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  1. RobBuona

    Change Calypso Space Port In to Athena (read details)

    I haven't specifically had issues at PA, but Athena Spaceport is cool. In fact I think it's one of the most underappreciated areas - I usually hang out there. Only thing is if this change is implemented then my hangout may suddenly become crowded. :unsure:
  2. RobBuona

    Sweat Union 2020

    0.5 PED/K? You're insane. Absolutely bonkers. Why would someone even suggest such a ridiculous price? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 0.4 PED/K and that's my final offer.
  3. RobBuona

    What day of the week has better loot returns?

  4. RobBuona

    Entropia on Linux

    Trying to get this to work. Says dxvk-bin isn't found. I enabled AUR but that didn't make a difference. Interestingly, I found it in add/remove software and was able to "build" it, but I'm a bit of a noob and not sure what that does. Game still runs like crap though. :scratch2: Edit: Nvm. I was...
  5. RobBuona

    Entropia on Linux

    Same. Currently running Manjaro with Wine. GTX 1070 with 440 driver. "Very high" worked smoothly before, but now it's slow.
  6. RobBuona

    Server Downtime for Release

    Not by 3 minutes!!! :eyecrazy::eyecrazy::eyecrazy:
  7. RobBuona

    Server Downtime for Release

    You can get a 1 TB SSD for under $100 now. Just saying.
  8. RobBuona

    entropia tracker

    Right. I guess I'm confused as to the point of this thread. As usual, there are more than enough people running it on Calypso, but not enough on other planets. If other planets are the concern, well, that's a lost cause if you ask me, but that's a topic for another thread. But yeah, the site...
  9. RobBuona

    entropia tracker

    That's not true. There are still issues with it. For example, I've had 13 mining globals in the past 30 days. They were all on Calypso, so you can see them on my global history, but my mining rank still shows "Na." And neither of my other ranks have changed in months.
  10. RobBuona

    Deposit Methods Update

    Slightly before my time, unfortunately. I first downloaded the game in November 2010.
  11. RobBuona

    Deposit Methods Update

    It is free to play. Costs nothing to sweat, gather fruit, or chat, etc.
  12. RobBuona

    Virtual Tycoon Gone From Google Play

    I was going to download Virtual Tycoon on my phone to do some crafting, but I noticed the link is now broken: I know the app was not regularly maintained and I can only assume they decided to drop it because...
  13. RobBuona

    Entropia Life Website Down?

    Is there any way to manually check for updates? I was shown an update prompt but chose to skip it because when I tried to update, I was getting a message saying "your security settings do not allow this application to be installed on your computer." I have seen that message before, but I...
  14. RobBuona

    Game system is broken.

    "Wow." -Owen Wilson
  15. RobBuona

    Achievement: 500 hp

    Only 500? That's like half of what an Atrox Young has...what a noob. :P
  16. RobBuona

    Impact of deposits on loot

    Deposits do not affect loot. At all.
  17. RobBuona

    Why do you think MA does not allow trading the daily tokens ?

    Not when you do what I do and abandon all except the bonus dailies.
  18. RobBuona

    Entropia Life

    I can't log in to the client now. It freezes up for 5-10 seconds when trying to log in and then says invalid API key (even though it's not invalid).
  19. RobBuona

    Does anyone know what mobs on Ark drop Perseus armor?. Scoria doesn't anymore....

    At least one UL piece dropped not too long ago, but surely it would be classified as an "extremely rare" drop. You can't go hunt a few Oratan and expect to loot a piece.
  20. RobBuona

    FYI: Smilgs hunting log - 2016 and beyond

    Good to know I'm still not missing much by dumping loads of money into EU. :lolup: Note: I don't have loads of money to dump into EU, so it's not entirely by choice...but still.
  21. RobBuona

    Anyone getting a Bonus mission on the dailies

    I had a month or two where I got none; now, I've gotten three in the past week. They're weird like that.
  22. RobBuona

    Info: Current Withdrawal time

    This one was just committed this morning. So... Requested: 6/21/19 Committed: 8/22/19 Turned out to be pretty typical, actually.
  23. RobBuona

    Info: Current Withdrawal time

    Update: I am not one of the lucky ones. Still waiting on my 6/21/19 withdrawal request.
  24. RobBuona

    Info: Sweaters United 1ped per k NO GOOD

    I don't know why people still sweat. The price will never go up because there are billions of it sitting in storage. Your efforts would be much better spent finding one of the hundreds of better ways to make money.
  25. RobBuona

    Info: Current Withdrawal time

    Weird. That gives me hope for the one I submitted on 21st June. :D