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  1. RobBuona

    Virtual Tycoon Gone From Google Play

    I was going to download Virtual Tycoon on my phone to do some crafting, but I noticed the link is now broken: I know the app was not regularly maintained and I can only assume they decided to drop it because...
  2. RobBuona

    Selling: Mutated Aurli Bone Piece

    Currently have two of them to sell. Price: 49,500% each.
  3. RobBuona

    Uber: First Tower!

    Just thought I would share this one real quick. Unfortunately I didn't have swirly capturing turned on so no screenshot of that, but needless to say I am still quite happy to have finally hit something really nice. I have been mining all over EU pretty heavily for the past couple of months...
  4. RobBuona

    Site down?

    Seems to be down entirely at the moment.
  5. RobBuona

    Selling: Corrosive Attack Nanochip V TEN Edition

    Hello! I am considering selling this fantastically eco UL chip. Chip is currently tier 2.9. Remaining tiers: SB: +2700 BO: +2850 Pure PEDs only at this time. Offers less than the range above will be ignored. This is not an auction; if I receive an offer I satisfied with, I will accept. Sale...
  6. RobBuona

    Help: to fix the economy!

    I just want to preface this by saying I know none of this will actually happen. More than anything else, this is just me venting my frustration; nonetheless, I am confident in saying that these changes, were they to actually happen, would help players immensely! Also, I know this is the Planet...
  7. RobBuona

    Selling: Mod EK-2350

    SB: +4900 BO: +5100 I don't make many of these threads, so if SB is met, I will decide how long to wait before selling - but it probably won't be very long. Just in case anyone is unfamiliar with it: Use effect =...
  8. RobBuona

    Buying: Bukin's Blade

    Looking to buy one of these nifty little blades. Let me know if you have one you'd like to sell!
  9. RobBuona

    Help: Ammo and decay being deducted when not hitting a target?

    Anyone who has been around knows that back in the old days, if you shot the "air," ammo and decay would be deducted. Then it was changed so that that would only happen if you actually hit a mob/target. Just today, I noticed shooting the air is deducting ammo and decay again! Is this happening to...
  10. RobBuona

    Filter defaulting to Planet Arkadia

    I just noticed this today. Any section I click (Armor, Manufacturing, Mining, Creatures, etc.) Has the planet filter set to Planet Arkadia by default. Is this a new bug?
  11. RobBuona

    Guess I won't be finishing the Ambu mission

    They no longer drop any kind of animal oil. Seems to have started a few weeks back, actually. Most loots are just weapons cells + shrapnel. thank you. Kinda sad, honestly.
  12. RobBuona

    Exiting vehicle falling damage bug

    Seriously, this is still not fixed? Really?
  13. RobBuona

    Entropia on Windows 10

    Really not much to say here, but I just thought I would post this as an FYI for anyone who might be curious - as of right now, Entropia seems to run exactly the same on Windows 10 as it does on Windows 8/8.1. I'm currently on Technical Preview Build 9841.
  14. RobBuona Merry Mayhem a permanent fixture now?

    Self-explanatory question. Just seems strange to me that it's still open.
  15. RobBuona

    Portable Repair Unit - economic implications

    Will these devalue BLP amps and increase the value of laser amps? I suppose this question is hard to answer right now since we aren't sure how long they last and how widely they will be available. Anyone care to speculate how they will impact the economy?
  16. RobBuona

    CDF Laser/BLP Amps

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about them. I'm a bit confused because there are Amp 3s and Amp 4s for both laser and BLP listed as attachments in the weapons section of Entropedia, but neither 3 nor 4 for both laser and BLP have discoveries on Entropia Life. What's the deal with...
  17. RobBuona

    Best school team name ever?

    It's gotta be up there! I drove by this today and was highly amused. :laugh:
  18. RobBuona

    Question: How do I go advanced?

    I know it sounds like an extremely noob-ish question, but I just can't figure it out. There used to be a link called "go advanced" to enable options like hyperlinks, smilies, video embedding, etc. when posting. How do we do this now? I don't see anything in settings either.
  19. RobBuona

    When I lag, mobs do NOT lag

    Am I the only one who can make a lick of sense out of this? While my 60 attack/min is reduced to a crippling 30 attacks/min, mobs attack at the same rate they always would, resulting in a lot of unnecessary decay. I don't even see how this is possible, unless things were programmed to work this...
  20. RobBuona

    Help: Remove decay and ammo burn while firing at "unreachable" mobs

    While the purpose of this feature is to prevent people from intentionally trapping mobs, they often end up unreachable due to circumstances which are difficult or impossible to control for the player. This, plus the fact that decay and ammo burn were already removed when firing in the air means...
  21. RobBuona

    Buying: Omegaton A105

    PM me if you have one for sale or add via the player register: Patrizia Pandemic Giano.
  22. RobBuona

    HoF: Silent uber: 743 PED Allophyl Provider

    Hey all, Just thought I'd post a screen of my loot from a couple days back. Since I'm on Windows 8 now, Entropia Tracker doesn't properly take screen shots on global, so I didn't get the swirlies of the HoF or the loot on the upper left. But here's the real bacon of the loot: I couldn't...
  23. RobBuona

    Bank Banker Manager?

    I saw these items listed up yesterday, and I'm wondering if this is an MA avatar. There were a couple of items listed (other is DOA SH), so obviously these are fairly expensive items. And yet there was no "liquidation" post that I can remember, nor is the the same avatar as MindArk Official...
  24. RobBuona

    Selling: Esi 529.33 ped

    Selling this nice ESI. Looking for 788% instant buyout. PM me or add me via the player register if I happen to be online. Thanks for looking.
  25. RobBuona

    Selling: Level 1 and Level 2 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint

    Selling these two blueprints. Level 1 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint Quality Rating: 98.0 Level 2 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint Quality Rating: 90.5 PM offers or add me via the player register if you'd like.