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    Suggestion: BattleRoyaleSim

    No, I don't like this idea at all. I'd much rather see the core game being developed than implementing something I think do not belong in Entropia. I mean, if you enjoy the battle royale concept - go play fortnite or whatever. The PvP element is already here - why not fix and improve whats...
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    (Rant) Vision of EU's future ?

    Signed. EU is not what it used to be for me, sadly.
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    Info: Calypso Explorer Map

    Awesome map! Mobs lvl would make it even better ;) Thanks!
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    Buying: Corrosive Attack Nanochip X or XI (UL)

    Hi! I am currently looking for Corrosive Attack Nanochip X or XI (UL). Low tiers prefered. Please let me know either here or ingame if you have one of these for sale. Thanks, Vinni
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    Selling: Combustive Attack Nanochip VIII

    Hi all! I'm selling Combustive Attack Nanochip VIII. Currently full TT, at tier 2.9. Remaining rates 142,129,144,70,102,72,103,165 Asking TT+2k. Thanks, Vinni
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    Buying: Augmented NeoPsion Mindforce Implant

    Any Augmented Implant for sale out there?
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    Buying: Augmented NeoPsion Mindforce Implant

    Hi! Im looking to buy an Augmented NeoPsion Mindforce Implant. Please give me a shout if you're selling! Thanks, Vinni
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    NEVERDIE : you are not my president !

    Fully agree with OP. This whole voting thing is a parody.
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    mod chip broken or changed?

    I truly hope this is a glitch, and that MA will fix it in the next patch. If it's a deliberate change, i'm out - for ever. //Vinni
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    Would you vote for me?

    You have my vote!
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    Selling: Hunter, Mentor Edition

    Bumping this one!
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    Selling: Hunter, Mentor Edition

    Up up up we go
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    Selling: Hunter, Mentor Edition

    Bumping this one...
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    Selling: Hunter, Mentor Edition

    SOLD! Thanks, Vinni
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    Lost 3000 skill points during update

    Same issue here. Supportcase sent. :(
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    Blade of Akire - YouTube Channel

    Great work Akiran, thanks. Keep it up! :) //Vinni
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    Premium Subscription

    I vote for no subscription. I pay enough as it is already. However, I agree the lag-issues needs to be adressed by MA.
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    The Traveling Shared Loot Show

    Great initiative! + REP :) /Vinni
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    Huge price increase in gold starter pack

    Fully agree with this. Skill pills should be removed from the starter pack.
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    Buying: Hunter Mentor Ed. Shin Guards & Foot Guards (M)

    Bump for the Shin Guards!
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    Buying: Hunter Mentor Ed. Shin Guards & Foot Guards (M)

    Still looking for Hunter Mentor Ed. Shin Guards!
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    Buying: Hunter Mentor Ed. Shin Guards & Foot Guards (M)

    Hi all! Got the feets. Still looking for Hunter ME Shin Guards (M). Please get in touch if you're selling. Thanks, Vinni
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    Achievement: 250 hp

    Gratz on being though! Whats even more impressive is your stamina ;)
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    Adj. & Imp. Ek-2350

    Hi! Whats the going price for said FAPs today? Thanks, Vinni
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    Merry Mayhem 2014 Results - Solo

    I second this.