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  1. brad0007

    Selling: Calypso Apartment

    i decided to put on auction so if your interested plz look there don't put offer through here plz
  2. brad0007

    Uber: Brad's First Tower

    Hey guys like to report I got my first tower today as you see in the Pic below I came to rocktropia to hope to get that knew pet robot to spawn had no luck so I had a couple of terra amp 10's on me give it ago this what happen on the second amp after the first one died I got a tower 8736 ped...
  3. brad0007

    Panther is worth

    Hey guy's I just need some info on my panther since price's go up and down I was just wondering how much my panther is worth if you know exact price let me know Kind regards Brads Colouring Service
  4. brad0007

    Selling: Full TT nemisis (M) armour

    I am selling full TT nemesis (M) armour for these who like to make it adjusted add me ingame or contact me here the total TT is 235.12 fully repaired I leave spec on each piece below Helmet = 2.2 tier harness = 2.0 tier thigh = 0.9 tier shins = 1.8 tier boots = 0.5 tier arms = 2.1 tier gloves =...
  5. brad0007

    Improved Fi/Ra/Co Cuase Blueprint (L)

    Brad was crafting LvL 3 Amps started on quantity got some amps out of the 600 ped metal res I bought but wasn't globaling then last 30 click's put on condition getting globals then I heard the HOF sound found this in my inventory as well as a rare discovery so I looked at the BP in crafting...
  6. brad0007

    Brads Beauty Service

    I'm Brad a beautician on Planet Calypso I offer a good fast service. I alway's let my customer's take there time so they pick the right style they are looking for. I'm always at Twin Peak's Balcony waiting to make you look more sexy and beautiful while you play Entropia Universe. Hair Styling...
  7. brad0007

    hard to get spear missing peice

    Brad here guys just like to report a big bug I found 1 of the peice's to the spear on cyrene in the picture show's how I got it details while its actually inside 1 of the buildings in the desert cords are (135380 - 79716) I thought I let you guys know where it is Kind regards Brads Colouring...
  8. brad0007

    Achievement: Body Skilling

    I like to say I have skilled like crazy on body sculpting I went from LvL 20 to LvL 22 so now I can do body colouring of the skin. For everyone who is asking what LvL skin colouring unlock's is LvL 22 so I thought I let everyone know who was wondering to please need your skin coloured you can...
  9. brad0007

    Buying: Beauty item's

    Hi guy's since I doing well in the beauty service I like to ask everyone from Rocktropia, Cyrene, Arkadia, Next Island and other planet's to bring back the item's I will ask below. i would be glad to match any price or mark up so i kindly ask you not to TT these item's i will buy them Hair...
  10. brad0007

    Achievement: Completed Hair Styling

    Just like to announce I finally hit LvL 30 today in hair styling 28/08/2014 everything is open and ready for players to get there hair done. I will post picture's to show people everything is open so please ADD me ingame or see me at twins teleporter I be now skilling body and like to ask people...
  11. brad0007

    Info: Active List of Beautician's

    Hey Entropian's sorry taking awhile the beauty list is now back online I will be updating from now on I am back on PCF. I have talk to Dark Zunami Angel I will be taking over the list so if you like to be added to it Privet Message Me on PCF. Must be as describe as below (Name, Level's, Shop...
  12. brad0007

    Achievement: Hair Styling

    Hi entropian's I just like to say I was skilling hair styling today on the 9/06/14 and I got another style unlocked so makes only 2 style's left to go 1 in guys and 1 in girl's this big deal for me since I sticking to this profession so please add me to your friends list I will look after you my...
  13. brad0007

    Help: Changing IRIS colour of eye's

    Fellow entropian's I have to talked to James Bo clayton and IDO awhile ago and it seems they having the same issue as me. We have notice MA has taken the option out in face sculpting to be able to change players eye's from green to blue etc. But new players have told me that could do it in...
  14. brad0007

    Beauty Service

    Brads Beauty Service Brads Beauty Service Hey Entropian's I offering my service in Hair, Face, Body Sculpting. I will offer a good cheap and affordable service to make your avatar look sexy & nice while you play Entropia Universe. (P.S clicking the picture's will enlarge them any issue's...
  15. brad0007

    Selling: beauty service up for grab's

    I am no longer selling this proffesion I so close of unlocking everything come chat for your face,body,hair needs click the link below
  16. brad0007

    Info: Hair Style's

    Hey entropian's I almost got all the hairstyle's unlock in hair styling I tried to take screenie's from the style's ingame but when I try to make a poster they look like there very shit and not clearly is there away of doing it or is there a special program to do it cuz I going to beard's also I...
  17. brad0007

    Selling: Perseus (ML) armour

    ty all for your question's etc the 6 peice's sold for 1250 thank you everyone
  18. brad0007

    Achievement: hair styling almost complete

    Hey entropian's since my last post on here on unlocking bueaty sense I wish to report that I have nearly everything in Hairstyling unlocked I currently LvL 22 and just need 3 style's to go in the men's hair...
  19. brad0007

    Brad's Colouring Service Apology

    Hey entropian's I made this thread to let everyone know that I might say something that's wrong or you take offend too just letting you know I am alway's joking I never serious wat I say. If i have don't take it to heart if I offended you or said something just like to say IM SORRY. I figured...
  20. brad0007

    Selling: Colour matching

    just sold thnx everyone
  21. brad0007

    Question: Charlie The Unitrout

    hey Entropians's I was running around PA found the Charlie the unitrout I was wondering if its a new mission or wat he doing on the beach if anyone has info plz let me know Kind regards brad
  22. brad0007

    Info: looking for a soceity

    Hey entropian's brad's colouring service looking for a society needing a hairstylist in there society. I a honest & loving guy who always put other people first before myself I be willing to help out. Here's my link to see what I can use and do in this profession...
  23. brad0007

    Achievement: New Skill Beauty Sense

    Fellow entropian's I finally can post in this section I was skilling hair cut's then I seen this when I hit LvL 20 + new rank also. HELL YEAH :) So Happy So plz visit my link below and get the look you have always wanted. :)...
  24. brad0007

    Brads Hairstyling Service

    I have moved this thread to its propoer location if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. click on this link below
  25. brad0007

    Brad's Hair Styling

    knew link below of my update price's and LvL's