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  1. AkiranBlade

    FYI: Planet Calypso forum Data Breach

    Hi all, Just been notified by "Have I been pwned" that this site has suffered a data breach. Has the breach been sealed before I go about changing my password?
  2. AkiranBlade

    Sooo... Nova and Blazar in 2.0

    With "2.0" firmly in place, I've not looted any fragments (that I can remember.) How do we obtain these now?
  3. AkiranBlade

    Uber: My Biggest HoF yet...

    Hi all, It's been a while since I posted in this forum! And I wouldn't normally post an EP click here, but, this one is special... it's my biggest loot to date! :D :D :D Yeah I'm a bit late posting in here, sorry about that!!
  4. AkiranBlade

    Mission Galactica - Divine Bonus mission

    Hi all, I've decided to create this thread so it's easier to find the locations of the mobs, rather than try and pull them out of the lengthy news thread here: Below are each of the mobs on...
  5. AkiranBlade

    Uber: The Lucky Little Vampire!

    Hi all, It has been some time since I posted in this section of the forum, and boy was this a nice hit on the Vamps!! Then not long after I got this one... It has to be said, I've been storming it over the last few logged in days! Good luck to everyone in the Mayhem.
  6. AkiranBlade

    PC: Unlocked (Lvl 17) Corinthian Kanin

    Hi all, Looking for advice on a passive buff unlocked standard kanin (8% Acceleration.) Prices seem to be all over the shop, so trying to gauge the worth of my pet so I can upgrade. Thanks in advance.
  7. AkiranBlade

    TWITCH: Akiran's 10 for 10 Birthday Celebration

    Hello fellow Entropians, Tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of my Entropian Life. It's hard to believe it's been this long!! To celebrate this landmark, I've decided to conduct a special twitch broadcast; 10 for 10! What is 10 for 10? Well this is simply a case of me doing a 10k PED run of...
  8. AkiranBlade

    Achievement: Modified EMT ek-2350 Upgrade

    OK, sorry for the achievement spam but I'm chuffed I finally managed to complete this one. Too many daily missions!!
  9. AkiranBlade

    Achievement: Full Adjusted Nemesis - Am I the first?

    Hi all, Another pay-to-win experience haha, but I did it, I don't know if I'm the first or not... Without Adjusted Athenic Ring: With Adjusted Athenic Ring: Standard Nemesis Side by Side Comparisons: Video covering the process:
  10. AkiranBlade

    Discovery: Adjusted Nemesis Foot-Guards

    Hi all, I finally did it, I got a discovery for the first time ever! Pity it was a pay-to-win one, but still... :)
  11. AkiranBlade

    IEN Channel NEEDS YOU! (Independent Entropia News)

    Hi all, As some of you are aware, I've been doing a lot of work on YouTube with videos of Entropia Universe, among other videos. My main focus of course in Entropia Universe and my mission is to help raise awareness of how good Entropia is on the whole. In addition to this, I many have felt...
  12. AkiranBlade

    News: WEBSHOP Starter Pack Changes

    Hi all, Did a small piece on the starter pack changes, as usual this is on my YouTube channel thread, but it seems many ignore that, as this is news, I'm placing a link to it in the news forum. Likes and new Subscribers greatly appreciated.
  13. AkiranBlade

    A Special Video

    Hi all, I created a new Vistas of Entropia video, this time of Secret Island, but this one has a little something special at the end. Hopefully some of the real old timers will appreciate this, as well as the newbies getting a history lesson. Given the island's themes, I wanted to do something...
  14. AkiranBlade

    Buying: SWAP: Improved Omegaton M2870 for SGA variant

    Hi all, I'm interested in swapping my IM2870 for the SGA variant, preferably of a similar Tier, if you have one of these 'lying' around, then please get in touch. Tier Rates Below: Currently at 7.6
  15. AkiranBlade

    Where did you open your boxes?

    Hi everyone, This thread and poll is to get some kind of understanding where people opened their classified strong boxes when they managed to loot rare pets and unlimited rings. I've just finished a stream (which will be going up on my YouTube channel soon on where...
  16. AkiranBlade

    900 or bust - LIVE on Twitch

    OK Folks, Tonight, I will be completing the last 300 boxes of 900 or bust. To date I've managed to open 600 Classified Storage Boxes without any rare pets or unlimited rings. I decided to open the last 300 LIVE on Twitch tonight at 18:00 MA Time. Please come along to the show of failure...
  17. AkiranBlade

    WARNING: Hunt the THING

    If anyone is thinking about going to the Hunt the THING map, DO NOT! I went there to have a look around, I logged out in an attempt to see if I could stop the music stream, went log back in and the loading screen freezes up. I've tried all sorts to get back in but it's not working. If you go...
  18. AkiranBlade

    Suggestions for Space

    Wishful thinking but I'd like to see a behemoth of changes to the dynamic of space and space travel in Entropia Universe. 1) Proper 3D space map, orbital systems, escape velocities, inter-stallar travel (not all planets in same 'system') 2) Cargo routes between planets - basically certain...
  19. AkiranBlade

    Question: Should we not have a Pets section similar to the creatures section?

    Each pet has it's own little nuances which I think would be best captured in a sub-forum similar to the Creatures one. I nominate Falagor for mod :)
  20. AkiranBlade

    Hussk - Spawn Progress Thread

    This thread is to show the status of the current spawn progress and it's sponsor. Current Sponsor: hijacker Hijacker27 inferno - Hijacker27 Status: (Green means achieved, red means outstanding.) 500k Vibrant Sweat 1 Raging Daikiba Blood Sample 1 Traeskeron Matriach Blood Sample 1 Gosubusagi...
  21. AkiranBlade

    Achievement: Weirdest SOOTO loot I've ever had!!!

    OK, this happened to me a couple of days ago, took me a while to get around to processing the footage.. Weirdest mining loot I've ever had in almost 10 years! (If you can stretch to a like and a subscribe I'd be very grateful.)
  22. AkiranBlade

    What the hell is this all about...

    Someone keeps spamming YouTube with these videos and using completely inappropriate descriptors, the below search is for "planet calypso"... look at what comes back! It seems like it is a Scandinavian TV show...
  23. AkiranBlade

    Help: If this is a typical new player's experience, it needs some work...

    I've been painfully watching this poor chap throw away his newbie loot, lose mining claims etc etc, because he had the ability to basically skip some of the most fundamental lessons while on Thule, he also thinks he's on ROCKtropia, which is another sad aspect. One of the key things is the...
  24. AkiranBlade

    Ongoing RoadMap

    It would be really cool to have a little more transparency on the ongoing and even dynamic development road map. Somewhere easily accessibly and preferably in graphical format on a URL similar to: (No clicky, 404 ... probably) There are, at...
  25. AkiranBlade

    Question: What's up with vehicles in PvP?

    So, I kind got a helo, kitted it out, expecting to have a little fun in PvP... but... no. Lootable PvP, could not enter, Main oil rig and Mini oil rig have exclusion zones around the rigs (y'know, where the people actually are.) I have to ask. What is the flipping point of weaponisable...