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  1. Efim

    Selling: Skildek Decimator Tier 4.69

    Skildek Decimator, great unlimited SWS and EPW farming machine for sale. Fine for mining in pvp too. Tier 4.69, following tiers are: Tier 5 - 131 Tier 6 - 64 Tier 7 - 132 Tier 8 - 86 Tier 9 - 146 Tier 10 - 124 BO - 4k SOLD
  2. Efim

    Suggestion: Support weapons, explosives, shrapnel, glitches

    Due to explosive recycle blueprints, can you make it possible for support weapons to use universal ammo, please? And/or fix the auction order for explosive projectiles by adding two digits, so you can order up to 9999 ped instead of 99 ped, please. Also if you could fix the glitch with the...
  3. Efim

    Buying: Isis CB26

    Looking for unlimited Isis CB26
  4. Efim

    Selling: Modified EMT kit EK-2600 Tier 1.9

    Selling Modified EMT kit EK-2600 Tier 1.9 Current tt is 330ped BO +7.4k Tier rates: Tier 3 - 88 Tier 4 - 122 Tier 5 - 78 Tier 6 - 71 Tier 7 - 110 Tier 8 - 147 Tier 9 - 107 Tier 10 - 123 PM me here or ingame. SOLD
  5. Efim

    Concerning the (ab)use of multiple accounts

    Recent ban of the well-known Russian crafter, one of the top crafters in Entropia, for multiple account usage has made me come up with this post. Alts are a real problem for Entropia like they are in many other games, but here they do more harm than in any other mmo. And this problem should be...
  6. Efim

    Selling: Calypso Bone Sample

    Selling Calypso Bone Sample the amount you need for 15ped/k. PM me here or ingame.
  7. Efim

    Explosive Projectiles Orders

    Currently we are limited with 99 ped orders for Explosive Projectiles on auction. It makes orders quite pointless and buying a decent amount of explosives troublesome, as crafters tt the rest of them. Can we please have a normal order quantity, like we have with the Residue? 9999 peds would be...
  8. Efim

    Help: Items disappear on Auction with no reaction from support.

    I would like to let the community know about a weird glitch that happened with my friend (Marina OXOTA Nobiles), and I am writing about it because of an absolute silence from MA support. A lot of 100 Adomasite ingots have literally disappeared from auction. Here is the story: My friend has...
  9. Efim

    "Hide your location" option

    As a miner, I find it sometimes annoying, that I have to share my location. Not that it is such a big secret, but sometimes it's really disturbing. The planet it self is not such a big problem, but LandAreas, Teleports and other notable locations are way too precise. Shame it doesn't show, that...
  10. Efim

    Buying: Imperium Officer XT

    Looking for a very rare Imperium Officer XT rifle!
  11. Efim

    Removal of limited clothes visual deterioration

    As more and more limited clothes make their way onto the market, I find it very disappointing, that limited clothes visually deteriorate into rags. I see that clothes should be same as armor. Both L and Unl armors wear off. But we have unlimited, that lose protection over time and limited, that...
  12. Efim

    Selling: Unique Calypso Land Deed Token BP

    As the title says, taking offers on this BP:laugh: See this thread for more details on the discovery. Start bid is a current CLD market value. Sold.
  13. Efim

    Unique Calypso Land Deed Token Blueprint!

    I am posting on behalf of my friend and socmate Vadim Hector Barbossa. Earlier today he discovered a CLD token, which turned out to be a... very unique blueprint!!! 23 clicks, 1000 ruga per click and a "CLD Token" as a product is shown when you put it in the crafting machine. Yes, you can...
  14. Efim

    Selling: Isis CB13, Armor sets, Thunderbird foot-guards

    Isis CB13 - sold Full sets (M): Vigilante sold Rascal - sold Gnome - sold Goblin - sold Pixie - sold set of seven 5B plates - sold Ghost M without foot-guards sold Thunderbird foot-guards - sold
  15. Efim

    Selling: Clothes sets

    Selling clothes sets (see the pictures). Auction will last 7 days after the first bid received for each set. 1. Renegade Fashion Citadel Pants Renegade Fashion Citadel Shirt Radar Jacket (M,C) (Genuine Ambulimax Leather:laugh: 100%, 3 fields) Gullard Shades + Mannell Shoes as a gift (free of...
  16. Efim

    NeoMap coordinates grid

    With vu 10 I was confronted with difficulties of creating resource map of the new Calypso (guess I am not the only one). So, I've tryed changing the map in the .dat file of neomap and it turned out to be pretty simple, but how can the coordinates grid be reassigned to fit the new vu? I mean...
  17. Efim

    Selling: Jakth and Ignaritz Laser Sights

    Selling Jakth for tt+2k (only 4 sells on auction, at current prices on tridenite crafting one (~3 attempts) costs more than 10k ped, so I don't think someone might craft one soon enough, especially for tt+2k...) Selling Ignaritz for tt+1k (same here only 10 sells on auction, at current prices...
  18. Efim

    Ghost foot-guards

    So, when do you think price on ghost foot-guards will drop to applicable level in compare to other ghost parts? Or there is still no unlimited bp? Or crafters artificialy overvaluate them not letting to fall in price? I am just a bit scared to buy one for 300ped, when they might go down in...
  19. Efim

    Rich blausarium

    This day was great from the beginning, every second bomb was a claim, then 267 zinc, then spaceship with 23ped beacon and then this at 351 bomb:yay: I had only one hof in team, and none solo for more than 1.5 years of playing, and finally this after a long time of patient waiting:yay: Click to...
  20. Efim

    Ara Alpha 530

    So we decided to hunt some ara's in search of ath, well that's not ath, but a hof, btw it's my first! :) I was unlucky in getting hof's, but not in globals :) Click to enlarge