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  1. SpikE Odets

    OLA-65 ShinkiBucks Event.

    OLA 65 - ShinkiBucks Event Get rewarded for every global Event Start: December 1, 2018 Event End: December 31, 2019 Land Area 1: OLA-65 Shinkoiba settings: The Landarea Currently has 3 DNA set to max Maturity / Numbers. Health: Stalker - 830 hp Prowler - 800 hp Old Alpha- 760...
  2. SpikE Odets

    Unable to get Tracker to start logging.

    The other day I started my laptop and wasn't connected to the network when tracker tried to load up. So it signed me out and once i was connected i got the api code from the site and logged in. Its laoded has all my info under account tab.. But program stats: Stopped and when i click Start...
  3. SpikE Odets

    4 yrs Later

    4 yrs after my last hunting unlock... atleast this is the last hunting unlock for me i think. SpikE
  4. SpikE Odets

    Selling: Christmas 2016 Ring

    Taking offers on one of the best Left Hand Rings in game. With One ring you can Max out your buff's for Reload: 15% Evade: 25% Dodge: 25% Jamming: 25% Acceleration: 25% Regeneration: 200% (maxed at 250%) This ring also has: Mining Skill Gain: 15% Increase Rare Mining Finds: 25% (not...
  5. SpikE Odets

    HoF: Formicacida Uprising HoF

    Decided to try and unlock Kill Strike, so have been working on the 3rd stage of Formicacida and got this little one last night to help ease the loss from the last 2 days. Was while i was streaming so first is the clip. and then image's as well...
  6. SpikE Odets

    New Combat Mask (USA)

    Figured I would post here for anyone that wanted to see how this looks in game. I love how they look.. just wish they would have made them use the same slot for glasses so could wear them with armor. (since its a combat mask). ps: I did not find or loot this, I happened to pm the guy that...
  7. SpikE Odets

    Selling: Unique LA with 2x Unique DNA on Rocktropia

    Auction will now end at 06:57 in-game time (clock on bottom of forum) Next bid will increase auction by 10mins. Current Offer: 185 000 Shoo 5/1/17 (We prefer pure ped offers, but anyone interested in offering with CLD/AUD we will consider these at the value: Cld - 2125 ped Aud -...
  8. SpikE Odets

    Selling: Sale for Upgrade.

    I am trying to clear the peds to upgrade to a M83 predator. Looking to sell my gun first as do not want to sell the chips unless I can get the m83. Ranked Scorpion - Tier 5.9 with A106 amp this gun 60.53 dps / 2.930 dpp with A106 & dmg enhancers 83.82 dps / 2.909 dpp SB 9k BO 10k...
  9. SpikE Odets

    Help: Error on Login.

    I researched some level 3 abilities.. and decided to try them on my panda in a forest battle when the game started giving me errors and then lost connection. Now every time I try to login I get "Unprocessed error on server side"
  10. SpikE Odets

    Question: Flickering in game.

    Is anyone else seeing some screen flickering when anywhere but the village? When i go into the battle screen the bottom of my screen flickers like crazy.. enough to cause a headache.
  11. SpikE Odets

    Selling: Mid Level Hunting Setup.

    Got a promotion at work, so my time in game for a few months while i adjust to the new job requirements will be lower. Instead of having ped stuck in items in storage would rather have AUD sitting in storage. Ranked Scorpion Tier 5.9 14k Adjusted Omegaton Fast Aid Pack SOLD Full set...
  12. SpikE Odets

    Loot Item Share.

    Was wondering how different teams handle splitting items recieved in team loot. Like ESI, high tt blades, or decent mu guns. I have been hunting with a team for awhile now and at first they took the adv dps and thats how they split items every time. Didn't matter if someone was lagging...
  13. SpikE Odets

    Selling: Small Fire Place

    Freshly looted from L135 Eomon. The mu on these seems very strange.. There is one on auction atm for +299. So will start this one at sb: tt + 210 bo: tt + 250 tt is 210.14 i believe. any question or want to have a look at the fire place.. can check it out in my apartment in Sakura...
  14. SpikE Odets

    Ark vs Caly Plushy sit down.

    I have been wanting to get a apartment to be able to put my plushy's out.. and finally decided to get one. When placing them out.. they only face one direction.. and just so happens that ark plushy will only face north.. while Caly will only face south.. so i got me a campfire and had a sit...
  15. SpikE Odets

    Buying: Buying: Ranked Scorpion & Adjusted Omegaton Fast Aid Pack

    Would prefer low tier items since i do not use enhancers. Have pure ped to pay - Would be interested in getting the pair for around 30k. pm me any info, SpikE
  16. SpikE Odets

    Selling: Tier 6.8 LC-60

    Got this the other day hunting Prots. Decided to see how fast the tiers would go up, and now figure someone that is into pvp might get more use out of it then I can. The last 3 Tier rates are the lowest but with 110 ped still left on the gun could goto tier 8 or 9. Open to offers for the...
  17. SpikE Odets

    New Animal Oil Drops

    I have been trying to collect the new Oil drop info from as many mobs on Calypso as I can. Not all are done as of yet.. but i am working on making rounds to collect info on all. Only mob I...
  18. SpikE Odets

    Uber: Silent @ Maff Wave Event.

    Decided it has been a few days since I killed the war chief so I would give it a shot. Asked in soc chat if anyone wanted to come out and join in killing the chief a few times. Had a few join me and we killed the boss around 3 times with only 1 shared loot global for around 89 peds if i...
  19. SpikE Odets

    Any Video Techs...

    Could use some help with a video file from my work surveillance camera's. Last night we had a customers car get hit in our parking lot. We have video of the accident and the car leaving the property.. but with our camera system it is setup for low light levels at night, and the car has all its...
  20. SpikE Odets

    Selling: Unlmited Jag Helmet (M) - Creature Control Pill

    Migration wasn't to bad for me looting the Jag Helmet from the Shared Loot Ancient Longtooth. Looking for tt + 1k. Also ran across this the other day.. and since i can't use it.. would like to take offers on it. [Creature Control Capsule - Zombie Biker Outlaw Teen] Stats: L25 Mob 1010 hp...
  21. SpikE Odets

    Selling: Tier 1 Jarhead (M,C)

    Selling Tier 1 Set of Jarhead (M,C). Three parts of the jarhead are already Textured with carabok texture. Each part is atleast tier 1.4 with 3 of them at 1.9. I am looking for around tt + 625 (or offers in the area) and the set is at full tt. Any questions feel free to pm me here or in...
  22. SpikE Odets

    Selling: Taking offers on Emik T10 - tier 6.6

    Taking offers on my Unlimited Emik T10 - tier 6.6. This is a great little gun for mid level hunter. Decent dps with just a beast amp, but when you start adding in enhancers can take down a nice range of mobs. Since this is a old school unlimited weapon the dpp is a bit lower then most new...
  23. SpikE Odets

    Achievement: Commando finally.

    Been pushing missions that rewarded handgun So i could finally unlock this skill. Now i can go back to my hunt what i feel like it style of play. SpikE
  24. SpikE Odets

    Selling: Gyro Fap-14 Smuggler

    As I want to free peds up for Akoz event. I have decided to sell my Gyro Fap-14 Smuggler. It is tier 1.3 currently, and comes with 31 tier 1 heal enhancers. Current tt is around 230 peds. Stats can be found here Last tier 0 sold for +1760.. last tier 1 sold for just over +2k Figure...
  25. SpikE Odets

    Buying: RK-5 & Welding Wire

    For my event that will hopefully happen this Saturday.. i am in need of a few Rk-5 and Enough WW to burn them up. Looking for a min of 10 full tt RK-5 & 500k welding wire, and possible 20 rk-5 and 1m welding wire. Anyone that knows of a shop that would have a supply this large pls pm me...