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    Selling: Summer ring 2018

    PM me your offer. Pure ped only accepted.
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    Question: About the withdrawal policy

    Currently people must wait 50 business days to withdraw even if you want to withdraw only 1000 ped. I understand that you must be careful to prevent potential abuse, money laundering etc. But i think exception can be made in some instances. Is there any plans of making it possible to shorten...
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    Buying: Halloween Ring 2016 / Christmas Ring 2016 & Thorifoid Berserker's Helm, Superior (M)

    Looking to buy the following. Halloween Ring 2016 or Christmas Ring 2016 Thorifoid Berserker's helm, superior (M) PM me if you have one for sale. This purchase could be cancelled based on what the stats of Halloween ring 2020 will be.
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    Suggestion: Improvements to Medusa Swamp

    Due to the extra hunting activity in the Medusa Swamp I feel it needs to be improved somewhat to improve quality of life. 1. Make radar visible. Pressing next target or F while so many hunters currently can lead to shooting others mobs unnecessarily. 2. Add a cave (instance) for the L40...
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    Selling: Arsonistic Chip 4, FEN Edition t2.9

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    Buying: Easter Ring 2020 / Christmas Ring 2017/2018 / Halloween Ring 2019

    PM me if u have either of these.
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    Selling: SOLD

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    Achievement: Killstrike unlocked

    Clip from twitch during unlock below: Killstrike Decided to rush it yesterday. 7h 30 min constant shooting with skill pills and hyperstims it took with aprox 152 dps to go from lvl 79.71 - 80.00. Longtime goal of mine reached! :yay: Next goals soon™ Lvl 60 animal looter (currently 55) 300 hp...
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    Selling: Merry Mayhem (M) Full set T2-T3

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    Uber: Fat Tuna - 5928 PED

    Biggest loot to date! :D :cool:
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    Buying: Summer Ring 2018

    Got one. thx
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    Suggestion: Viewing Mindark posts

    On old forum you could view all MindArk's actual posts. On the new forum you can only see the threads where they have posted. See link below. Is this intentional? I hate this way of viewing them since you'll have to dig...
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    Buying: Ares Ring, Augmented / Ares Ring, Perfected

    Got one.
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    Selling: SOLD

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    Achievement: Quickness unlocked

    Next step killstrike 3 lvls to go :)
  16. Sub-Zero

    Buying: Hedoc Mayhem, Improved

    Buying this fap again this time for keepers. Paying reasonable fair market price. PM me tier and price.
  17. Sub-Zero

    Selling: Halloween Ring 2019 - SOLD

  18. Sub-Zero

    Buying: Christmas Ring 2016 / Halloween Ring 2016

    Buying either of these rings. PM your offer
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    Buying: Halloween ring 2018

    PM your offer. If you're looking to downgrade I can offer Halloween Ring 2019 + Peds.
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    Selling: Dune rider (M)

  21. Sub-Zero

    Selling: WTS [Ares Ring, Perfected], Oratan Miner Pet lvl 9 - 3% crit reduction

    PM me offer. Ares ring perfected sold. -- For the pet 500 ped.
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    Buying: Angel (M) / Angel (M) Adjusted

    Angel (M) / Angel (M) Adjusted / Dune Rider (M) Looking to buy either of these armors whichever comes first, first served. Can pay pure ped. Pm me your offer --- Also potentially looking to buy Dune Rider (M) depending on the price.
  23. Sub-Zero

    Selling: Hedoc SK-80, Adjusted

    Looking to sell this fap. TT currently: <4699 (is being used so the TT will continue to go down). Price: +1200 atm Tier 3 sold recently this year for +1963. I reserve the right to cancel any trade because of factors such as not gotten another fap or changed my mind about selling it if i...
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    Selling: [Emik Enigma L2] Tier 8

    Swapped this + ped for another item.
  25. Sub-Zero

    Buying: EWE EP-40 Mercenary, Modified

    Never mind. Got my bp-70 perf ;)