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    Buying: (M) Dark Knight of Arkadia Armor / Mod Angel parts

    What's shakin! ***ITEMS UPDATED** Working on completing a Male set of DKOA! Hopefully with your help I can collect the missing parts: DKOA Parts Needed: DKOA Helm DKOA Thighs DKOA Shins Misc Armor Parts Needed: Vain Shins (M) Mod Angel Shins Mod Angel Thighs If you know of anyone who may be...
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    Buying: Easter Ring 2020

    Looking to pick up an Easter Ring 2020 PM Me here or in game Cheers Boo Who You
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    Buying: Zorra HK

    What's shakin! Looking to pick up a Zorra HK, I would prefer one that is a higher tier already. I've got ped ready, just need to find a gun now. Cheers!
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    Buying: Arsonistic Chip 4, FEN Edition

    No longer looking
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    Uber: That Freaking Neconu @ That Freaking Cold Place!

    Had a nice little surprise today while hunting some Neconu at Ms.Puddings LA "That Freaking Cold Place" Sadly, the sexy swirl picture did not turn so it missed some of the items. It included, Castorian Xeno-Dagger Shredder (L), Omegaton Igni L2020 (L), Angel Arms (F,L), a few T7 Comps, Animal...
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    Avoid Akmuuls Server

    What's shakin! As the community is well aware, there are members that are unable to get past the load screen. After some good'ole troubleshooting with Zippo. We were able to figure out that it's character specific. He remembered that he was last at Akmuuls prior to MX, so for science, I went to...
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    Buying: V-rex 2k SGA or FEN Negator

    What's shakin! As titles says, I'm looking to pick up a V-Rex 2000 SGA or a Skildek Negator FEN If you have one you're considering selling hit me up and hopefully we can work a deal. Cheers! Boo Who You
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    Buying: Modified Restoration Chip

    No looking Cheers! Boo Who You
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    Buying: Christmas Ring 2017

    Decided I would join the Xmas ring band wagon. I'll give you 25k ped that way I can resell it for 30k and recover some losses from migration.
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    Entropia Connection Issues (Ingame/Web)

    What's shakin! Seen a few posts about it on scattered threads already so figured I'd just make a thread to pass the info to prevent wheels from spinning. At the moment there is a Comcast issue: It also sounds like some other ISPs are impacted as...
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    Buying: Xmas Ring 2017 & Improved FAP

    What's shakin! Looking at purchasing the following item: Christmas Ring 2017 Improved Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Please PM in-game or here on forums and hopefully we can work a deal. Cheers! Boo Who You
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    Buying: Xmas Ring 2016 + Imp FAP

    Please close thread...Title is incorrect and unable to update. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
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    Buying: Modified Resto Chip

    Whats shakin! Looking to get my hands on a modified resto chip. If you have one for sale please hit me up in hopes that we can make a deal. Regards, Boo Who You
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    Glitch? No Looting Skills After Killing Some Mobs?

    What's shakin! Just wanted to reach out to the community and share what I noticed today while hunting Hogglos. Upon killing a hogglo I noticed that I was not gaining any looter profession skills. Has anyone seen this with other mobs? My guess is that it's a glitch and I have submitted a...
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    HoF: LA28 Atrax HOF

    Out trying to help clear out some stalkers and was surprised by this...Thanks Cpt Jack for hosting such a great LA! Atrax Prowler - 295 ped Loot: Castorian Xeno-Dagger Stinger (L) - Full TT (216 peds) Rest Shrap
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    HoF: Formicacida HOF

    Another nice hit from Jacks Formicacida LA.
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    Buying: Male EST Set or Parts

    What's shakin! I currently have a set of EST, however a few parts have a lower TT value than I would like. Putting my feelers out to buy individual parts or another full set. Hit me up with what you have and hopefully we can work a deal. Boots is the part that I'm most in need of. Regards...
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    HoF: Formicacida Hat Trick

    Continuing to grind away at the Formicacida mission hunting on Captain Jack Daniels amazing LA21 Had a nice 120 pedder than this bad boy the very next kill, 673 ped HOF! To make it even sweeter, right after this I hit a 222 pedder. Very nice surprise! A few items from these were...
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    Uber: Formicacida Uber

    Owe this one to Cpt Jack and his great LA. *Note trying to fix IMG because you know, I suck at posting images on PCF....
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    Selling: XMas Ring 2017 - Mod Evil - UL Weapons +More

    What's shakin! Taking offers on the following items: Summer Ring 2016 -- SB +20 // BO +21k Omegaton Laser Sight Mk I (10% CDI Laser Sight) -- SB 13.5k // BO 15k Modified EMT-2600 Tier.9 = SB +7.8k// BO +8k Bad Ass Longu Male Cloths Set -- Link To Thread -- Taking offers *Note Please...
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    Selling: Get ready for MM with these items!

    Thread can be closed
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    Buying: Modified Evil

    Purchased one! Thanks everyone!
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    Buying: Male Underwear

    What's shakin! I'm working on finishing up collecting all the Male Underwear currently offered in EU, however I need your help finding the following items! Looking for the following items: Zero Legend Steel Underpants Zero Legend Rime Underpants Urban Nomad White Briefs Star Satin Milky Way...
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    Selling: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.II TEN Edition T7.9

    What's Shakin! It's time to sell my baby, she has been good to me...hope to find her a good new home. She has some great remaining tiers! CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.II TEN Edition Tier 7.9 BO = 27k
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    Selling: T6 Arson Chip + Other Hunting Gear

    What's shakin! Trying to replace some lost ped so sadly these fun items are the first to go.... Tier 6.2 - Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition -- Remaining Tiers 101, 75,58,124,71 Adjusted Restoration Chip...