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  1. Hellraizer

    Buying: Gargul laser sights

    The elusive Gargul laser sights are wanted for TT +25 each Thanks Hell
  2. Hellraizer


    I decided to re-install the game as I forgot to TT some shit I had left over... I notice some tiny new islands south of PA... the first one I landed on has what seems to be a landing pad or potentialy a TP.... they are too small to be of any real use......could the latest con be to sell these...
  3. Hellraizer


    why do some threads get removed from my "subscribed thread" list without me personnaly removing them???... I'm talking about very recent threads to which I have subscribed.. such as jenna star mercurys stargazing thread... I said something that didn't fit with his adgenda? so it got removed...
  4. Hellraizer

    This is a kinda vent thread that is related to Rela life but is connected to EU

    Hmm I thought i'd best place this in "off topic" section (just in case :) ) Has your real life recently affected your game time?.. your depositing? for example. I shall start off with... BAH HUMBUG! christmas has taken all my depo cash until february! GRRR I really wanted to finish the Argo...
  5. Hellraizer

    Prioritise fixing the bugs. Public vote!

    Postpone the changes and concentrate on fixing the bugs! Are planet partners going to be happy with a faulty game?
  6. Hellraizer

    RIGHT! i'm gunna say it! and I want answers!

    GRRRRRR! What the hell is up with argonauts! why on earth are argonaut scouts now easier than argonaut young!! Is this deliberate?? Is this a cockup?? And not only that.. why do we not have any guardians or hunters at twin like we used to ?? I want an official answer! (please)
  7. Hellraizer

    Sooo does voice chat work or what?

    Referriing to new in-game thingymajig Any good?
  8. Hellraizer

    To the Pyrates of Calypso

    We have had our differences. There are some of the soc members that i respect highly. I often bump into certain members at SCamp, and i smile when they say hi to me :) I do not hate PoC. Please understand the experiences i have had to endure in the past at NAZ from certain members of PoC. I...
  9. Hellraizer

    Help: Seeking soc but not just any soc.

    Helloooo ! Right... Before any soc posts here you should know that I am not after a freindly chat soc or a noob soc or an uber soc. I've been playin EU for near 2 years I've helped to run 3 soc's in my time I've been a member of more than 6 soc's in my time I'm very trustworthy and an...
  10. Hellraizer

    Question: hmm

    Umm anyone wanna kill these damned spidees ? Coords at Twin 793,776
  11. Hellraizer

    Buying: Vindicator (M) foot, shin, face.

    do these pieces even exist?.... Foot, Face... needed to complete my set. Fair prices paid. Deleted the bit about the those today.
  12. Hellraizer

    Buying: Palladin thigh Male

    seeking this elusive piece to complete the set i've always wanted to complete.... TT + 500 is my offer at this time Any potential seller..please use thread not PM. Thx!
  13. Hellraizer

    Where's my shopkeeper??

    Elo :) right!.. where the hell is my favourite shopkeeper? used to be located near camp ech pre-VU10, selling breer carbines and blp rifles (sphyra) next to "luna moonsparkles' " place, I cannot remember the name of the owner but she/he owned a house next to it. I bet this thread gets moved...
  14. Hellraizer

    Selling: SGA vigi Male shins

    elo! SGA male vigi shin. SOLD
  15. Hellraizer

    Help: Name display above ava pic...

    elo!... trying to change display name above my ava picture but can't see any option to do it... am i just being completley thick or what?
  16. Hellraizer

    FYI: Basic tip for newcomer sweaters!

    At this time sweat value is a bit up in the air.. the best thing any sweater can do is get the best price and DO NOT give in to impatience.. if you can spend time sweating then you can spend time looking or waiting a good offer for your sweat. This game is a long term thing..the more you rush...
  17. Hellraizer

    No where left to go :(

    hi :( First i had to avoid PA due to my PC wanting to kill itself.. and now that sweating is back (albeit a good thing) i can no longer go to my favourite place on calypso (swamp camp) as there just too many avatars there now, my PC again wants to kill itself :( i'm now left out in the...
  18. Hellraizer

    Do you want it back ?

    Loot mob from a distance, do you want it back ? I know i do!
  19. Hellraizer

    Question: This may be a bug....?

    Since yesterday at random moments my poor old avatar seems to be fixated on looking up at sky.. he doesn't freeze up i can put his head back to the normal position. It's kind of a violent and sudden action, i put this down to my optical mouse being dirty or just plain fualty but after extensive...
  20. Hellraizer


    Please Please Please! bring back 4:3 view ratio! I hate this view.. i assume it's 16:9 widescreen I get worse performance results! My avatar has lost it's toned muscles and looks malnurished! these 2 reasons are good enough to wish for change!
  21. Hellraizer

    todays update

    "an error occured while trying to download a file" bin32/Entropia.exe-8e275015
  22. Hellraizer

    mouse movement since today's VU

    Hmmm very annoying to me for hunting in 1st person now.. spongey response from mouse from the moment i logged in after todays update, i find myself moving mouse a good 2 inches more to turn 180 degrees, and as for quickly targeting a mob?.. can't do it, was perfect response up till today...
  23. Hellraizer

    3 wishes for me !

    Bring back 4:3 mode ! (16:9 has always looked awful to me) Speed up walking backwards ! (just a little will do) Reposition revive terminal inside auction houses ! (they are now too close to auctioneers, crowds of people making avatar get stuck at revive) That's all i wish for! make sure...
  24. Hellraizer

    FYI: End results of GFX tweaking

    Hi! After much mucking about with my PC.... increase clock speed, enabled higher bandwidth on gfx card.. downloaded AMD fusion(which may or maynot help).. I didn't take screeniees of previous issues but i had extreme white effects.. black avatar..big lag... i can now run with only minor lag...
  25. Hellraizer

    quick question about texture clamping

    Hi! :) I have looked around but cannot find a deffinite answer..(yet) does EU run best with conformant texture clamp setting : "use hardware" (nvidia) or "off" or "use openGl" Would be very nice to...