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  1. Hellraizer

    MA Webshop Visa Payment Broken

    Having had a website depo last year... payment declined, so i tried again... payment declined... logged into game and had double the peds I wanted to depo, yes...I depo'd twice without choosing to. Lucky it wasn't a huge amount.
  2. Hellraizer

    Suggestion: Cut of the blodflow to the leeches

    if you want to help with over inflated prices, then join rookie channel , especially regarding the A101, advice on that is it's for long term use and not generally worth it's current price. You'd be surprised how influential the Rookie channel can be.
  3. Hellraizer

    Crafting is an abysmal trainwreck for the majority of the playerbase.

    It's an extremely expensive "game" . I wouldn't have it any other way, it's challenging to say the least. Making EU affordable for all is not desirable. Crafting, like most professions not only takes experience but also insight and the ability to adapt. I'm mainly a hunter , lvl 78 Crafter lvl...
  4. Hellraizer

    Mindark, make us happy NOW!

    FIX THE SERVERS !!!! And when a TP location goes down without warning, bring back the ability to log in to a different server like it used to be.
  5. Hellraizer

    Disturbance notice regarding Connection issues

    I am logged in now, left Fury ASAP No surprise i missed out on the 2.9k feffoid hof. Pissed off much? yes. no more depo's for the foreseable future. no response from support still.
  6. Hellraizer

    Disturbance notice regarding Connection issues

    The area was available at the time... it's not like we get a message not to go there in there in the 1st place
  7. Hellraizer

    Disturbance notice regarding Connection issues

    not me. Ludvig/MA has viewed this thread today.
  8. Hellraizer

    Disturbance notice regarding Connection issues

    coming up to 9 hours not able to log in Getting a bit beyond now.
  9. Hellraizer

    Disturbance notice regarding Connection issues

    7 hours still no log-in
  10. Hellraizer

    Disturbance notice regarding Connection issues

    Still can't log in, UK
  11. Hellraizer

    Disturbance notice regarding Connection issues

    I just know my biggest feffoid loot was just about to drop too... honest :cool:
  12. Hellraizer

    Buying: Gargul laser sights

    The elusive Gargul laser sights are wanted for TT +25 each Thanks Hell
  13. Hellraizer

    Everything Down ?

    all down UK Don't be making me rage quit again MA.... sick of losing money to this !
  14. Hellraizer

    Reintroducing Taming

    This pet cannot be spawned in this location please try again!
  15. Hellraizer

    Question: Do you think Bitcoin should be a payment option? LOL
  16. Hellraizer

    Making an investment to start this game

    Bring on the new wave of Francis rants! ;)
  17. Hellraizer

    Curious change of hearts.

    Oh dear Having held off for a long time from replying to any of Peezle's threads... Peezle has his own idealistic view of how life should be, and has chosen the Entropia platform to enable this ideal. Frustration and confusion clearly exists between real and virtual expectations within Peezle's...
  18. Hellraizer

    Tired of being the 10%

    The way this thread began demanded a little sympathy. But has now brought doubt and disbelief. nothing mentioned in the OP about mining on FOMA. no real indication of how many years played "many many years" ? A clear indication has been made of playing the game at a low level with mentioning...
  19. Hellraizer

    MM Loot Returns

    I agree with this for some varied reasons due to my own 5-6 years hunting experience... being eco...I've always thought... aint that great. but I among many have experienced at times what I call the pit of despaire.... welcome to the pit.
  20. Hellraizer

    MM Loot Returns

    Must be nice to be you.
  21. Hellraizer

    EU support? Please..

    Exactly.. take it to the next level, the law can get your items back if it's still possible.. provide all communication that you have. MA have stated in the past that an avatar can be "flagged", not much point in a simple ban for obvious reasons. Get the police knocking their door and they'll...
  22. Hellraizer

    My Ukash Nightmare.... WTF!

    "I asked my local SPAR shop about it and the shopkeeper said: No guarantees! ie we cannot issue a refund in case of problems. ie. if any employee decides to "capture" my issued code (using a security camera, hidden camera, mobile phone, etc) and uses it before I get home.... it's wasted money...
  23. Hellraizer

    My Ukash Nightmare.... WTF!

    exactly how i've always done it for the last x amount of years, never a problem. I suppose it's a problem with using Ukash online transfer? rather than buying voucher from a shop... not MA's fault i'd think.
  24. Hellraizer

    Where/How did you hear about entropia?

    Understood completly... just my response to the wording of the post. I found EU from some random online game search. I don't have any part of any other MMO.. or any other MMO forum and as of recently I no longer "play" EU. yet still I am drawn to this forum... it's a kind of addiction...
  25. Hellraizer

    Where/How did you hear about entropia?

    MA have never used what maybe considered as mainstream advertising.. OP seems a little naive to assume that MA don't know about advertising... they just don't choose to go mainstream. Why undo a niche market when a niche market prevents global scrutiny. I don't mean this as a bad thing.. I...