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  1. steuk

    Help: Stuck in Space

    Sorry to inform, but it looks like this bug is still very active and looking for innocent victims ;x so ye, stuck in space floating unable to do anything, hope it gets fixed soon.
  2. steuk

    Discovery: Imperial HAZEN Harness F

    gratz Fronske! :dancing:
  3. steuk

    HoF: Longtooth 34k

    ! big gratz nono :)
  4. steuk

    Uber: Eomon herder's 12k :D

    :) gratz guys :yay:
  5. steuk

    So young and innocent (Support Case)

    first support case well, this is a pretty fun thread, reading all the old support cases :) here's mine: 2004-06-12 20:21 You wrote: Hi, I have a problem with one of my storage boxes. It's impossible to put items into it, although it is (visually) empty. Its stats says it weighs...
  6. steuk

    New Community Manager

    aaaaw skam, we really loved ya :ahh: , sad to hear you turned over to the dark side ;x
  7. steuk

    Achievement: Crystal Palace Space Station

    Buzz, you're crazy :) gratz man
  8. steuk

    News: WoF Winners Ceremony '09

    well done guys nice jackets :)
  9. steuk

    Selling: UNL Tiger Footguards M

    bump for the footies :eek:
  10. steuk

    Selling: UNL Tiger Footguards M

    bump, still looking for ppl interested
  11. steuk

    Selling: UNL Tiger Footguards M

    as title says, looted a tiger footguards M in team , plz do some bids here or give me PM if you want to give an offer.
  12. steuk

    Help: Tracking down the 16 Daggers of Doom...?

    yes, these are items that were kept in storage. If you repaired your item after gold, the item would've lost it's Ancient status. There were lots more items looted pregold than the few Ancient items that are around now.
  13. steuk

    Help: Tracking down the 16 Daggers of Doom...?

    not if you would've repaired them afterwards.. It took some time before anything got the Ancient status, so if you repaired your item in the meantime, it changed.
  14. steuk

    Help: Tracking down the 16 Daggers of Doom...?

    Cindywood is correct, they were looted after PE gone Gold.
  15. steuk

    Help: Tracking down the 16 Daggers of Doom...?

    Daggers The Dagger of Doom and the Dagger of Despair were once looted from Umbranoids. There are not much of them around I think. I don't know anybody ingame that has one atleast.. (The dagger that was found during an event was the Roman Ram Purifier.)
  16. steuk

    Non helping mentor wont graduate me

    be aware! well, i have some thoughts here.. first of all, why would you have accepted this player as your mentor? He comes running towards you, and you immediately accept? Bit odd. So he runs off and won't answer your questions or help you. This would be the moment for you to kick your...
  17. steuk

    Question: PoE: impossible to loot a set?

    it will be IMPOSSIBLE for a normal player to get the armor, case closed. *.*
  18. steuk

    Help: Posh places on Calypso

    i heard genesis tower B apt. 25G was kinda cool :woot:
  19. steuk

    weeeee, fresh trouts!

    weeeee, fresh trouts!
  20. steuk

    19593PED Cersu

    weeeeee big gratz lisa :D
  21. steuk

    How many globals before I hof???

    altho i hope for u that u'll get it sooner.. i'm placing my bet on 221 ;) nice own event there :)
  22. steuk

    Turpskillers accepting members

    bump for this funny bunch :dancing: GL with the recruiting guys!
  23. steuk

    Previous looted item becomes craftable ?

    I believe the tuxedo was also looted first, after which it became craftable... but not that much ingame that everyone owns one.. so no need to worry (yet) i guess :P
  24. steuk

    Top 15 ALL TIME HIGH for Every Mob

    kewl always cool to be on a great list! :) some more:
  25. steuk

    Win A Pair Artrox/Hoggolo Figurines(IRL) Right here on EF

    my lucky number will be 13 !