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  1. ArtemNaumova

    Paypal Desposits are "disabled"

    I tried to deposit today via Paypal; that option on Entropia Gateway is marked as "disabled". Not sure what "disabled" means... is this permanent or temporary?
  2. ArtemNaumova

    Selling: Shadow (M) UL set, no footguards

    Selling my UL shadow armor set, no foot guards. I never found a reasonable price for an (UL) set, so have been buying (L) shadow foot guards, which always seem to be on auction. If you've played the game, you know that Shadow is one of the best all-around armors for hunting and limited PK; I...
  3. ArtemNaumova

    How about a Real life as a space colonist? Mars One project needs astronauts for Mars in 2022

    (From Wired Online) Help Wanted: Astronauts Needed for Mars Colony By Nadia Drake 01.08.13 Mars One, a nonprofit organization based in the Netherlands, intends to establish a human settlement on Mars in 2023. They need astronauts. Anyone on planet Earth can apply if they meet the basic...
  4. ArtemNaumova

    Full 1250 TT ESI from Charybdis at Solfais Crater Group Hunt-May 13

    I looted a full TT ESI from a late Sunday night hunt(May 13) on a Charybdis, as the crowd was thinning out quite a lot. I believe the total loot from that Charybdis was 1650 something TT. It was also going to be my last group hunt of the night. I agree with other people who think that DPS...
  5. ArtemNaumova

    New World Notes author Wagner James Au article about Entropia Universe

    His title cpatures the tone of the article: Entropia Universe: Lots of Big Reported Virtual Goods Sales, But Few Evident Users (Far as I Can Tell)
  6. ArtemNaumova

    Selling: Duchev Log # 18: Name Your Price...

    Selling number #18 Duchev Log. Name your price, on this thread or in PM. Highest offer will take the log.
  7. ArtemNaumova

    Real World punishment for Virtual Theft

    It isn't a huge step forward, since there was a real world assault involved... but it is great to see that some courts are beginnng to recognise the real world value of virtual goods and punish accordingly. Dutch court imposes real-world punishment for virtual theft By Ben Kuchera |...
  8. ArtemNaumova

    Locked in Thorkel's Tomb...(bug report)

    FYI that there may be a problem trying to visit the boorums today... I decided to visit Thorkel's tomb under the Sphinz in New Oxford today, to see if any Boorums were out and about. Got into the caves, and my screen froze, so had to use Windows Task Manager to close Entropia. Being a stubborn...
  9. ArtemNaumova

    -Clientloader not loading after mini-update-

    Anyone else having this problem? I get the mini-ftp update after clicking on the EU icon, but then the client loader never appears, and there's no EU program running in applications or processes?? Thanks-
  10. ArtemNaumova

    Happy Birthday to Christian The ONE!

    Thought you could get away with a quiet little celebration at home... no way!:yay: :beerchug:HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE:birthday:
  11. ArtemNaumova

    Spartacus armor looted

    The One and I looted this from a Scipulas.....
  12. ArtemNaumova

    Field Tests: Rocket & Grenade launchers

    I started my note below as a response to a thread, but realized it might be more useful to the community to have a seperate thread on the results of people's first field tests with the new area dmg weapons. I hope that other players will add their own experiences in the field with the...
  13. ArtemNaumova

    Be forwarned:Server crash during Beacon Run

    On Saturday, February 17, the server went down while our society was about halfway through a 35 ped Beacon mission. There were seven people from the Dark Hunters Inc society on the team. From the level of difficulty of the robots, it was looking like the mission could be a good one. Then...
  14. ArtemNaumova

    Players' self-governing: a possible solution?

    I was reading a article on CNET today about a conference in New York, where game developers and lawyers and gamers discussed ingame problems such as scamming, fraud, and resolving player-to-player (player-to-griefer?) issues. But the really interesting part of the conference to me was...
  15. ArtemNaumova

    Buying Imp 2870

    I'm looking for an Improved 2870. Come on.. I know all you ubers are busy trading over to the kick-ass pvp weapons for the upcoming LG; sell that great hunting pistol to me! Namo ingame: Artem Namo Naumova