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  1. Occulus

    Halloween with DJ Occulus

    Halloween with DJ Occulus 2100-2400ma
  2. Occulus

    Info: My last 2 live shows for a while

    Since my family business is closing. I'm looking for a new job and plan to go back to school after I get back on my feet with a new job. Thus I won't be able to do any live shows for a while. My 2 shows this weekend will officially be my last live broadcast. The image below has the times...
  3. Occulus

    Info: DJ Occulus Show times (Sundays-Mondays)

    Up late? Or up early? Join me and together we shall seize the night! Or the morning! Click on thumb to enlarge Invictus Show: Sundays is a mix of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal - Neo-Classical/Cinematic orchestral - New Age & World beat Callsign: Occulus (aka C:O): Mondays is a mix of Electronic -...
  4. Occulus

    AHR The Aftermath! 0:00 Monday

    "First Broadcast Of The New Era" Has been uploaded and is currently on the front page of the AHR website and also located in Resources on the top menu of the site.
  5. Occulus

    Need testimonials for the new AHR website

    Hello everyone, I need some feedback! I need your thoughts about AHR! Unbeknowst to the majority of you I have been working on a brand new website for AHR and I would like to include on the front page (and other area of the site) a section for testimonials. :) So please post them here make sure...
  6. Occulus

    Info: Invictus (show)

    Music to be played Rock, Goth, Cinematic Scores, Worldbeat, New Age, misc.
  7. Occulus

    Info: Callsign: Occulus (show)

    >Prepare to transmit! # #EOF ....... .Update: To learn more you must gain access! Do you have what it takes? .Update: Check out my main website where I blog about my life on EU @ .......
  8. Occulus

    Info: DJ Occulus

    DJ Occulus on Atlas Haven Radio Show Times Sundays: 6:00 to 9:00 UTC (1am-4am CST) Mondays: 00:00 to 03:00 UTC (7pm-10pm CST) Have a wide range of music, so I will list the categories here with a number of * added to show how much of that music genre that I have. However this is subject to...
  9. Occulus


    Just wanted to say hello to everyone here :) Been playing EU for about 2.5 months now and have enjoyed it for the most part. I started to blog about my experiences on Calypso on a blog I made and have been wondering if there are any rpers out there? I used to do a lot...