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    Buying: Corrosive Attack Nanochip X or XI (UL)

    Hi! I am currently looking for Corrosive Attack Nanochip X or XI (UL). Low tiers prefered. Please let me know either here or ingame if you have one of these for sale. Thanks, Vinni
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    Selling: Combustive Attack Nanochip VIII

    Hi all! I'm selling Combustive Attack Nanochip VIII. Currently full TT, at tier 2.9. Remaining rates 142,129,144,70,102,72,103,165 Asking TT+2k. Thanks, Vinni
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    Buying: Augmented NeoPsion Mindforce Implant

    Hi! Im looking to buy an Augmented NeoPsion Mindforce Implant. Please give me a shout if you're selling! Thanks, Vinni
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    Selling: Hunter, Mentor Edition

    SOLD! Thanks, Vinni
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    Buying: Hunter Mentor Ed. Shin Guards & Foot Guards (M)

    Hi all! Got the feets. Still looking for Hunter ME Shin Guards (M). Please get in touch if you're selling. Thanks, Vinni
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    Adj. & Imp. Ek-2350

    Hi! Whats the going price for said FAPs today? Thanks, Vinni
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    Buying: Liakon (M)

    No longer looking. Thread can be closed! Thanks, Vinni
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    Help: Trying to look up an old post by Frank|MA

    Hi everyone! A couple of years ago, Frank|MA I believe it was - made a few replies to a thread on the old EF forum. I was trying to look it up again, but failed... assuming it got deleted during the "conversion" to PCF? Anyway, I cant find any posts by Frank|MA - so can anyone tell me - is...
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    Selling: Bulk sale of BP's

    Hi, Bulk sale of the following BP's. Offers here or by PM. Latest offer by monday morning 7th desember (GMT+1) when I log in to check thread, gets the lot... SOLD Abrer Laser Sight Blueprint 1 0.01 PED Alekz Precision Scope Blueprint 1 0.01 PED Alekz Precision Scope...
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    Selling: Bulk sale of skins

    SOLD! Hi, Bulk sale of different skins. If you're interested - please give me your offers by pm. If none shows any real interest within a coupla days - I'll TT the whole lot. Mourner skin (10) Atrax skin (6) Formidon skin (2) Tezlapod skin (3) Armax skin (22) Faucervis skin (53) Chomper...
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    Selling: Gremlin (M) Set

    Hi, Selling Full Gremlin(M) Armour Set. TT+100 SOLD! No auction, no end date. Let me know here or by PM. Thanks, Vinni
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    Selling: Dr. Almon Duchev Logs part 6 & 7

    Hi, Selling logs 6 & 7 PM me if you're interested... Thanks, Vinni
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    Buying: Big ESI's

    NO LONGER IN NEED OF ESI's Thanks, Vinni
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    Selling: Skills - CS,FA,RDA,Coolness,Wounding & Perc

    Hi, Im selling some skills - let me know here or by pm if you're interested! No auction, so no ending date. Combat Sense 12.83 PED / 1300% = 166 PED reserved
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    Selling: Vigilante(M) & Hunter(M)

    Hi, I'm selling - Hunter TT+350 Vigilante TT+400 sold All sets are (M) and complete, with full TT. By PM or here :) Thanks, Vinni
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    Selling: Improved EWE EP-21 Defender

    SOLD! Thanks, Vinni
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    Selling: Armour Plating Sets

    all sets sold!
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    Selling: Taking offers on Armours and Amps.

    Selling armour sets most sets sold...
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    Selling: Adj. 2722

    Selling this gun, pm me with offers! Sold
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    Buying: Imp EP-21

    No longer looking ;) Thanks, Vinni
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    Selling: Neconu Jaw - DNA Part

    Taking offers on Neconu Jaw, DNA part. Please reply here, or pm me! Thanks
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    Selling: Full Phantom(m)

    Still considering selling my Phantom(M). Will only sell as a full set, and if i find the offer reasonable. No auction, no end date. SB TT+9,5k BO TT+12k Set Sold : +9,9k (Anonymous)
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    B:Improved EWE EP-21 Defender

    Im no longer looking, thanks for the offers and pm's :) _____________________________________________ Please pm me with offers, or post here if you have this pistol for sale :) Thank you!
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    Adj. M2722

    ... No longer looking!
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    Looking for Soc!

    message too short...........