary

    Buying: Tier VII Component

    Hello all :) Im buying Tier VII Components. 98 to be exact. I also have a order out on auc, so the quantity may change, will try to update the tread accordingly. Not sure abouth rules for buying items and having order out on auc, so if im doing something wrong, let me know.
  6. Mary Mary

    Selling: Ranked Scorpion tier 8,7

    Gun sold. Close tread :)
  7. Mary Mary

    Kamaldon Bone Crest

    Hello :) As title says. Do anyone have any idea how mutch these are worth?
  8. Mary Mary

    Selling: Ranked Scorpion tier 8

    As title says. selling this nice little beauty. This gun has been a companion trough out many big missions, like the entire Warlock chain. BO: TT+ 9,5k SB TT+ 9k may be interesteded in low tiered Ewe ep- 41 adjusted as part of trade.
  9. Mary Mary

    Selling: Rare pets!

    Pets no longer for sale, please close treath.
  10. Mary Mary

    Selling: Adjusted Vigilante (F)

    Item sold, please close thread :) Congraz to buyer :)
  11. Mary Mary

    Selling: Some Pets

    Hello Im taking offers on some pets. 1x [Sasha] lvl 6 - 96% energy 1x [Yau Kung Mun Pet] lvl 1 5x [Lai Tung Pai Pet] lvl 1 7x [Whiskers] lvl 1 I dont really have a price set for now, but will sell if i get a deccent offet.
  12. Mary Mary

    Selling: Full Gremlin (F)

    Armor sold, please close post :)
  13. Mary Mary

    Selling: Gremlin f

    Close post please :)
  14. Mary Mary

    Selling: Ranked Scorpion tier 8,2

    Considering selling my RS Tier 8,2 if i get the right price. This gun has carried me trough almost the entire Warlock mission and Eomon chain. Very nice dps for its lvl and has been a very good companion :) SB: + 10k ped BO: + 11k ped Auction will end 3 days after start bid is met.
  15. Mary Mary

    Pricecheck Pets

    Hello Just want to check prices on a few pets. Lvl 6 [Sasha] Lvl 1 [Sasha] [Fido Pet] [Yau Kung Mun Pet] [Lai Tung Pai Pet] If Anyone interested you can also send me an offer.
  16. Mary Mary

    Selling: Tuning Nano Adjuster W03

    Selling 6 Tuning Nano Adjuster W03. 90 ped each :)
  17. Mary Mary

    Selling: Mod Ek-2350 Tier 2,1

    Fap currently on auction. Tiers remaining: Tier 3 - 132 Tier 4 - 122 Tier 5 - 112 Tier 6 - 60 Tier 7 - 154 Tier 8 - 153 Tier 9 - 85 Tier 10 - 90
  18. Mary Mary

    Selling: EWE LC-300 Ambush

    Item sold. Please close tread :)
  19. Mary Mary

    EWE LC-300 Ambush

    rifle sold. Plz close tread.
  20. Mary Mary

    Selling: Ozpyn RLB S1X2 Tier 3,2

    Selling this nice sword Great for skilling Longblade. Showing sword with enhancers, no amp. Last tier 3 sold for +776, Im asking for around +550 ped. Current tt is 250 ped.
  21. Mary Mary

    Improved Fi/Ra/Co Cause Blueprint (L)

    Hello Anyone has any idea of value of a 48 attempt [Improved Fi/Ra/Co Cause Blueprint (L)]?
  22. Mary Mary

    Selling: TerraMaster 3 Gold Rush Tier 3,9

    Sold, nothing to see here :)
  23. Mary Mary

    Selling: Hedoc Mayhem Tier 4

    Sold, nothing to see here :)
  24. Mary Mary

    Selling: [Neurostim-B]

    Sold, close!
  25. Mary Mary

    Selling: [RX OpTac x2 Harness (M)]

    Sold :) close tread