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  1. NOJ8

    Buying: Clothes, Old Witches Broom, & Miranda Violet

    Hey all, If you have Flash Shirt and Pants for sale non-customized Ill be looking for Female parts or Multi Pattern Shirt and Pants. PM me if you got it! Let me know what you have if already custom designed. I might want them as is.. Send me an offer if you have any of the listed items. BUYING...
  2. NOJ8

    Selling: Adj. Hedoc SK50 & Adj. A&P Series Hero.

    Tier 4.2 Adjusted A&P Series Hero TT 450 PED. SB/BO= TT+1650 SOLD. PM here or in-game. NOJ8
  3. NOJ8

    Selling: SKILLS: 145,785 Total avatar skills!

    ~Skill sections with over 1k points will not be reduced between the 10-1k point range.(You can buy all or leave me with over 1k points on those skills) ~I offer collateral of 800% value for empty skill implants and you need to have/bring your own. You pay the percentile beyond 970% of the month...
  4. NOJ8

    Selling: Leaf Beret (M,C) Tiarak/olive

    100%x3 Fields color and texture. TT+73 PED Buyout price: TT+300 PED The coat is not included as shown in the picture.
  5. NOJ8

    Selling: Paint Can (Black)

    201 cans available for 155%
  6. NOJ8

    Buying: Old Rifle

    Offering 15 PED for Old Rifle.
  7. NOJ8

    Buying: Megingjord (UL tank)

    I would buy one of these.:rolleyes: Current offer: TT+1,500 PED Feel free to post or PM opinions on value.
  8. NOJ8

    Buying: Mission Token (Green)

    If someone actually has these(blazar/nova image) before refining into combat token form that have been sitting around I am buying some at 5 PED each!
  9. NOJ8

    Selling: Omegaton Detectonator MD-50

    TT value: 64 PED Tier 7.0 -tier rates remaining 123, 144, and 120. -good rates on this rare mining finder! -Value 2,000 PED Open for offers via PM or Post. (No offers below 1,500 PED)
  10. NOJ8

    Selling: Ranked HK1750 (UL)

    SOLD: TT+8,250 PED Make serious offers here or PM. I might consider trades other then PED, not CLD. (Nothing less then 8k PED as an offer, I reserve my right not to sell.) This 125 PED TT value weapon is tier 7.0 and the remaining tier rates are 148, 96, and 97 for tier 10...
  11. NOJ8

    Ranked HK1750

    :wise:Market Value Check. Seems like a few years ago they sold for around 10k-13k(15k) PED based on searching this forum. Any assumed or solid ideas(preferably specify) around from the players about what Ranked HK1750 (UL) might be worth nowadays? Specifically tier 7...
  12. NOJ8

    Buying: Lion Armor Shin-Guards (M)

    Offer or post "sold response" and I will add you on FL in-game. No longer buying! :Also willing to trade silver bunny+sapphire devil for Ancient Snablesnot-Male Strong Pet.
  13. NOJ8

    Selling: Offers Welcome!

    Serious 8k DEAL on last page, top of page 4! ~~~ Lion Armor (M): Harness Tier 2.7/Arm Tier 2.6/Thigh Tier 0.0/Shin Tier 3.4 TT474 PED (Package only, none sold separate.) SB/BO: TT+6,000 PED(CLD is fine) Harness Rates: 100, 85, 84, 106, 62, 118, 93, 75, 77, 48 Arm-Guards Rates: 163, 76, 62...
  14. NOJ8

    Tier Rate Boost!

    /edit: 3rd option was suppose to say opinion*(mod edit if you feel like it) I have been interested in the Tier Upgrader profession since it was introduced, even skilled it for a while before the change. (Now with 771 natural points in Tier Upgrading skill, not bad I think) I thought up an...
  15. NOJ8

    Buying: D-Class Mining Amp (L) Blueprint (Price Check)

    Buying: D-Class Mining Amp (L) Blueprint I am looking for a high QR BP.(At least 50) Offer me a price you think your BP is worth, or insight into its value. Ill start things by offering 1k PED for 100.0QR NOJ8
  16. NOJ8

    Buying: Omegaton Detectonator MD-50

    Omegaton Detectonator MD-50 TT+1100 PED. Buying Omegaton Detectonator MD-40 for TT+110 PED untill I find A MD-50 seller.
  17. NOJ8

    Selling: Selling

    Tiered TT Equipment Set: TT=54.96 SB=55PED Ziplex Z1 Seeker TT: 2.4 Tier:3.9 Rates(1-10):161,170,86,123,169,128,110,144,143,147 Castorian Combat EnBlade-A TT: 15.80 Tier:2.4 Rates(1-10):164,154,163,61,94,165,93,172,96,110 Castorian EnKnuckles-A TT: 17.00 Tier:2.5...
  18. NOJ8

    Buying: Calypso Land Deed

    Calypso Land Deed
  19. NOJ8

    Buying: Fi/Ra/Co Dante

    Fi/Ra/Co Dante
  20. NOJ8

    Selling: Blueprint(s)

    Shear XR40 (L) Blueprint (L) 0.28 & 0.22 = 1.5 PED for both SB/BO Welding Wire Blueprint (L) 0.45 = 1.8 PED SB/BO PM me or post. NOJ8 If a price is not specified, make an offer if you desire.
  21. NOJ8

    Buying: Not much, just 11 Pile Of Diamonds!

    A thread for a small amount, but a troubling item(everyone I ask does not have or already has TTd it lol). I need 11 Pile Of Diamonds for a tier upgrade! 130% NOJ8
  22. NOJ8

    Selling: Level 5 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (UL) QR 38.6

    Level 5 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (UL) QR 38.6 I just bought this BP, only reason im selling it is because I bought a better QR one now. SB/BO= +1000 PED SOLD I have seen lower QR sell for the same, so not flexible on price. Free Bumps are welcomed! :yay: Get crafting these amps with...
  23. NOJ8

    Buying: Level 5 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (UL)

    Level 5 Finder Amplifier (L) Blueprint (UL) Looking for it, PM me if you have this BP and do not want it.
  24. NOJ8

    Buying: Simple III Plastic Springs (9)

    First off... Yes I did create a forum thread for very few Items! Because it does not go on auction that often, and the current ones on are overpriced. :) Simple III Plastic Springs (9) And since I made a thread I may as well add the other things I could buy on auction but why not buy off...
  25. NOJ8

    Selling: Master Coat (M,C) Tiarak/Olive

    Nice dark coat, I like it alot but decided to unlock some PEDs. TT+732ped and this nice dark coat is yours! *note: The other clothes is not for sale(unless I cant resist your price).*